2/27 Backblast BlackOps BroadRun Park #KiloQ

If Vets and Posh had a baby, you’d get BroadRun. Its super poshy with a touch of awesome. Grounds are poshy, Gazebo poshy, playground poshy, parking lot poshy, lights poshy. it just feels more cool than posh. Basically drawing the cool factor from vets and the posh factor from posh. Now that you feel like you’ve been there, let me tell you what we did.


  • Kilo
  • Carlton
  • Flounder
  • Meatball
  • Jewel
  • Eve
  • Tofu FNG


  • 25 SSH
  • 25 Imperial walkers
  • 25 SSH
  • 10 BOYOs

Pearl 1

mosey over to some lights infront of the playground entrance.

Jack webb with Merkins and shoulder taps all the way to 10:40

Pearl 2

Mosey over to the long parking lot, which is VERY well lit.

11’s with burpees and LBC’s

Pearl 3

Mosey back infront of the playground entrance for Jack Webb round #2

Jack Webb with Merkins and air press all the way to 10:40

Finish with a little abs by Kilo til time


Very thankful for Flounder stepping up and taking the lead at this awesome new AO. Carlton is a HL beast and his energy and excitement for the AO is contagious. Tclaps to Eve (formerly known as Wall-E #2) for HL an FNG on his 2nd post.


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