Black ops at the O back blast

Q Nugget

Captain Insano

Glen Ross





Weather wet and rainy, but not too cold.

Gearlander Sleek greentree adidas tights, mizuno wave riders, and other layers to hide this exquisite body.



Grass Grabbers

Kendra Newmans

Copperhead squats

Thang 1

2 pax would take off in a farmer carry around the inside of the cage. 1 carrying 2 rucks and 1 carrying 2 coupons.

Then 2 other pax would do 5 thrusters with coupon and then run after the farmers to catch and take over the carry.

The others did various coupon exercises including, presses, curls and coupon swings.

This lasted for an amount of time and then was ended by YHC.

Next we circled up for Pax count Tabata

Each would count to 10 and every 3rd one was rest. This would lasta 8 round per exercise.

First exercise was pickle pounders

Second exercise was squats.

We returned the coupons and I kept my promise by keeping us off the pavement. A rare treat in a Nugget Q.

Circled up and took us out to conquer the week.

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