Backblast Wiffle ball fail

Q Nugget Pax Seabass, Mayberry, Gepetto, RiRi, Whamo, Wham!, Tureen, Sump pump, Jeter, Blueprint, Windshield, Cornbread, Soft Top, Drysdale, Nugget Gearlander: Reebok tights, shorts, F3 digital camo, Zoo I know you aren’t even reading this anymore, midyear socks, Mizuno wave Rider Disclaimed and we started a warm up Mosey around the school, but coming in […]

Ruiner back blast

Q: Seabass Pax Seabass, Grinder, Violet, RedRoof, Nugget, Tron, Pope Gearlander: not swimming trunks, or flip flops, or a tank top that has Destin airbrushed. (I’m not jealous ar all) A little backstory here. Seabass has been working very hard for the last year. This was about the time that pre-football workouts for incoming Freshman […]

Stolen Q #rooster back blast

Q Nugget PaxNugget QDeuceWindshieldBlueprintWham-oMary PoppinsBeanoGlen RossLeft eyeTigerLarry FlyntMeatballDeep dishCountry boy It was colder than I would have liked when I awoke, but I knew that we would warm up quickly with the plagiarized weinke from Opera Ghost. I was reading a Flexington backblast and I knew we had to do it. Gearlander: baselater of cold […]