Back blasting from a good distance

Red RoofGlen rossBackdraftTrumpDigiornoOld BaySeabassCaptain InsanoPEDTammy Faye BakerNugget Q Gearlander: I wore clothes. I think everyone appreciated it. Red roof was the first car to arrive after Seabass and myself. Next came a line of cars, seemingly all headed over from the Mutt. For the record, the Butcher was 5th and made it clear that heContinue reading “Back blasting from a good distance”

Black ops at the O back blast

Q Nugget Captain Insano Glen Ross PED Blueprint Frankenbaby Trump Weather wet and rainy, but not too cold. Gearlander Sleek greentree adidas tights, mizuno wave riders, and other layers to hide this exquisite body. COT SSH Grass Grabbers Kendra Newmans Copperhead squats Thang 1 2 pax would take off in a farmer carry around theContinue reading “Black ops at the O back blast”

Black ops at the O: 10% chance of day weather

There is a solid 10% chance that we stay dry tomorrow, but you’re not coming to the O for that. You’re coming for a great start to your week. 100% chance of Mumblechatter and 100% chance we will carry heavy things. We will run, but not for long distances. So wear clothes, gloves, and shoes.Continue reading “Black ops at the O: 10% chance of day weather”

Ruiner backblast

Q Nugget Pax Tureen, Lamarvelous, Red Roof, Captain Insano, Seabass, Vincent, Violet, Wham!, Pork Chop, Nugget, Fergie Weather: First chilly day but after a few minutes we were warm. Gearlander: tights, that’s all that matters. Tights weather again We all moneyed to the tennis courts for COP SSH Copperhead squats Abe Vigodas Grass Grabbers BrokeContinue reading “Ruiner backblast”

BoW backblast: spoiler-It was hard

It was a little soupy out there this morning, but everyone came out to get better. Pax Captain insane Nickelback Wham! Paris Loco Face Fall Guy Scuba Steve Flo Jo Gillespie Jinxie Nugget Q Last week, Zartan put out a feeler for some Qs this monthe. YHC hadn’t q’d in a bit and I knewContinue reading “BoW backblast: spoiler-It was hard”

Fight Gone Bad early Black Ops at the Mutt

If you are in need of some extra time in your day, but still want a beatdown, YHC has the perfect solution. Come to the Mutt for 17 minutes of you v you. Dont know what it is? Look at some old BB, or better yet come join us. Great opportunity for some EC beforeContinue reading “Fight Gone Bad early Black Ops at the Mutt”

Simple, yet effective Black Ops at the O

Q Nugget Pax Captain Insano Face Fall Guy PED Glen Ross Deuce Doogie FNG Diablo Viking Snowman Nugget Q Speed Bump Gearlander: Red F3 Louisville T, Black camo adidas shorts, red/black compression ankle socks, mizuno wave rider, and U of L junk headband (no tights today) Gathered at the normal spot and disclaimed. One FNGContinue reading “Simple, yet effective Black Ops at the O”

Backblast Wiffle ball fail

Q Nugget Pax Seabass, Mayberry, Gepetto, RiRi, Whamo, Wham!, Tureen, Sump pump, Jeter, Blueprint, Windshield, Cornbread, Soft Top, Drysdale, Nugget Gearlander: Reebok tights, shorts, F3 digital camo, Zoo I know you aren’t even reading this anymore, midyear socks, Mizuno wave Rider Disclaimed and we started a warm up Mosey around the school, but coming inContinue reading “Backblast Wiffle ball fail”

Finally… Nugget is coming back to the Mutt

All of you late 90s wrestling fans know what I am talking about. I don’t think I have ever q’d the Hurt and I have a free Saturday and an idea in my head. I always try to find something that will challenge the stars and the participant level in my weinke. 45 to 50Continue reading “Finally… Nugget is coming back to the Mutt”

Nugget-versary 2: Electric Boogaloo #BoW

As many of you know, Tuesday is my 2 year anniversary of joining this little cult called F3 Louisville. I’ve met a lot of HIMs over these 2 years, and I would love to see you guys at this workout.What you can expect is some you v you, some partner work, and competition. Also includedContinue reading “Nugget-versary 2: Electric Boogaloo #BoW”