Ruiner at the O BB

Q Seabass

Pax: Nugget, Vincent, Glen Ross, Deuce, Yogi, Soft Top, Seabass

Seabass has been working hard all year and particularly this spring at Football conditioning. His plan was to bring the pain to us.



Imperial Walkers IC

Lap around the field

Thang 1

Seabass had set up 5 stations. Each station was completed 3 times

Station 1 Shuttle run between 3 cones

Station 2 back pedal to cone 1, sprint back, back pedal to cone 3

Station 3 shuffle side to side between 3 cones

Station 4 high step sideways over 4 coupons

Station 5 run outside cone 2, cut inside cone 3, sprint back around cone 2 and back to 1

Station 6 full length of the field sprints 4 times

This was harder than it looked. No rest in between stations.

Thang 2

Coupon work

10 reps squats w coupon

15 reps situps with coupons (YHC had to modify here)

20 reps presses

Thang 3

Traditional Jack Webb

At this point it was only 730. Seemed like we should’ve been done.

Headed over to the bball courts. There were 2 “players” on court one, so we headed through a cloud of smoke to court 2.

Time for some 3 on 3. Burpee basketball. Layup is 1 burpee, jump shot is 2 burpees, 3 pointer, you guessed it, 3 burpees.

We cut out a little early so we could head to the A Olympics.


Intentions were stated and I sent us off with a word of being better men

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