Backblast the Ruiner

Q Nugget

12/7 the Ruiner
Tammy Faye Baker

Weather 30 degrees and calm winds. Sun even came out at the end.

Gearlander Reebok cold gear shirt, Reebok tights, adidas Bball shorts, Mizuno Wave Riders

I had foretold some revisiting of another Q and some fun. I figured, if you wanted a brutal beatdown, one would’ve done the ruck.

Here is what we did:


Yes we actually warmed up. I wanted to keep us moving, so we took a lap around the tennis courts stopping various times for some warm up exercises.



Grass Grabbers IC

Kendra Newmans

SSH again

Thang 1

Line up on the sideline in teams of 4

P1 went to the other end

P2 and P3 stayed and

P4 dribbled in between

Round one

North side was Bobby Hurleys

South side was Merkins

Round 2

Mountain climbers and SSH

Round 3

Burpees and Catalina Wine Mixers

Hard to dribble in the dark, especially with some quickly deflating basketballs. Definitely warmed us up.

Thang 2

In groups of 3s, we did a Dora.

P1 and P2 would side shuffle passing the ball from one end to the other. When they return, P3 jumps in to replace P1. Rinse and repeat while accumulating

100 Merkins

200 LBCs

300 squats

Got pretty winded on this one. Way harder than expected.

We then moseyed over to the Basketball courts. When we arrived, the speaker died, so we then had to rely on MC.

Thang 3 Bet on yourself

Each Pax would take a shot while the rest of the group did an exercise AMRAP. There were odds associated with the shot. And payouts for the winners (losers)

Layup 1-2 odds (if missed, the shooter does 2 times the bet)

Free throw 2-1 ( if made the Pax does 2 times)

Three pointer 4-1 (if made pax does 4 times)

First Pax exercise was squats

The bet was 5 burpees

Second was plank

The bet was 10 merkins

This was pretty fun, but we weren’t the best shooters during this display.

After this, we returned to our 3 member teams for some 3 on 3. 2 teams would play to first score and the other team would run suicides. Losing team subs out and suicide team subs in.

This was a lot of fun. But it needs to be noted that the backboards must have springs in them. Coulda built a house with all them bricks. As we warmed up, Seabass and Wham! got hot, but over all the team of Vincent, Deuce and Jinxie were formidable.

Finally we played 2 rounds of knockout. Buschhhh was unable to attend, so he forfeited his title. Seabass won the first one and Violet the second.


We modified this by doing a walking countorama and nameorama. Announcements on the way as well. Circled up at the flag for some words and intentions. Thanks to all who came out.

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