12/5/19 Backblast The Firehouse BO – 2nd Test

Today was two months from our baseline setting day of Squats, Merkins, Big Boys, Run, and Ladder.

Weather – 30s and clear


Flip Flop, Uncle Sam (R), Crockpot, Kimble, WILDflower, Captain Crunchberry, Abacus, Cochran, Fungi (Q)

  • COP –
    • 20 SSH IC
    • 10 Grassgrabbers IC
    • Runners Stretches
    • Kendra Newmans
  • Max Squats in 2 Min
  • 1 MIN break
  • Max T-Merkins in 2 Min
  • 1 Min Break
  • Max Big Boys in 2 Min
  • 2 Min Break
  • Run either 1 mile or 2 miles (you choose your program and stay with it for the 3 months)


  • Upon Return from the Run, you hit the ladder.
    • 20 Airpress
    • 20 Squats
    • 20 curb dips
    • 20 LBCs
    • 20 Calf Raises
  • Rinse & Repeat until time called.

COT – prayed for Bulletin and other intentions. There are people struggling this winter and several families who have had untimely deaths in their family.  Count your blessings.

Always and honor to lead.



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