PreBlast 8/20/19 – Fungi Postiversary Q #Loco @ The County

One year ago this week, PewPew EHd me while we were at a conference in Nashville.  It was an awesome experience as F3Nashville was wrapping up their annual engagement with   I started posting at The County the next week.  Little did I know the experiences and friendships I would be a part of a […]

8/15/19 – Fungi Q- BlackOps “near” The County. English Manor.

As we continue our County starfish efforts, we’ll be trying out a new place tomorrow.  7600 Lagrange Rd. English Manor parking lot. We’ll be working out near the Pewee Valley Fire Department site. This will be an old fashioned Bootcamp type workout. We’ll do a little runnin’, merken’n, big boy’n, burpee’n, lunge’n and other cool […]

Backblast – 7/23/19 – #Loco @ The County – Fungi Q

Pax – a whopping 35! 1 FNG. 5 of the 35 broke off and went for a run with Abacus: Abacus (Run-Q), PK, Viking, Gump, Cochran Speed Bump Cowboy Peach Jolly Rancher Bulletin (R) Backflop Pelican FNG – Welcome U-Haul Crock Pot Le Pew Trekkie Short Circuit Holler Goooooal Jerry McGuire (R) Dutch Oven Kimble Captain Crunchberry […]

F3Expansion – Fungi as GrowQ

Pax, F3Nation is expanding all the time. New cities, new AOs, new PAX.  Listen here for a very good F3 expansion discussion: As the new GrowQ for F3Louisville, I am excited to work with the leadership team to grow our current AOs and expand to new AOs throughout the city. Before I go further, I’d […]

June 10 Backblast -Beastmode @ North Posh – Fungi Q

Weather – humid Pax (8) – Catfish, Airplane, Alexa, Meter Maid, Crockpot, Husky, Abacus, Fungi (Q) Disclaimer Warmup: SSH 20 IC Slow Grass Grabbers 15 IC Runners Stretches Kendra Newmans Good mornings (10 OYO) THANG 1 – Mosey down [Beg For Mercy] trail to the parking lot. Stopped for 20 merkins on the way so […]

4/23/19 BackBlast #Loco @ The County – Fungi Q = Alphabet Soup

Weather – perfect Pax – 21 Bulletin Ladybird Alexa Valdez Jolly Rancher Wildflower Scratch N Dent Le Pew Cochran Mudbug Red Wagon Jerry Maguire Catfish Kimble Cowboy Viking Iceman Sandtrap Uncle Rico Huggies Fungi Disclaimer Warmup Lap around parking lot SSH (20 IC) Imperial Walkers (20 IC) Grass Grabbers (20 IC) Downward Dog stretches Kendra […]

3/16/19 Backblast – BlackOps Sparta – Terrain Race

Weather – chilly and windy, water temp: Pretty darn cold Gear – old and thin PAX – Le Pew, Trekke, Valdez, Exxon, Fungi, Ragner (DR F3Cincy) Others involved: Mark, Allison, Reese, Sydney, Maggie (Fungi Fam) Several months ago a few of signed up for the Terrain Race at KY Motor Speedway. The advertisements looked fun, […]

3/6/19 – Backblast – The Tank at The Vet – Fungi Q

Weather – cold (16 degrees, 4 Windchill) Gear – multiple layers PAX – Tony Malito, Newman, SweetTart, Vincent, FloJo, Scuba Steve, Shiplap, Fungi (Q) COP SSH – 25 IC Imperial Walkers – 20 IC Downward Dog – calf and hip stretches Thang 1 – Vet Trivia I’ve always enjoyed the scenery at the Vet but […]