3/21/23 Spring Training – The Loco at The County – Fungi Q

I channeled the 18 yr old Fungus, back to my high school fungo ball days on the HS baseball field. Weather – cool, crisp 29 degrees PAX: SwagBig BirdTinkleAbacusWILDflowerAudibleJolly RancherDouble PumpGiseleJitterbug (R)Kitty Litter (R)PCIDevittoPelicanCochranFungi (Q) COP – Ran .5 mile loop, SSH (20 ic) Imp Walkers (10 ic), Toy soldiers (10 ic), grass grabbers (10Continue reading “3/21/23 Spring Training – The Loco at The County – Fungi Q”

2/23/23 Pre-Blast The Agony @ The County – Fungi Q

I’m not a big Nascar fan but was inspired by the Daytona 500 last weekend. “I feel the need for speed”. Bring your running shoes tomorrow. Lungs and abs to get get a workout tomorrow. No coupons needed. I also watched “Facing Nolan [Ryan]” on a recent flight. Who knows, maybe we’ll do some ofContinue reading “2/23/23 Pre-Blast The Agony @ The County – Fungi Q”

1/31/23 Backblast The Loco at The County – Fungi Q

Weather – a bit chilly and little dicey Goal for today – stay vertical (except big boys) Pax – Double Pump, Tinkle, Pelican, Dauber, Air Raid (R), Giselle, Valdez, CrockPot, HushPuppy, Jolly Rancher, Fungi (Q) COP – lap around parking lot to demonstrate 4 corners exercises l, 20 SSH IC, 20 Copperhead Squats IC, KendraContinue reading “1/31/23 Backblast The Loco at The County – Fungi Q”

10/20/22 Backblast – Fungi Q at The Agony @ The County

Weather – chilly but clear Pax – Devitto, Nat Geo, Jitterbug, Kitty Litter, Abacus, , Cochran, CrockPot, Cratchit, Gisele, Fungi (Q) It had been a minute, or 216,000, since I last queued. Airplane asked me to pick up the queue for today, so I said sure. It was good to see him out there, err….Continue reading “10/20/22 Backblast – Fungi Q at The Agony @ The County”

Backblast 5/19/22 Fungi Q The Agony at The County

Weather : warmish but foggy – perfect for the gloom Attendance: Dauber, Big Bird, Double Pump, Uncle Sam, Giselle, Devitto, StormTrooper, Pelican, Cochran, Fungi Q COP: Lap around campus with this at 1/2 point: SSH 20 IC, Imperial Walkers 10 IC, Grass Grabbers 10 IC, Downward Dog Stretches, Kendra Newman’s. Main Thang: Ladder with theContinue reading “Backblast 5/19/22 Fungi Q The Agony at The County”

Backblast 7/13/21 Planetarium at Boondocks – Fungi Q

Pax FlexSeal, Verbal, CrockPot, Refi, Bulletin (R), Dauber, Holy Roller (R – ON CRUTCHES!), Swag, Yankovich (R), Cochran, LePew, Backflop, Fungi (Q) Weather – low 70s and a bit thick COP SSH 24, Copperhead Squats 10, Kendra Newmans, Bow and Arrows (10 IC), 4 PT Trunk Twist (10 IC) The Main Thang – 4 LaddersContinue reading “Backblast 7/13/21 Planetarium at Boondocks – Fungi Q”

High Invigoration and HIMness – Eastern KY Flood Relief

While F3 is often known for its 5:30 AM workouts, people in the public and even those new to F3 don’t often realize the REAL point is the invigoration of male leadership in the community. Last weekend I received a request from Hand In Hand Ministries to assist in their flood relief efforts in theContinue reading “High Invigoration and HIMness – Eastern KY Flood Relief”

Black ops 2/4/21 Backblast Destin BlackOps

Pax: Big Bird, Stormtrooper, LePew, Fungi Q Preamble: BIg Bird was engaged in a weekly fitness challenge with another PAX member and with a couple hours left in the day needs a 45+ minute workout to win. The beauty about F3 is when one pax member needs something, other pax jump in to support andContinue reading “Black ops 2/4/21 Backblast Destin BlackOps”

Backblast 1/20/21 The Nest @ The County (err..Boondocks West) – Fungi Q

HIMS are killing it all over the city as we start 2021. So many PAX just busting it and doing really cool stuff. I hadn’t Q’d the hourlong workout at the NEST in a long while, but felt I had to bring it. Hopefully I succeeded. Weather – Cold but clear (along with a beautifulContinue reading “Backblast 1/20/21 The Nest @ The County (err..Boondocks West) – Fungi Q”

PreBlast – 1/30/21 The NEST at The County – Fungi Q

It’s been a crazy week at work so I’m looking forward to getting out to The Nest for a change. It’s gonna be cold so we’ll be moving the whole time. We’ll pretty much run back my Q from yesterday with a few wrinkles and a bit more running to fill the extra 15 minutes.Continue reading “PreBlast – 1/30/21 The NEST at The County – Fungi Q”

BackBlast 1/28/21 The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks – Fungi Q

It amazes me that 1) I’ve been doing this 2.5 yrs and 2) that I still don’t sleep great the night before a Q. I pretty much knew what I wanted to do, but knew the weather could throw a wrinkle into it…it did..kind of. I showed up and the parking lot was chunky ice.Continue reading “BackBlast 1/28/21 The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks – Fungi Q”

Backblast 12/3/20 The Agony @ The County – Fungi Q

Weather – Cold but calm Gear – Layers Pax: Cratchit, Tidwell, Muncher, Hushpuppy, Holy Roller, Backflop, Fungi-Q Disclaimer 25 SSH IC 1 Mile Mosey COP – 10 Grassgrabbers IC, Downward Dog/Runners Stretches, Arm circles, Kendra Newmans 10 Burpees, 20 Curb Dips, 30 Squats, 40 Big Boys 1/2 Mile 10 Burpees, 20 Curb Dips, 30 Squats,Continue reading “Backblast 12/3/20 The Agony @ The County – Fungi Q”

Backblast 8/28/20 The Chopper @ Vets – Fungi Q

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the gloom* 4 x in one week. I had the Q of the 6 AM Bible Acceleration zoom call on Monday (contact me or Aerobie if interested), Q’d Tuesday at The County, took a BO beatdown from Abacus on Thurs and Q’d Friday.    It was goodContinue reading “Backblast 8/28/20 The Chopper @ Vets – Fungi Q”

BackBlast 8/25/20 #Loco @The County – Fungi 2 Yr County Post

Two years ago this week I posted at The County for the first time. For those that have been around for 2 years, County or not, THANK YOU. We’ve probably posted, rucked, had coffeeteeria, converged, bible studied, 3rd F’d somewhere together or some other fun activity.  Done right, F3 can change your life in soContinue reading “BackBlast 8/25/20 #Loco @The County – Fungi 2 Yr County Post”

PreBlast @ #Loco @ The County 8/25/20 – Fungi Q

This week is my two year postiversary at The County. I look forward to seeing old and new pax alike. This will be totally You v You and how hard you want to push yourself. We will be spread out and do quite a bit of abs and running.  You may want to bring aContinue reading “PreBlast @ #Loco @ The County 8/25/20 – Fungi Q”

Backblast 7-2-20 The Agony at The County – Fungi Q

It had been a while since I’ve Q’d so I was jumping back into the saddle. I had primed it as the Greatest 2 Minute (circuit) in Sports. I’ll let the pax decide if it qualified. I gave it my best try. Weather – warm Gear – “I really am a Fungi” shirt Tunes –Continue reading “Backblast 7-2-20 The Agony at The County – Fungi Q”

1/23/20 Backblast – The Firehouse BO

Today was off to a great start with Captain Crunchberry showing up with a new shovel flag for this location.  It was painted red to yellow as a flame and has a red flashing safety light attached. Super fitting for the firehouse and pretty darn cool. Weather: Chilly but clear Pax: Abacus, Captain Crunchberry, Backflop,Continue reading “1/23/20 Backblast – The Firehouse BO”

Backblast The Firehouse 1-9-20

Weather – cool and crisp 5 Pax finished the first round of the fitness challenge. Abacus, Wildflower, Captain Crunchberry, Kimble, Fungi (Q) It was great to see the improvement on the cards from the first of October to the first of January. The pax made it through the holidays busting it and improving. We keptContinue reading “Backblast The Firehouse 1-9-20”