10/20/22 Backblast – Fungi Q at The Agony @ The County

Weather – chilly but clear

Pax – Devitto, Nat Geo, Jitterbug, Kitty Litter, Abacus, , Cochran, CrockPot, Cratchit, Gisele, Fungi (Q)

It had been a minute, or 216,000, since I last queued. Airplane asked me to pick up the queue for today, so I said sure. It was good to see him out there, err….

We started out with a quick mosey around the parking lot, 20 side straddle hops, 20 imperial walkers, 10 grass grabbers, and some stretching.

We then played the alphabet game, where within the confines of a parking spot, you trace the letters of the alphabet in quick agility motion, with two merkins in between each letter.

Next was 20 coupon squats, 20 curls, 20 overhead presses followed by a 30 yard farmers carry, 30 big boys, farmers carry back.

We then completed a “ faster than mosey”, quarter mile run.

Repeat the coupon work

Next was 20-40s. Sprint 100 yards in less than 20 seconds, jog back in under 40 seconds. If you can do 8 consecutively you’ve run a mile in under 8 min with half of it sprinting. Several did. h/t SOHS Lady Dragons Soccer.

Repeat Coupon work

Finished with 20 Nolan Ryan’s Each side, 20 Freddy Mercuries

Announcements – check slack for D2C, Suicide Prevention Walk, Convergence, Monthly Ruck

Intentions – Devitto friend battling demons, Jitterbug aunt who passed last night. Rest In Peace

The World is Full of the Goodness of the Lord

Don’t be the one who is always “tired”, always “busy”, “slammed” when someone asks how you are doing. Come up with something more inspiring. Lean on fellow pax when things are tough, but be a light to others you encounter.

Notice something beautiful today.



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