2/14/19 Backblast – #Loco at The County – Fungi Q

Now that I’ve washed my eyes of  the simulated throwing motion of some of the Pax, I can now see clearly to type. As Pitchers and Catchers reported to spring training this week, I thought it would be a good time to warm our legs up for some base running. PAX Mama’s Boy Cochran KimbleContinue reading “2/14/19 Backblast – #Loco at The County – Fungi Q”

Pre-Blast 2/14/19 – # The Loco @ The County

I [briefly] thought about doing a Valentine’s themed Q, but I’ll save that for the M challenge.  Pitchers and Catchers report to spring training this week and baseball used to be one of my favorite things. You don’t need to go to FL or AZ for spring training this year, just come out to theContinue reading “Pre-Blast 2/14/19 – # The Loco @ The County”

BackBlast 1/30/19 The Bridge @ Posh – Fungi Q

Over the last 2 weeks, I had to bail on some Qs due to an unexpected work trip and bad scheduling on my party.  To return the favor, I picked up the Q today at Posh for Airplane. After watching the news and weather forecasts, I was admittedly a little nervous  about leading a workout,Continue reading “BackBlast 1/30/19 The Bridge @ Posh – Fungi Q”

Backblast: 1/16/19 – BO HEAVY at The County

Weather – cold and dreary, spitting mist 9 pax gathered and got the equipment set up.  1 pax came “flying” in hot. PAX (10):  Kimble (FNG) Amelia Bulletin Gilligan Alexa Big Bird Scuba Steve Flo Jo Cochran COP Disclaimer Mosey parking lot to get blood flowing SSH x 13 (IC) Front jacks – 26 KendraContinue reading “Backblast: 1/16/19 – BO HEAVY at The County”

Pre-Blast BO @ The County – HEAVY 1/16/19

We are starting to get a HEAVY going at the County on Wednesdays.  Wondering if a scrawny dude like Fungi can lay a heavy beatdown?  Come see…  We’ll lift heavy, carry heavy, and flip heavy! If you have a rucksack and/or dumbbells, bring them just in case.  We’ve got the coupons and tires covered! SYITGContinue reading “Pre-Blast BO @ The County – HEAVY 1/16/19”

Back Blast – FUNGI Q #the Loco @The County – LUCKY 13

Weather – high 30s and clear Showed up to see Huggies and Nino getting some EC. Heard it was 1.5 miles. Good work. PAX (20) gathered, Disclaimer and off for a lap around campus and to pick up coupons Instructed PAX to line up Coupons so we could form one line of Deep Merkins CircledContinue reading “Back Blast – FUNGI Q #the Loco @The County – LUCKY 13”

Post Blast – 11/20/18 #Loco @ The County – Fungi Q

PAX = 20 Amelia, Abacus, Alexa, Big Bird, Cold Call, Drumroll, Milton, Red Wagon, Wildflower, Airplane, Cochran, Gilligan, Bulletin (R), Jolly Rancher, Storm Trooper, Nice & Slow, Viking, Crockpot, Hot Wheels, Fungi Q We tried out some new exercises, one for each letter of THANKSGIVING for a Nolan Ryan style beatdown. Warmup Capri Lap –Continue reading “Post Blast – 11/20/18 #Loco @ The County – Fungi Q”

Back Blast The Loco @ The County 10/16/18 – Fungi VQ

I started F3 a little less than 2 months ago after a @PewPew HL down range in Nashville. I knew I couldn’t always be a taker, so I committed to Q pretty shortly but with enough distance to make sure I stuck with it for a while.  I hemmed and hawed over various Wienkes butContinue reading “Back Blast The Loco @ The County 10/16/18 – Fungi VQ”