Weather – cold (16 degrees, 4 Windchill)

Gear – multiple layers

PAX – Tony Malito, Newman, SweetTart, Vincent, FloJo, Scuba Steve, Shiplap, Fungi (Q)


SSH – 25 IC

Imperial Walkers – 20 IC

Downward Dog – calf and hip stretches

Thang 1 – Vet Trivia

I’ve always enjoyed the scenery at the Vet but until a recent Saturday at the park, I hadn’t really taken in the actual material/meaning. I thought I would quiz the PAX on their knowledge of the VET and/or history trivia.  Honestly I thought there would more than one VET guy to help Tony Malito out.  Vincent was pretty strong though.  Correct Answers got 5 Jump Squats, Wrong answers got a lap around the memorial area.

#1 – Name 5 of 8 words inscribed on benches – CORRECT  5 Jump Lunges

(Duty, Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, Courage, Sacrifice, Commitment, Service)

#2 – What is the phrase in the middle seal and what does it mean?

PAX got the phrase (E  Pluribus Unum) but not the meaning (Out of Many, One) – TAKE A LAP!

#3 – Who said “A true leader has confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others? –  WRONG – Take a lap!


#4 – Who said “I only regret that I only have one life to give for my Country” – WRONG – Take a lap!  – NATHAN HALE

#5 – Who said – “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction…it must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same? – CORRECT 5 Jump Lunges (REAGAN)

#6 – Who said “We have met the enemy, and they are ours?” Wrong – take a lap!

(Oliver Hazard Perry)

#7  How many of the seals of the Armed Services have an anchor in the seal? CORRECT 5 jump lunges (Navy, Marines, Coast Guard)


Next we moseyed the long way around to the parking lot and every grabbed a coupon.


THANG 2 – March Madness Bracket of Exercises

64 – LBCs

32 – Coupon squats

16 – Merkins

8- Coupon Rows

4 – Man Makers

2- Sprints

1 – Lap around the parking lot

Rinse and Repeat (5-6x)

We had about 2 minutes left and everyone did Squats or Big Boys while reading one of the service walls at the Memorial.



Intentions – Worm family, Scuba Steve brother in law (Appendix)

Quick word about knowing your stuff, not just taking things at face value.

Ended with Our Father

Thanks to those that came out. It is also cool to lead HIMs.


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