It was 9:30pm on Friday night, and I headed to bed. A few short hours went by, and it was time. 3:15am. My alarm went off, and I jumped out of bed knowing I don’t have the luxury of being a block away from the AO I was posting at that morning. Instead of going one block up the street I would be headed out to North Posh to meet up some HIMs in preparation for the Star Course event that is fast approaching. Speaking of HIMs, lets name the PAX that showed up:

Kilo, Nino, Chestnut (AKA Columbus), Hot Wheels, Worm, Catfish, McAfee, Huggies, Plumb Bob, Fanny Pack (R), Scuba Steve, Miyagi (YHC).

The ruck began as we made our way toward The Fog as the mumblechatter started to grow. Some of the PAX got off to a fast start while YHC picked up the 6 to start. We kept a quick pace, and discussion grew from the stupid stuff we did as kids to the fact that some of us passed the bars that were still swarming with 21 year olds as we made our way to the gloom.

We continued going as we approached the railroad passing overhead. A train roared above as we passed below. The ground rumbled, and our voices were muffled by the screeching. Shortly after passing this we came up to the gas station at Pope Lick. There we said goodbye to Huggies as he had to get back to his family. As for the rest of us, we kept pushing forward towards the soccer fields.

As we walked we discussed the Star Course, and how Chestnut is afraid of OSU and the city of Columbus. However, upon turning around at the 2 hour mark he quickly showed the PAX he can keep pace. Actually he almost ended up doing a solo ruck the entire way back. Motion to change Chestnuts name to Columbus. Aye!

As we were headed back Worm and Wheels cut off and headed to Splash Park. Later we became aware that we were going to pass through The Fog. As we approached the Egg Lawn we couldn’t see any HIMs, but we could see 3 shovel flags and we knew the PAX was hard at work. We cut left and want the long way around the Egg Lawn. As we passed we came upon 2 park employees as one carried two bricks away into their truck. Curious about what she was doing we asked, and her response was not looking for coupons. Instead she said a woman builds cat boxes in the shrubs.

Eventually we pushed forward and we hit the end ex at North Posh. There the PAX huddled together for a quick photo, and off to Panera for a brief on Angels in Disguise, our Star Course charity that we are raising money and awareness for. There we met with the founder of the non-profit as well as Star Child and the PAX from The Fog. Here we heard some incredible witnesses from the Angels founder about his experience with children with down syndrome. How they have effected his life. The blessings that they bring. The Angels in Disguise.

Until next time.


(Child Please)

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