Pax: Alexa, Wildflower, Jolly Rancher, Gilligan, Amelia, Big Bird, Bulletin, Hot Wheels (Q)

My original plan was to use the tires they have at the County but these tires are ridiculously heavy. So I opted for a heavy circuit. Hopefully everyone got in a good WO.

We had four exercises and the pax partnered up to push each other. We would do the four exercises in a set of 10 then 9 and continued in descending order until a set of 1 was complete.

The exercises were weighted merkins, weighted squats, ruck/plate presses, and flutter kicks holding weight.

At this point it was 6:03 and I had to get to Lexington early, so I had to bail but the Pax completed the following before wrapping things up.

Two sets of weighted merkins to failure and two sets of weighted pull ups to failure.

I hated to go but would have hated to reschedule even more. Thanks for being flexible guys. Always a pleasure.

– HW

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