3/4/19 – Backblast – Posh – Nice and Slow Q

On Friday night, Huggies asked me to fill in for him at the Posh on Monday morning.  I said “yes” without looking at the weather.  When I finally looked on Sunday night, I worried that no one would show up.  I was totally wrong.  In fact, 13 HIMs showed up.

Temperature: 19 Degrees F with a windchill of 7 Degrees F

Attendance: Deep Dish, Maxi, Dry Rub, Lady Bird, Iceman, Pew Pew, Kilo, Aerobie, Jitter Bug, Cowboy, Viking, Gypsy, Nice and Slow (Q)

Exercise: My goal was to keep it simple.  We warmed up by running around the parking lot loop and quickly stretched in the pavilion.  During the stretching, I told them what we would do…

Four exercises – Burpees, Ledge Hops, Superman Merkins, V-ups.  We would start by doing five Burpees, then run a lap. Next five Ledge Hops, then run a lap. Next five Superman Merkins, then run a lap.  Next five V-ups, then run a lap…Next 10 Burpees, run a lap, and so on…then reps of 15…then reps of 20.  I challenged us to finish, which I think two super in-shape guys did!

Each lap was around 0.26 miles.  Most of us ran between 3.5-4 miles in total while still getting a really good full body workout.  My heart rate was extremely elevated the whole workout, so hopefully everyone felt good after we completed the exercises.

Side Note: On about lap four, I realized my gloves were not insulated enough. However, I kept going because the guys were counting on me to lead.  Finally after about two miles, I was warmed up enough that my hands were not freezing.  It was crazy cold.  I am glad all the guys were there to keep me going because I wanted to quit.

I really appreciate everyone showing up!  It was an honor to lead this group.

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