BB: Tuesday – 10/6 – Garden – Nice & Slow Q

I know some of you are intimidated to come, but we had 18 PAX of all ages and fitness levels. Everyone got better. A sincere thank you for all that attended. Attendees: Huggies, Natty Light, Subprime, Jimmy Neutron, Edward Scissorhands, Gypsy, Husky (R), Jitterbug (R), Instadoodle, Domino’s, Jewel, Uncle Rico, Diane Duke’s, Private Pyle, Jumpseat,Continue reading “BB: Tuesday – 10/6 – Garden – Nice & Slow Q”

Pre-Blast – The Garden – IRONPAX Training – Nice and Slow Q

The IRONPAX Challenge is going to start in just a few weeks.  The Garden guys are going to start doing weekly trainings for it. If you have never have done an IRONPAX workout or want to train for this year’s IRONPAX Challenge, come on out! We will have a moderate and an advanced course setContinue reading “Pre-Blast – The Garden – IRONPAX Training – Nice and Slow Q”

BB: 11/26 Bayside – Nice and Slow Q

Weather: Clear, 42 Degrees, Humidity 81% Pax: 10 – Sadie, Birdie, Shuttlecock, Schotzie, Grandpa Bear, Charolais, Squid, Air Supply, Dusky (FNG), Nice and Slow (Q) WO: Disclaimer, then a 1/4 mile run around the parking lot.  We then did some warmup exercises and stretches. Thang 1: Burpee Suicide – Sprint to the first line onContinue reading “BB: 11/26 Bayside – Nice and Slow Q”

BB 10/4: The Chopper – Nice and Slow Q

Weather: Clear, 61 Degrees with 76% Humidity PAX: 27!!! Airball, Stick Up, Alexa, Tony Malito, Meatball, Atlas, Yoshi, Holler, PK, Nino, Worm, Fergie, Shrimp Boat, Swifty, Lady Bird, Greenwich, Pork Chop, Short Bus, Diablo, Woooo, Carlos’e, Retainer, SnowDay, SweetTart, Whitney, Jinxy, Nice and Slow (Q) Workout: Started with a disclaimer and did some initial exercisesContinue reading “BB 10/4: The Chopper – Nice and Slow Q”

Backblast: Nice and Slow Q – Racing Around the Garden

Weather: 66 degrees with 71% humidity – perfect morning Pax: Fructose, Domino, Jewel, Uncle Rico, Husky, Goose, Minnow, Holler, Sarbanes, Nice and Slow (Q) I planned this workout on the night before and wanted to try a few new things and do some old things too. My goal is always to get heart rates upContinue reading “Backblast: Nice and Slow Q – Racing Around the Garden”

BB: 9/17 East End IPC @ The County – Nice and Slow Q

Weather: 70 Degrees with 81% humidity PAX: Huggies, Cochran, Dunphy, Frosted Tips, Catfish, Nice-and-Slow (Q) We came, we saw, we listened to better music, and we conquered.  This was the weekly Tuesday Iron Pax Challenge workout.  Usually, this workout is held at the Posh, but we moved it to The County for pull-ups. The workout:Continue reading “BB: 9/17 East End IPC @ The County – Nice and Slow Q”

PB: 9/17 East End IPC @ THE COUNTY TOMORROW – Nice and Slow Q

Iron Pax Challenge on Tuesday’s has been at Posh. However, this week’s workout requires pull-ups so we are moving it to The County. When you arrive, please grab a coupon and bring it over to the playgound.  We start right at 5:15 AM, so get there early to stretch and bs. Nino could not QContinue reading “PB: 9/17 East End IPC @ THE COUNTY TOMORROW – Nice and Slow Q”

Backblast: 7/18 @ The Agony – Nice and Slow Q

Pax: 14 – Jolly Rancher, Bulletin, Dutch Oven, Jerry Maguire, PewPew, Mama’s Boy, Airplane, Wildflower, Captain Crunchberry, Double Down, Gizelle, Kimchi, Dauber, Nice and Slow (Q) Weather: Steamy as hell Backstory: The night before, I was drinking bourbon at my house while working. At around 9:45 PM, Nino hit me up asking me if IContinue reading “Backblast: 7/18 @ The Agony – Nice and Slow Q”

Backblast: 7/11 – The Garden @ St. Pat’s – Nice and Slow Q

Weather: 76 Degrees, 94% Humidity PAX: Steemer, Nino, Uncle Rico, Husky, Huggies, Domino, Harbaugh, Fructose, Airball, Ladybird, SnowDay, Tool Time, Frosted Tips, Milton, Nice and Slow (Q) So I barely made my own Q on time.  But I pulled up with two minutes to spare.  I let everyone know that I was not a professional,Continue reading “Backblast: 7/11 – The Garden @ St. Pat’s – Nice and Slow Q”

Backblast: Black Ops – Church at North Posh 7/14

PAX: Wabbit, Federale (FNG), Nice and Slow (Q) Weather: 70 degrees with 89% humidity Soooooooo…as many good stories start, my afternoon commenced with a bunch of HIMs at the pool.  After all of them left for the day (after Gypsy and I took care of business in Kan Jam), my family and I went toContinue reading “Backblast: Black Ops – Church at North Posh 7/14”

BackBlast – North Posh – 6/24/19 – Nice and Slow Q

Weather: 70 degrees with 91% humidity Pax: Nice and Slow (Q), Gypsy, Nino, Airball, Milton, Catfish, Scuba Steve, Mr. Hat, Dunphy Warmup: Side straddle hops Imperial walkers Kendra Newman’s Calf stretch The Thang: Run down to the bottom parking lot (about 1/2 mile away).  At bottom we talked about what we would be doing. Elevens:Continue reading “BackBlast – North Posh – 6/24/19 – Nice and Slow Q”

Black Ops – The Bell Tower @ Carillon Beach, Florida Back Blast 6/12/19

PAX (6) – Flamingo (VQ), Nice and Slow, Nino, Gypsy, Huggies, Love Shack (FNG – FIA) This was Flamingo’s birthday Q.  It was hot and humid.  We started off with some stretches and soon learned was was in store for us…it was an elimination workout. Flamingo had eight exercises that we would do in aContinue reading “Black Ops – The Bell Tower @ Carillon Beach, Florida Back Blast 6/12/19”

Black Ops – The Bell Tower @ Carillon Beach, Florida Back Blast 6/9/19

Sorry for the late post… PAX (5) – Nice and Slow (Q), Nino, Gypsy, Huggies, Bear (2.0), Flamingo (FNG – FIA) Weather – Perfect I had the first Q for the week without much notice.  The first day of our Florida vacation, I noticed a park and a clock tower and decided that would beContinue reading “Black Ops – The Bell Tower @ Carillon Beach, Florida Back Blast 6/9/19”

Backblast: Black Ops at The Garden at St. Patrick’s

I was texting with Huggies and Nino last night about Q’s for St. Patrick’s. The discussion led to when we should start Tuesday workouts because Thursday’s are going really well. I joked that I would Q tomorrow, which they took seriously. So at 9 PM, we sent out a Pre-blast, updated the calendar, and HuggiesContinue reading “Backblast: Black Ops at The Garden at St. Patrick’s”

4/11 – Backblast – Black Ops at St. Pat’s

Prior to the WO, I told my M that I did not know how many HIMs would come out.  I thought with the big ruck this weekend and some other things going on, it might be a light turnout.  Was I ever wrong. Weather: 58 Degrees, Clear, 54% Humidity PAX: Tool Time, Lady Bird, DoubleContinue reading “4/11 – Backblast – Black Ops at St. Pat’s”

4/11 – Pre-blast: Black Ops @ St Pat’s

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…well come to St. Pat’s tomorrow for a you-vs-you remix of one of my favorite recent WOs (which Catfish Qd several weeks ago at St. Pat’s).  There will be hills to run and parking lots to bear crawl (so bring gloves).  You will get better tomorrow.  ReallyContinue reading “4/11 – Pre-blast: Black Ops @ St Pat’s”

3/4/19 – Backblast – Posh – Nice and Slow Q

On Friday night, Huggies asked me to fill in for him at the Posh on Monday morning.  I said “yes” without looking at the weather.  When I finally looked on Sunday night, I worried that no one would show up.  I was totally wrong.  In fact, 13 HIMs showed up. Temperature: 19 Degrees F withContinue reading “3/4/19 – Backblast – Posh – Nice and Slow Q”

3/4/19 – Pre-Blast – South Posh – Nice-and-Slow Q

Somehow I got talked into filling in for Huggies without looking at the weather.  It is going to be cold, so bundle up.  Bring gloves and running shoes.  North Posh has the reputation of being the harder workout on Monday’s…we will give them a run for their money tomorrow…it will be a you vs youContinue reading “3/4/19 – Pre-Blast – South Posh – Nice-and-Slow Q”

1/9 Backblast – The Tank @ Vets

Rocky Themed Workout Weather: 36 degrees F Attendance: Vincent, Diablo, Kilo, Closer, SweetTart, Drysdale, Meatball, Tony Malito, Carlos’e, Weedwacker, Snacks (FNG), Huggies, Hot Wheels, Nice and Slow (Q) Goal: Have fun and get heartrate to max as fast as possible With that goal in mind, I came out a day early to scout because IContinue reading “1/9 Backblast – The Tank @ Vets”