Backblast: 7/18 @ The Agony – Nice and Slow Q


Pax: 14 – Jolly Rancher, Bulletin, Dutch Oven, Jerry Maguire, PewPew, Mama’s Boy, Airplane, Wildflower, Captain Crunchberry, Double Down, Gizelle, Kimchi, Dauber, Nice and Slow (Q)

Weather: Steamy as hell

Backstory: The night before, I was drinking bourbon at my house while working. At around 9:45 PM, Nino hit me up asking me if I am “ready for tomorrow”.  I figured he meant for Milton’s Q at the Garden.  Suddenly, it occurred to me that I had agreed to trade sites with Mama’s Boy to Q at.

The bourbon probably calmed my nerves because I knew that I had a good workout in me. I sent out a preblast and planned this sucker out.


I told the County guys to not be like the Juice and bring gloves that fit.  I hope that they did.

Run 3/4 of a lap around the compound, did some typical warmups (SSH, EW, GG, CS), then divided into groups of three. I did a similar workout last week at the Garden and none of the guys at this workout were at that workout, so I reckoned that it would be a good one.

I call it a three person shuffle.  Each team of three has one person at at the “bottom” who does one exercise, while the second member runs to the third person, who is doing another exercise.  Once person 2 reaches person 3, then person 3 runs to person 1.  We switch exercises every 10 minutes. Exercises performed were pickle-pounders, long jump half burpees, tuck jump lunges, coupon bench, coupon squats, and manmakers. We sprinted, bernie sandered, and bear-crawled between the workout stations at various points.

At the end, we had 2-3 minutes of mary.

This was my first time Q’ing at the County. I appreciate Mama’s Boy asking me to come out. There are a great group of guys that workout at that site. I encouraged them to come out at the Garden at some point to experience the hills.

My only regret was that I missed Milton’s first Q at the Garden. I heard he killed it.  Hopefully, the County guys felt the same way about my Q.

Special thanks to Nino for the reminder text because I was about to pull a CI and not show up to my own Q.

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