7/19/2019 Pleasantville BackBlast

F3BACE9E-9211-4CFC-99A5-8C68E5C88676Pax (14) Viking, Nino, Fergie, Digiorno, Nice & Slow, Grinder, Skirmish (Respect), Plumb Bob, Grizzly, Pope, Noxeema Jackson, Buschhhhh, Fridge, Glen Ross Q

Conditions: Slightly cooler than the water at Glen Oaks Country Club aka Bushwood

Gear: Nothing special today, but make sure you check out next week’s co-Q w/ Fridge

I knew this would be a hot one so I decided to load up the Tahoe with a few extra items for today’s workout. Now I’m sure you have all seen the pictures of Captain Insane-O loading his battle ropes, his 100lb sandbag, 200lb vest so now picture me slicing up watermelon, grabbing a case of hot water bottles and last but not least my daughter’s mister fan—which was a huge help today in the gloom.

Plan was to get there early and scavenge a few new building sites and try and find some bricks. But I hit the snooze, was running late and all of the houses in Norton Commons are siding anyway. I did get there early enough to put up some cones, get the cooler out and load up some pre-workout intro tunes (Danger Zone, Kenny Loggins).

5:30 and the Pax is hyped and ready to go. Disclaimer and we are off for short mosey warm up. Stopped around the neighborhood for:

20 Merkins, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Lunges, 20 Flutter Kicks.  Made our way back to the bottom of the amphitheater for Thang1

Count off into 3 groups. Using the amphitheater as triangle for 3 stations. Station 1, at the bottom left corner would be the push group. This was Lt. Dan’s up to 4/16, then bear crawl up the hill to station 2. Station 2 was AMRAP air presses (up at the top middle). This is where I wanted to have the bricks but the humidity helped thicken up the air. Last station was back at the bottom of the amphitheater and this was AMRAP LBCs. We knocked out 2 sets and then moved on to merkin mountain/ the Beast.

So there was some confusion with my pre-blast when I posted a picture of a bottle of medium salsa. Nope, no salsa today (I did have a few ask last night) but I did let the pax know that we would be doing 176 merkins. So on to Thang2:

At the bottom of the amphitheater we would start with 5 t-merkins and do 5 at each level (8 levels).  After we knocked out the T-merkins we moved on to 7 incline merkins per level (again 8 levels).  Then finished with 10 merkins per level.   That’s 176 with some box jumps too.

I was smoked after the first set and hit up the mister for some instant relief. Encouraged the pax to do the same or grab a bottle of water.

With 6 minutes left we finished with mary (the usual) and 4 burpees because 4 +20 + 176=200.

COT/ Name-o-Rama: Went old school on this one and we all sat down. Not many had seen this, maybe just Pope, Digiorno and Buschhhh but it was fun. Passed around the yellow watermelon (who even knew about this—apparently there is orange watermelon too) and Grinder got the 6 and told group about his name, but for those not there today just google it (GrindR).   Ended with announcements, intentions and a few words about the greatness of F3 Louisville.

Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Be on the lookout for a special co-Q next week at the Hurt.



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