1/28/2020 BackBlast at the County/Loco

Conditions: cloudy, 33* PAX (17): Airplane, Crock Pot, Wildflower, Grizzly, Asian Zing (Respect), Storm Trooper, Kimble, Captain Crunchberry, Jolly Rancher, Valdez, Brown Water, Sump Pump, Peach, Double Down (Respect), Jerry Maguire (Respect), Little Jerry (Respect), Glen Ross Q Crock Pot reached out over a month ago and asked me to Q today.  He told meContinue reading “1/28/2020 BackBlast at the County/Loco”

1/24/2020 Black Ops at the 6 BackBlast

PAX (9): Pork Chop, Pope, PED, Fergie, Fridge, Deuce, Duckling, Zima, Glen Ross Q Conditions: Steady rain, temp of 45*, feels like 42* 5:30 issued disclaimer and wasted no time heading towards the VIP Pavilion for warm up/ Thang 1. The VIP Pavilion offers the perfect amount of cover for 9, maybe 10 max soContinue reading “1/24/2020 Black Ops at the 6 BackBlast”

1/13/2020 BlackOps at the O BackBlast

PAX (10):  Pope, Backdraft, PED, Buschhhhh, Pork Chop, SumpPump, Trump, Fergie, Blueprint, Glen Ross (Q) Conditions:  42*, feels like 39 Got to the O a bit early, maybe 5:25 and nobody there.  Mr. Black Ops a/k/a Fall Guy is usually there, but he’s out for the next three weeks on a mission trip to southContinue reading “1/13/2020 BlackOps at the O BackBlast”

1/10/2020 Black Ops at Mary T BackBlast (by Duckling)

Pax (20): SumpPump, Buzzsaw, Deuce, Pope, Blueprint, PED, Ripple, Digiorno, Tron, Stick Up, Buschhhhhh, Old Bay, McAfee, Wham!, Deflator, Dynomite (brought a clown car of 3-4 PAX), Fridge, Glen Ross, Fall Guy (Respect), Duckling VQ Conditions:  Temp held in low 60s but windy enough to blow off a wig Duckling welcomed group.  Glen Ross ledContinue reading “1/10/2020 Black Ops at Mary T BackBlast (by Duckling)”

1/1/2020 Blender BackBlast

Pax: WhamO, Left Eye, Soft Top, Nugget, My Boy Blue (Respect), Buschhhhh, Pepperoni, Pope, SumpPump, Jawhawk, Pork Chop, Lionel, Bad News (DR from St. Louis), Geppetto, Backdraft, Plumb Bob, Grinder, Cardinal, Fall Guy (Respect), Glen Ross Q.  So we ended up with 20 on Jan1, 2020 Conditions:  Sunny and cool 38* I had no ideaContinue reading “1/1/2020 Blender BackBlast”

New Years Day Blender PreBlast (start time at 8:30)

Ring in 20/20 with me and my friend Barbara!  Start time is a bit later to allow for Plumb Bob to hit up the Tank at 5:30, then St. Als at 7 and finish up at the Mutt at 8:30. Over the past week, I’ve been bombarded with questions from so many so I willContinue reading “New Years Day Blender PreBlast (start time at 8:30)”

12/27/2019 Mary T BlackOps BackBlast (Fall Guy Q)

Got to Mary T’s a little early to get a little EC and was joined by @Buschhh.  I have been loving this warm weather in December, so I figured it was a perfect morning to burn some of the fat that has accumulated from all of the Christmas festivities. Weather – 56 degrees, shorts andContinue reading “12/27/2019 Mary T BlackOps BackBlast (Fall Guy Q)”

12/12/2019 Extender BackBlast

Conditions:  Clear, 27* and feels like 27* w/ full moon out too PAX(14) Tiger, Buschhhhh, Wham!, Blueprint, Zima, Digiorno, Pope, Fridge, Deuce, Hamm, Plumb Bob, Windshield, Larry Flynt, Glen Ross Q Sent out the pre-blast yesterday and was going with Christmas themed workout today—good to see at least one person still reads them. Ok onContinue reading “12/12/2019 Extender BackBlast”

12/6/2019 Mary T BlackOps BackBlast

Pax (17) Backdraft, Fall Guy (Respect), Zima, Shaggin Waggin, Tureen, Digiorno, Pork Chop, Fergie, Pope, Plumb Bob, Deuce, Blueprint, Old Bay, PED, Nugget, Buschhhhh, Glen Ross (Q) (would have had 18 if my man Fridge wasn’t up in Chicago) Conditions: 48*, light rain Put out the preblast and also asked for some HC’s—I think 4Continue reading “12/6/2019 Mary T BlackOps BackBlast”

11/25/2019 BlackOps at the O BackBlast

Pax (10) Flo Jo, Trump, Fergie, Cookie, Blueprint, PED, Fall Guy (Respect), Vincent (Respect), Wham! Glen Ross Conditions:  Clear and cold.  37* No Q on this one–just rerun the Mutt300.  Using the quarter mile loop along Robbers Row at the O and then stopping at the tennis courts for 25 reps of curls and LBCs. We madeContinue reading “11/25/2019 BlackOps at the O BackBlast”

11/15/2019 Mary T BlackOps BackBlast

Pax (12): Fall Guy (Respect), Tammy Faye Baker, Fergie, Hamm, SumpPump, FloJo, Fridge, Lionel, Handbook, Blueprint, Wham!, Glen Ross Q Conditions:  28* feels like 23 Week 4 of the Friday BlackOps at Mary T and really loving this location.  Very similar to the O, but more tightly compact with 9 hole golf course, reservoir trackContinue reading “11/15/2019 Mary T BlackOps BackBlast”

11/4/2019 Fall Guy Birthday Q at the O

Today marks my 66th trip around the sun, so I wanted to do a workout where each exercise had to be done 66 times, and since there are 8 letters in the word birthday, there were going to be 8 different exercises to complete. Weather – 37 degrees, cold and clear at 0530 PAX –Continue reading “11/4/2019 Fall Guy Birthday Q at the O”

10/30/2019 Blender BackBlast

Pax (16) Wham!, Worm, Cornbread (respect), PED, Plumb Bob, Snowman, Geppetto, Larry Flynt, Backdraft, Lionel, NoShow, SumpPump, Fridge, Buschhhhh, Tureen, Glen Ross Q Conditions: 55* cloudy, rain on the way As I mentioned in the preblast (does anyone read those anymore?) weinke for today’s heavy was to blend 2 workouts into 1. Most of theContinue reading “10/30/2019 Blender BackBlast”

10/25/2019 Crescent Hill BlackOp BackBlast

PAX (7) Buschhhhh, Fridge, Fall Guy (Respect), Fergie, Blueprint, SumpPump, Glen Ross Q Conditions: good, 51* So about this spot. A few years ago, some of the mutt guys rolled out several black ops at Mary T (Reservoir) but Thursdays never seemed to work. I’ve been chatting with several of the guys that live closeContinue reading “10/25/2019 Crescent Hill BlackOp BackBlast”

10/17/2019 Temple of Gloom BackBlast

Pax (11) Pope, Violet, OJ, Handbook, Vincent (respect), Diablo, Escort, Fridge, Pork Chop, Flo Jo, Glen Ross Q Conditions: clear, 39* Gear: tights, UA heat hoodie, left the blanket in the car In the preblast I told the pax we would cover some ground and I had a general idea of what I wanted toContinue reading “10/17/2019 Temple of Gloom BackBlast”

9/20/2019 BlackOps at the Mutt

PAX (4) Glen Ross, Wham!, Pepperoni, Blueprint 4th consecutive week with BlackOps/ Queless Fridays at the Mutt. Thang: Changed up the Mutt 300 format and added the back/ reflection walking path into the loop for today.  So each round was approximately ½ mile—with 2 stops; stop 1 was coupons at prayer garden, then stop 2Continue reading “9/20/2019 BlackOps at the Mutt”

9/14/2019 Hurt BackBlast at the Mutt

PAX (15) Nugget, WhamO, Messy, No Show, Pepperoni, Soft Top, Pope, Geppetto, Cornbread, Tureen, SumpPump, Meatball, Lamarvolous (FNG, 2.0) Spida (2.0) Glen Ross Q Gear: nike shorts, nike shoes and brand new custom made Glen Ross ABC shirt Conditions: 68* nice—much better than Friday Initially was going to re-run a Q from last year butContinue reading “9/14/2019 Hurt BackBlast at the Mutt”