2/5/2020 Blender BackBlast

PAX (16) Tureen, Zima, Larry Flynt, Buschhhhh, Pope, Russdiculous, Plumb Bob, Fridge, Frankenbaby, Fall Guy (Respect), My Boy Blue (Respect), Cheese Curd, Ditka, Pork Chop, Handbook, Glen Ross Q

Conditions:  Cold, 36*, feels like 27*

Keeping the Blender heavy but not wanting to get there super early to haul out the toys I decided yesterday to just use coupons.

I also wanted to keep this simple and kept the workout to just 5 exercises: Curls, Rows, Overheads, Bench Press and Incline Merkins

As Pax arrived, I told them to grab a coupon and mosey to the covered portico.  From there, I issued disclaimer—which was this is going to be the hardest thing that you have ever done at an F3 workout and with that I passed out the paper and pens.

Each box you checked off represented 20 REPS.   So 5 exercises, with each exercise having 10 boxes =The Mutt1000


By 6:15 all 16 finished.  A few HIMs did the entire workout with Rucks on, some finished early and ran suicides and we all finished the last rep with My Boy Blue.  I’m working on patch design now and will let you all know when you can collect (likely at a HDHH in March) and yes, the patch will glow in the dark.

Circled up for COT: Announcements, Intentions and Prayer

If you read the preblast I told the Pax this would be the greatest physical challenge ever and it was awesome to see everyone finish on time.  So was it the greatest physical challenge ever?  Maybe…….I guess we will find out next year at the awards happy hour



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