1/24/2020 Black Ops at the 6 BackBlast


PAX (9): Pork Chop, Pope, PED, Fergie, Fridge, Deuce, Duckling, Zima, Glen Ross Q

Conditions: Steady rain, temp of 45*, feels like 42*

5:30 issued disclaimer and wasted no time heading towards the VIP Pavilion for warm up/ Thang 1.

The VIP Pavilion offers the perfect amount of cover for 9, maybe 10 max so we were good today.  Warm up: Started with 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Mountain Climbers, and 20 Shoulder Taps.

Moved straight into Thang1:

Keeping it simple and really didn’t plan this weinke until 10 minutes before the workout so I decided a Ladder workout under the pavilion would keep the pax mostly dry.

10 derkins, 20 incline merkins, 30 dips, 40 squats, 50 or 52 lunges (left it up to the pax on this one)—you guys know how the ladder works.  This took about 15/20 minutes with a few 10 counts worked in.  We recovered and I decided to work in a quick round of Mary.  All 20 counts—LBCs, American Hammers, Gas Pumps, Flutters, Freddie Mercs.  Done

Next mosey’d back down lush fairway of hole 1—heading toward giant pine tree for thang2:

Coupon DORA work—partner one stay under the tree doing the coupon reps, while other partner runs 40 yards to the parking lot curb for 7 curb merkins.

Started with 150 overheads, 200 Curls, 250 rows.  Finished right at 6:14, put up the coupons and circled up under the tree for COT

Ended with announcements, intentions and closing prayer.  Also, Duckling had the 6th and shared with us how he got his name. I think the PAX liked “Peeping Tom” better and its ok to have two names (I have two)

Wet but not too cold.  Was happy to see 8 others get up and join me in the rain today—and we all know who’s hair is real


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