2/28/2020 BlackOps at Mary T BackBlast

PAX (10) Deuce, PED, Pork Chop, Fridge, Wham! Fergie, Trump, OJ, Digiorno, Glen Ross

Conditions: 36* feels like 32*–no snow

Forecast hinted that we might have some snow/ dusting, so with this being likely the last chance for snow at Mary T I loaded up the sleds just in case.

My plan was to use the sleds on Mary Sue—each one loaded with 2 coupons. Oh well, no snow, so I modified.

5:30 issued disclaimer and short mosey to hole #1 for warm up. 20 SSH/ 20 imperial walkers/ 10 merkins/ 10 shoulder taps/ 10 merkins

Short warm up gave me enough time to modify and come up with something a bit different. Just needed even numbers and out of nowhere Wham! shows up.

With 10 HIMs we made our way over to Mary Sue

Thang 1: 4 stop Ace and Gary.   Stop 1 was at the bottom of the hill and I set up 3 cones along Mary Sue—all the way to the top.  Partner 1 does 10 decline big boys, partner 2 holds plank, then switch at each stop taking turns until we made it back up top.

10 count at the top and then started our way back down with 4 stops—10 Boo-Yahs at each stop.  Finish at the bottom and another 10 count or two.  Repeat-O for one more round up and one more round back down.

Thang2: Divide the pax into 3 groups of 3 (Digiorno had to leave). Group 1/ at the bottom of Mary Sue would be the push.  This station was 50 single count gas pumps, then up the hill to relieve station 2.  At station 2 we did AMRAP squats, then run up to the top of the hill/ tee box (station 3) where it was AMRAP Curls.

We did this for about 15 minutes—I believe 3 rounds.  At the end we all met back down at the bottom of Mary Sue and with our partner we ran up the hill one last time. Total mileage—around 2 miles.  4 minutes left we mosey’d back to the parking lot for COT:

Announcements: Leap Day Ruck today

Intentions: DeVitto’s father/ Tigers uncle and John Francis

Prayer: Closed out with short prayer

Ended our 4th month at Mary T. Great site, great group of guys out there and always enjoy the MC!  We will do it again next Friday


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