12/6/2019 Mary T BlackOps BackBlast

Pax (17) Backdraft, Fall Guy (Respect), Zima, Shaggin Waggin, Tureen, Digiorno, Pork Chop, Fergie, Pope, Plumb Bob, Deuce, Blueprint, Old Bay, PED, Nugget, Buschhhhh, Glen Ross (Q) (would have had 18 if my man Fridge wasn’t up in Chicago)

Conditions: 48*, light rain

Put out the preblast and also asked for some HC’s—I think 4 HC’d on slack but the pax kept rolling in this morning at Mary T.  I know that Viking was off pillaging Norton Commons today, but the Mutters took over the 40206…….who says the mutt guys don’t travel?

5:30 Meet up in the back parking lot and issued disclaimer. No FNGs but Shaggin Wagggin back out after his first day yesterday—nice to see you back out!

Circled up for brief warmup of SSH, mountain climbers and 5 BOYOs.  Divided the Pax into 4 groups of 4 for Thang1: 4 corners, with 4 rounds—with bear crawling from corner to corner

Corner 1/ Coupon Corner: This being a black ops site and not having coupons, my goruck order came in last night just in time.

1: 25 overhead presses

2: 35 rows

3: 45 coupon presses

4: 50 curls

Corner 2: This stop was all core

1: 15 Roseys (IC)

2: 20 GasPumps (IC)

3: 25 Saturday Nights (IC)

4: 40 LBCs (IC)

Corner 3: MerkinOff Corner

1: 20 Incline Merks

2: 20 Derkins

3: 20 T- Merkins

4: 40 Merkins

Corner 4: LEGS (all single count)

1: 20 Bob Hurelys

2: 25 Gorilla Squats

3: 30 Lunges

4: 50 SSHs

Being that we had 17, I floated from group to group and enjoyed the mumblechatter. Not having a push group could have created a problem–especially knowing how much Buschhhhh enjoys lapping  people, but all the groups stayed together for the all 4 rounds.

Next, with about 20 minutes left we mosey’d over to the Reservoir.  Pairing the guys into groups of 2, the pax took turns Rick Flairing up the steps.  At the top, we worked in one lap around the reservoir with a mix of merkins, sprints, lunges, bernie sanders and basically repeated this until we made our way around the reservoir.  This took a bit longer and with only 2 minutes left we attempted an indian run back to the “flag” for COT:

As promised, I had a bag of oranges for the pax and this added a nice citrus aroma to COT, which was much better than the “colon” smell that we had for the first 20 minutes—wow that was bad.

COT: Announcements: Pearl Harbor Ruck tomorrow and multiple workouts (Nugget at the O and Barney Fife at the Mutt).

Intentions: Lot going on today with intentions. Would like to see more guys post on slack so we can share in the power of prayer.

Closed with short prayer.

Probably not the hardest workout—I’m still waiting on most of the surveys to come back, but right now looking like a 6.2 out 10 (I’ve had worse)—but hopefully the mumblechatter made up for it.  Didn’t; work in Mary Sue today but I’m sure we will be back soon.  If you are still reading this and have never been to Mary T—put it on your calendar for next week




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