3/21/2020 Hurt BackBlast

Stay in your Lane Q

PAX (15): Left Eye, Windshield, Soft Top, Barney Fife, Fridge, Tiger, Tureen, Deuce, WhamO (Respect), Buschhhhhh, Fall Guy (Respect), Old Bay, SumpPump, Digiorno, Glen Ross Q

Conditions: 36*, feels like 27—really cold

I wasn’t sure who would show, but classic doggystyle they all rolled in at 6:59. Issued the disclaimer twice, as more showed up after the first one.  Added some other items:

Stay 8-10 feet apart, no spitting, no snot rockets. And no coughing.

So I had set up around 45 minutes of Lane work—each pax has their own lane, workout and run in the middle. This kept everyone around 10 feet apart.

Wrapped up 5 minutes early, circled back up for COT which we did old school style with everyone taking a seat.

Thanks to Buschhhhh for providing some beverages.


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