12/3/2019 BoW BackBlast

PAX (18) Fridge, OJ, Diablo, Violet, Tammy Faye Baker, Handbook, Wham!, Escort, FloJo, Shiplap, Loco, Zima, Pope, SumpPump, Digiorno, Buschhhhh, Tron, Glen Ross Q

 Conditions:  Dry and 34* (feels like 28*)

Big crowd out at the O today.  Got there at 5:27 and already 10 pax out waiting!   5:29, I give pax the countdown and OJ tells me to go ahead and get started (I wanted to wait for Wham!).   Issued disclaimer and off for mosey around robbers row to the tennis court.

As promised in the preblast, we would have a warm up today (unlike yesterday).  Circled up for 20 SSH, then 10 merkins, 20 Plank Jacks, 10 merkins, 20 mountain climbers.  Nice and warm now, we mosey out of the cage and exit the park for ½ mile prisoner run—stopping 5 times for 10 single count prisoner jump squats.

Re-enter the park for Thang1:  So I try and Q once a month out at the O and nearly every Q involves us working out over by the restrooms.  Yesterday at Nugs Q we did some restroom work and while there I thought of a Jack Webb style workout that we could do there today.   I was expecting 10 pax so I thought I had plenty of wall space, but with 18 I would need to modify and switch this up.  So half the pax did this:  1 box jump, 4 incline merkins, while other 9 did 1 overhead press, 4 curls.  2 different Jack Webbs going on at once was kind of a shitshow–probably wouldn’t do this again.  When we got to 5/20 we switched.  We switched again at 8/32 and at 10/40 I allowed Pax to pick how they wanted to finish.

Not sure what I was thinking here because that’s a lot of incline merkins in 5 minutes!  

Next paired the pax into groups of 2 and walked over to the field.   Partner one would AMRAP coupon jumps (getting ready for ski season), while partner 2 runs 40 yards and does 20 SSH then switch.  We repeated this 4 times and then added a few more like right arm rows and left arm rows.  With less than 10 minutes left we put up the coupons and made our way back to the cage for mary.  Using each corner, the Pax circles up in super tight formation for 15 LBC/ 15 Flutter Kicks.  Run to the next corner for 20 gas pumps, 20 Freddie Mercs.  Run to the next corner for 15 LBCs/ 15 Flutter kicks.  2 minutes left we ran to the last corner and I passed over to my dueling Q OJ for 15 dying cockroaches.  6:15 and we mosey’d back to the flag for COT

Announcments:  Ruck this Friday and Leadership update.  Thanks to Diablo and the others for stepping up.  There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes of what we do each day and we are all very busy—so Tclaps to Diablo and the other 3!  Intentions—prayers for Larry and his surgery today and ended with Our Father.     



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