1/28/2020 BackBlast at the County/Loco

Conditions: cloudy, 33*

PAX (17): Airplane, Crock Pot, Wildflower, Grizzly, Asian Zing (Respect), Storm Trooper, Kimble, Captain Crunchberry, Jolly Rancher, Valdez, Brown Water, Sump Pump, Peach, Double Down (Respect), Jerry Maguire (Respect), Little Jerry (Respect), Glen Ross Q

Crock Pot reached out over a month ago and asked me to Q today.  He told me he was looking for guest Q’s for every Tuesday this month and he saved the last spot for me.  I was honestly on the fence and I haven’t traveled outside the watterson for a workout in over a year but that’s when he told me that Hulk Hogan always wrestled last. Ok—I’m in! I appreciate the invite and hospitality—Crock Pot is an excellent site Q, kind of an old school site Q (Tclaps for running a tight ship).

So up at 4:30, out the door at 4:45 to pick up Sump and we are on our way in the clown car.   Warmed up with 15 minutes of Laffy Taffy jokes, which really made the drive not so long and we actually got there a good 10 minutes early. For most of the mutters, the county is a far off land, that they will never visit.  But I’ll try in this BB to explain some of it.  First: These guys get to the workout early. We probably could have started the workout at 5:25, and with all 17 there and ready to go. They also brought the AO of the Year Flag, which was a gift for me and I totally forgot to bring it back.  Airplane told me he will bring it out to the Friday Roast.

So on the workout. 5:29, turned off Its Raining Men, issued the disclaimer and mosey’d over to the field for quick suicide slaughter start. 4 stops: 2 burpees, then 4, then 6, end with 8. Knocked out 20 quick burpees. On a side note, we usually don’t do field work at the Mutt, but the county actually has a real field with real turf—kind of like hole #1 at mary T.  We left the field with dry shoes and mosey’d to parking lot for the real warm up:

20 SSH, 20 mountain climbers, 20 shoulder taps, 10 merkins. Nice and warmed up, asked the pax to each grab 2 coupons and follow me for Thang1:

Partner up for coupon DORA: Round 1:  200 curls, while other partner does 8 curb merkins. When Pax was finished we did round 1 of Mary: 20 LBCS/ 20 Freddie Mercs/ 20 American Hammers/ 20 Gas Pumps:

Round 2:  250 Coupon Bench Press while partner does 8 Kobes. When finished we did round 2 of Mary: 20 LBCS/ 20 Freddie Mercs/ 20 American Hammers/ 20 Gas Pumps:

Running short on time, we moved on to Thang2:  Each pax grabs both coupons and walks one 20 yards.  With each coupons 20 yards apart we did 25 curls, then bear crawl to other coupon for 25 more curls.  Next we did 25 bench press, then bear crawl to the next and did another 25 bench press. Finally ended with partner wheelbarrow to 25 rows, then switch and go back with more partner wheelbarrow and end with 25 coupon rows.

Only 5 minutes left we farmer carried the coupons back—probably 100 yards and circled up for 1 minute of gas pumps.  Ended right at 6:15 and we all mosey’d back over to the flag for COT:

Kimble had the 6 and told us about his name. It’s a great name from a great movie (spoiler alert……he didn’t kill his wife).  No announcements, and we moved to intentions.

Ended with short prayer and we had to roll.  It was great to see some of the old school guys today and enjoyed meeting some new HIMs too.  Love the county guys and even though the workout was only a 5.4, the hospitality was a 10.

Thanks for having me out today.


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