1/13/2020 BlackOps at the O BackBlast

PAX (10):  Pope, Backdraft, PED, Buschhhhh, Pork Chop, SumpPump, Trump, Fergie, Blueprint, Glen Ross (Q)

Conditions:  42*, feels like 39

Got to the O a bit early, maybe 5:25 and nobody there.  Mr. Black Ops a/k/a Fall Guy is usually there, but he’s out for the next three weeks on a mission trip to south beach.

Buschhh and Trump roll in and then at 5:29 the rest of the crew that had to cross the railroad tracks get there.  FiA also back out.

Mosey to cage for disclaimer and brief warm up—pax was chatty this morning.

Preblast was simple and my plan was to use the hills in the surrounding neighborhood for various workouts.  Exit the park for Thang1:

Cogan court with 3 spots.  Using both hils and the bottom as another stop.

Round 1: 5 merkins at each stop

Round 2: 10 merkins at each stop

Round 3: 15 merkins at each stop

Round 4: 20 merkins at each stop

Knocked this out in under 10 minutes—totaling 150 merkins and a lot of running up and down.  With more than a half dozen ten counts we mosey’d over to the bridge for thang2:

Same concept with just 2 stops.  Stop one, at the bridge and stop 2 at the top of the road (probably 120ish yards up the hill)

At the bridge dips and at the top we would do gorilla squats

Round 1: 10 of each

Round 2: 20 of each

Round 3: 30 of each

Round 4: 40 of each

This is hill is no joke and after 4 times I was smoked.  Another half dozen ten counts and on to the next hill.  100 dips/ 100 gorilla squats

Thang3:  This is I believe is the street (Seneca Park Rd???).  This street was a go to spot for the first month when I started F3 in 2017.  However, traffic can make it difficult to use, but we only needed 5 minutes.  So 3 burpees at the bottom, 3 Tmerks at the top. Increase by 3’s and stop at 9.  I was done (I was the 6 most of the morning) and we mosey’d back to the cage for 5 minutes of mary and of course ended with gas pumps.

Circle up around the flag for COT:

Announcements:  Lot going on this month—Friday night Ruck w/ 2 fine Mutt HIM, Kilo’s terrible bet with Naperville’s Nathan, and don’t forget about the F3 Dance on the 24th.

Intentions: Prayers for Tony M’s niece and reminder to wear green tomorrow (or per Pope, wear a green tank)

Prayer: Closed with brief prayer

ABC in 2020

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