Backblast-#RyleighStrong @ The Garden, Pelican Q 1.14.20

Today was truly a humbling experience. When I signed up for the IHC and got on the schedule to Q last month I obviously had no idea how special today would be. Not only are we in the middle of a challenge with Naperville this would be the day we would encourage all the HIMs of F3 to get out and show support for Tony Malito’s niece Ryleigh. Add to that Tony and some of the Vets crew showing up to the Garden. Oh and throw in YHC getting about 5 hours sleep because he stayed up to watch the LSU/Clemson game.

With that said I got to the Garden and there were PAX waiting on me and continuing to trickle in for the WO right up until 5:30. When all was said and done we ended up with the 23 HIMs below


Frosted Tips

Nice and Slow


Hush Puppy




Wide Right (FNG)

Ladybird (R)



Tony Malito


Meter Maid

Motor Boat

Uncle Rico

Jump Seat



Bob Ross


Pelican (Q)

I gave the disclaimer, sort of, as we began the mosey up the hill and began COP. We did the below-

Grass grabbed 10xIC

Toy soldiers 10xIC

SSH -either 10 or 20x IC

Michael Phelps OYO

Kendra Newman’s OYO

Downward dog and stuff

From there we moseyed to the coupons and I asked Jewel if they had enough…he wasn’t sure but thought so. Once we got there and started handing them out we realized we would be one short. Worm being a complete bad ass grabbed a pallet. We set up for Thang 1.

15 minutes of the following

5 V Ups

10 Coupon Swings

15 Coupon Squats

No set breaks but take them as needed. I encouraged the PAX to shoot for 10 rounds or so but honesty after 3 I lost count. I finished somewhere between 4 rounds and 50 but probably closer to 9 or 10. This was a tough workout and I saw everyone continuing to push through to get as many rounds as possible.

Once we finished that we partnered up for some coupon and hill work. We started with weighted merkins and then from there one partner worked while the other ran the hill. We switched exercises every round cycling through what is below-



Calf raises

Bent over rows

Upright Rows

Don’t think anyone made it all the way through but it was time so we headed back for some Mary.

I asked Tony Malito to start us off and we did 20 Weezy Jefferson’s then I led us with 20 Gas Pumps ICs. We closed with about 30 seconds of planks.

Time for COT-announcements included the monthly Ruck, the movie ruck, Jewel Qing the Nest, front runners for F3 couple of the year Co-Qing the Foundry tomorrow and maybe one or two more Qs coming up, sorry to any I missed. And of course the Naperville challenge continuing this week.

We obviously showed up in green for Tony’s niece so I asked him to tell her story and give us an update. I spent some time yesterday reading about her and I was touched by the positivity her family is showing and the support they have. I took two things away from her battle. First-life is precious and treasure your loved ones. Second-the support this group has for one another is special, I try to explain it to others but you just have to be here to understand.

Lastly I left the PAX with the scripture that Tony’s sister shared-

Joshua 1:9 as you can see in the image above. Let’s all go out and put our faith in the Lord and to continue to be strong -for Ryleigh, for each other and for yourself.

Humbled as always to lead–


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