Backblast – 1/14/2020 – the Mutt – MuttVerde – #RyleighStrong


Today, 21 Mutters dressed in green and dedicated our workout in support of Tony Malito’s niece Ryleigh.  PAX included: PED, Zima, Buschhhh, Fridge, Blueprint, Plumb Bob, No Show, Deuce, Yoshi, Pope (Q), Geppetto,  Loco, Old Bay, Digiorno, Windshield, Tiger, Grinder, Soft Top, Larry Flint, Whamo! (R), and Glen Ross (photographer).

The weather was outstanding, at a slightly muggy 48 degrees, well above January averages.  The attire needs little explanation, although I was hoping to see some cut off T-shirts per the pre-blast.  As expected, there were a few high-performance, Mutt Field Day shirts in the mix.  Loco got creative and wore a XXXXL green sail.  He really got moving when that tailwind kicked in.

The perfunctory disclaimer was given and we moseyed around the school to the usual warm up spot. We got our green blood flowing with 25 side straddle hops, 10 imperial walkers, 10 grass grabbers, 10 leg swings, Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps, and calf stretches.

For Thang 1, and with all that green on, the Pax got lucky when YHC brought back the good ole Mutt Mile.  The Mutt Mile involves one mile of running and 100 burpees.  We broke it down into 10 stops at each lamp post, for 10 burpees each, in a loop around the neighborhood.  We stayed together as one group throughout the exercise, and those finishing their burpees sooner than others, held plank until all burpees were finished.  Wearing all that green, it felt like Frogger out there a bit, as we carefully navigated some light neighborhood traffic.  There was some mumblechatter that on lookers probably thought we looked like a premature roving St. Patrick’s Day Party.  Yep…we’re all ready for the big day in March.  We finished up our run at the portico, partnered up and grabbed coupons.

For Thang 2, each two-man team completed 100 Lunges (50 with the coupon), 200 Coupon Overhead Presses, and 300 squats (150 with the coupon).  Partner 1 completed the calisthenics.  Partner 2 then ran about 30 yards across the parking lot, completed 5 merkins at the end, and then ran another 30 yards back to Partner 1.  The partners then alternated calisthenics and running until all reps were completed.

We circled up for announcements and COT.  We prayed to support Ryleigh in her fight.  We prayed for a friend of Loco’s who had recently passed.  We prayed for the wisdom and mental awareness to realize how fortunate we are to have each other and our health.

Go Green!  Go Ryleigh!  Stay Positive!

God Bless,










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