Backblast – The County – 6.23.20

Crock Pot invited me out to Q the Loco and I took him up on his offer.  Pax (18) included Little Jerry, Meter Maid, Jolly Rancher, Uncle Sam (R), Jerry Maguire (R), Captain Crunchberry, Overflow, Tidwell, Cratchit, Hush Puppy, Boozer, Alexa, Pelican, Asian Zing (R), Crock Pot, Launch Pad (R), Double Down (R), and PopeContinue reading “Backblast – The County – 6.23.20”

Backblast – The Blender at the Mutt – 6/17/20

Pax present included: Violet, Plumb Bob, Blueprint, Glen Ross, Fridge, Tron, Sump Pump, Cowbell, Noxeema Jackson, Wham!, PED, Larry Flint, Fall Guy, Backdraft, and Pope (Q). The conditions were perfect – it felt like the temperature was in the low sixties with low humidity.  We lucked out and got topped off with a beautiful sunriseContinue reading “Backblast – The Blender at the Mutt – 6/17/20”

Backblast – Monday at the O – 2.10.2020

New things, great things, shared experiences happen at Monday at the O.  Today, the Loose Q was born at the O.  This is now an official F3 term.  It represents when a partially organized, but very enthusiastic Q, gives up part of his Q, to another enthusiastic and partially organized PAX, before or during a WO.Continue reading “Backblast – Monday at the O – 2.10.2020”

Backblast – 1/14/2020 – the Mutt – MuttVerde – #RyleighStrong

Today, 21 Mutters dressed in green and dedicated our workout in support of Tony Malito’s niece Ryleigh.  PAX included: PED, Zima, Buschhhh, Fridge, Blueprint, Plumb Bob, No Show, Deuce, Yoshi, Pope (Q), Geppetto,  Loco, Old Bay, Digiorno, Windshield, Tiger, Grinder, Soft Top, Larry Flint, Whamo! (R), and Glen Ross (photographer). The weather was outstanding, atContinue reading “Backblast – 1/14/2020 – the Mutt – MuttVerde – #RyleighStrong”

BB – Ghostmode – The Silo – North Posh – 10-21-19

So Catfish has been twisting my arm to Q at the Silo for several months now, to the point of where my arm had suffered at least a third degree Native American burn, and was just about broken.  With ghost week here, it seemed like the time to capitulate and trek my way outside theContinue reading “BB – Ghostmode – The Silo – North Posh – 10-21-19”

Backblast – The O – Jogbata – 6.15.19

PAX: Liberace, Tammy Faye Baker, Dixie, Vincent (R), Soft Top, Oscar, Pong, Glen Ross, Wham!, and Pope (Q). Weather: 64 and purrrrrrr-feckt. Gear: Some new and some old, including a brand new Mizuno 3-D, all-American themed running singlet, and some 13-year old, red, Adidas soccer shorts.  Made in China but raised in America, they justContinue reading “Backblast – The O – Jogbata – 6.15.19”

Backblast 4/18 – #TheO – TOG

15 PAX – Buschhh, Dumpster, Scuba Steve, Red Roof, Wham!, Glen Ross, Violet, Shiplap, FloJo, Tammy Faye Baker, Digiorno, Vincent (R), Pork Chop, Loco, Pope (Q) convened today at the Temple of Gloom for some of my favorite exercises and some new challenges.  It was a perfect 60 degree morning with a glowing full moon.Continue reading “Backblast 4/18 – #TheO – TOG”

Preblast – The O – 4/18 Ring of Fire

I fell into the burning ring of fire. I fell down, down, down, down, into the deepest fire. And it burns, burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire, the ring of fire. Pyrotechnics tomorrow….maybe? Johnny Cash outfit tomorrow…maybe? Burning tomorrow….definitely. It’ll get HOT for at least 10 minutes. Gloves will be a plus but notContinue reading “Preblast – The O – 4/18 Ring of Fire”

Preblast 8/18 – walk at the O at 6:40AM

So Glen Ross requested a walk with the Pope earlier this week, and I agreed. When I went to feast today for lunch, a few other guys mentioned they heard about the walk and may be interested in attending. So what the heck, why not invite the whole fam damily!? Come to the O tomorrowContinue reading “Preblast 8/18 – walk at the O at 6:40AM”

Popevergence Backblast 7.28.18 @theO

On the morning of 7.28.18, 73 of Louisville’s finest men converted popevergence into hopevergence. PAX included: Iceman (R), Star Child, Sadie, Abacus, Flounder, Fannie Pack (R), Drysdale, Worm, Tony Malito, FNG (Petrol), Left Eye, Dojo, Pork Chop, Lamb Chop, Gypsy, Bear, Huggies, Cutlass, FNG (Curry), Cardinal, OJ, Myagi, Co Pay (RR), Cornbread, Gepetto, Meatball, Backdraft,Continue reading “Popevergence Backblast 7.28.18 @theO”

Back Blast – #BlackOps – #theO – Take the Hill

These Pax: Pope and Tron… Took this hill 5x… With the assistance of roughly 95 lbs / stroller of this… And covered about 4.5 miles total, in 45 minutes, for a 10 minute / mile pace. Just like yesterday, the weather conditions were great for a cardio / leg drive focused fun run.  I’ve runContinue reading “Back Blast – #BlackOps – #theO – Take the Hill”

Preblast – Black op 3/26 @ 0530 @theO – take the hill, bring running strollers

Meet at the usual spot at the O on Monday, 3/26 at 0530 for an impromptu black op. Bring a running stroller if possible, and wear high visibility attire. For those familiar with Seneca, this hill lies just past Wham island, and a top it sits the Seneca golf course pro shop. We will takeContinue reading “Preblast – Black op 3/26 @ 0530 @theO – take the hill, bring running strollers”

Coach ‘Em Up! Pope VQ Posh BackBlast – 2/3/18 #theFog

I broke my Q maiden at the posh today. I’m always trying to impress Zoo and I like to humor the PAX, so I decided to dress up as a 1970’s football coach. HAT: generic trucker, grey mesh, white background, with black COACH lettering, worn high with a Carhartt insulated hat underneath. FACE: a freshlyContinue reading “Coach ‘Em Up! Pope VQ Posh BackBlast – 2/3/18 #theFog”

Why am I here? – Backbkast 1/3/18 #theblender

12 of Louisville’s finest philosophical minds (Pinky Pie, Vincent, Mouth, Mad Cow, Backdraft, Buscccch, Glen Ross, Spreadsheet, Tron, Nugget, Wham!, and Pope) gathered at 0530 today at the blue ribbon school for an in-depth discussion of metaphysics. Tasty mocha chinos and cafe lattes spurred us on a stimulating debate, including the fundamental nature of man’sContinue reading “Why am I here? – Backbkast 1/3/18 #theblender”

I feel the need…the need for SPEED! Preblast 1/3/18 #theblender @theMutt

Do you want to get faster in 2018? Do you want to chug a beer before your next church league b-ball game and then slam a 360 tomahawk dunk on your opponent? Do you feel like you’re actually Kyle Kuric trapped in the body of Jeff Hall? Of course you do! That’s why I’m launchingContinue reading “I feel the need…the need for SPEED! Preblast 1/3/18 #theblender @theMutt”

Saturday Backblast – theO

12 of Louisville’s finest HIMs had been pushing too many pencils this week, and it was time to muscle up at the O.  The Dirty Dozen included: DoubleDown, Wham!, Beancounter, Scratch, FNG (Adidas), Trump, Newman, Jordy, Cardinal, Loco, Tron, and Pope. After a long week on the road, your Q was not interested in running.Continue reading “Saturday Backblast – theO”