Popevergence Backblast 7.28.18 @theO

906A5074-EEF8-4A0E-9EAF-7CBAC1C42BA5On the morning of 7.28.18, 73 of Louisville’s finest men converted popevergence into hopevergence.

PAX included: Iceman (R), Star Child, Sadie, Abacus, Flounder, Fannie Pack (R), Drysdale, Worm, Tony Malito, FNG (Petrol), Left Eye, Dojo, Pork Chop, Lamb Chop, Gypsy, Bear, Huggies, Cutlass, FNG (Curry), Cardinal, OJ, Myagi, Co Pay (RR), Cornbread, Gepetto, Meatball, Backdraft, Taureen, Mr Bubbles, Sparky, FNG (BC) (R), Fridge, Sump Pump, Zokna, FNG (Blueprint), Whamo, Jitterbug, PK, Yogi, FNG (Bobby Flay), Catfish, Coffee Grinder, NiceNSlow, Milton, Loco, Boozer, Little Jerry (R), Little Smokey, Grinder, Tiger, BUSCHHHHH, Vincent (R), Oscar, Pong, Wham!, Nuggett, Seabass, Presto, BobRoss, Digorno, Mayberry, Tron, Tincup, Skid, Noxema Jackson, Drum Roll, Retainer, Marshall, Neon, Launch Pad (R), Thumbtack, Piggie, Pope, and McAfee.

Q’s – McAfee, Wham!, Flounder, Cutlass, and Pope

The PAX circled up, a disclaimer was given, and we counted off into groups of four.  We had four stations prepared and each group cycled through each station one time.  The four stations included: Station one – the dirt half pipe (McAfee Q), Station two – the tennis courts (Cutlass Q), Station three – the concrete half pipe (Wham! Q), and Station four – the field hockey field (Flounder Q).  For those that know the area, each station involved a lot of running, with jogging in between the stations, including hill running, which was of course all by design.

Thang 1 – McAfee took ’em down the dirt road for a half pipe hill run, with 10 merkins at the top of the hill, a run to the other side, 9 merkins at the other side, then a run back.  Repeato por favor con 8,7,6,5… descending merkins until time was up.  Que hora es?  It’s time to get ILL!!!!

Thang 2 – Cutlass got the stomachs turning with a doubles match at the tennis courts.  Each man partnered up and completed 100 merkins, 200 squat jumps, and 300 LBCs, while the other partner ran suicides.  Bear crawls were involved.  DJ Cutlass and his soundtrack agitated the bears, as they got even angrier upon transition to station 3.

Thang 3 – Wham!, Bobby Hurley’s, burpees, Bernie Sanders, and hill runs combined for a quatro of undesirables at the concrete half pipe (hey we like Wham!, but the others need to improve their likability to move up in the ratings).  At least the weather was good.

Thang 4 – Flounder got the shoulders and back involved in the cardio fun.  Coupon rows, coupon overhead presses, burpees, 40 yard suicides, LBCs, and planking rounded out the beatdown.

COT – we welcomed 4 FNGs, Petrol, Curry, Blueprint, and Bobby Flay.  Ya’ll come back now…ya hear!  We circled up, in a tight, stinky, tank-top-wearing, grass-stained kinda way, and McAfee led us in prayer.  This is where popvergence converted into hopevergence.

We all struggle.  On this day, 72 guys decided to embrace my struggle.  As I read that number again…72, it’s hard to imagine that I’ve only been involved in F3 for 14 months, and that many guys got up and did a bunch of uncomfortable calisthenics and running in my honor.  They even printed and sold custom t-shirts.  They also donated more than $1,000 to a cause literally near and dear to my heart.  They took action.  They did these things without asking.  They did these things without seeking credit.  They gave me strength and courage to embrace the unknown.  Unbelievable.  I am humbled.

We all know it’s WAY more than a workout.  It was way more than popevergence.  It was hopevergence for all our struggles.  It was the convergence of friendship, hope and faith to overcome the pain of our human existence – the Abacus M cancer, the Weedwacker Vince cancer, Wedding Singer’s dad’s cancer, the loss of Butcher’s mom, Tiger’s mom’s struggle, and for all those silent intentions held in our hearts.

The F3 twitter quote so was so pointed I’ll re-quote it here:

What Lies behind you, and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside you – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Fight on boys.

Much Love,










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