Why am I here? – Backbkast 1/3/18 #theblender

12 of Louisville’s finest philosophical minds (Pinky Pie, Vincent, Mouth, Mad Cow, Backdraft, Buscccch, Glen Ross, Spreadsheet, Tron, Nugget, Wham!, and Pope) gathered at 0530 today at the blue ribbon school for an in-depth discussion of metaphysics. Tasty mocha chinos and cafe lattes spurred us on a stimulating debate, including the fundamental nature of man’s existence. The question of “why am I here?” was thoroughly explored through a variety of arguments and exercises.

Ok, ok that didn’t really happen today, but I think we did have a few people wondering “why” the heck they came to the Mutt in 8 degree weather to “exercise.”

The THANG – (part 1 legs)

We moseyed around HTS at a very comfortable warm up pace, and finished the full lap back at the long end of the football field opposite the goal posts.

Professor / Coach Q then led the PAX through 16, 110 yard sprints, the gold standard in football conditioning. These are elegantly referred to as “full gassers,” often less elegantly complemented in sentence fragments by four letter motivational words from heartfelt former coaches, less preferably annunciated through tobacco spit, and even less ideally landing on YHC’s cleats. Based on historical experience, we recited each gasser in about 13-20 seconds, with roughly 1 minute in between each, marked by some mumblechatter and removal of clothing layers. Excessive enthusiasm for the exercise resulted in some hunched over huffing and puffing in between gassers. I’m sure your Q’s former coaches were all proudly smiling in their warm beds at this sign of passion for the activity at hand. We took a 90 second sabbatical at half time. Refreshed and revitalized, with slightly lower heart rates, we continued. A couple of PAX fought through quad and hamstring issues. They made the F3 all star team today and their presence is needed for critical roles in 2018.

The Thang – (part 2 core and upper body)

The enlightenment continued as we moseyed to retrieve and relocate the coupons to the playground.  Calesthenics ensued to the tune of: 10 Merkins (in cadence), 30 Rosalitas (in cadence), 5 burpees, 30 seconds of elbow planking (with mumble chatter emphasis on 2018 goals), and 5 pull-ups OR 15 coupon rows. We kept the pace lively, with John Wooden’s “Be quick but don’t hurry,” mantra, and finished 4 sets as time expired close to 0615.

We returned the coupons, carefully, as they break more easily in cold weather and the PAX were now foaming at the mouth, maybe from the cold, maybe from the exercise, but who cares really about such trivial causation?  We circled up, and although Pinky Pie did not draw the 6, he shared his roots and impressive, zoo rivaling workout gear. This was a very strong sleeper-hold HL by Glaucoma; we expect Pinky Pie will build upon his second F3 workout into many more in 2018.  Glen Ross announced a coat drive donation for (I think) the St. John’s Center.  Let’s focus on bringing jackets to workouts, coffeteria, and other events.  Use the F3 bonds to make a difference.

With quadriceps now sorer than expected,

YHC Pope







2 thoughts on “Why am I here? – Backbkast 1/3/18 #theblender

  1. No sleeveless today, but shorts felt great, especially during the 110s. The cardio component kept everything but hands and toes warm the entire time.


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