Backblast – Monday at the O – 2.10.2020

New things, great things, shared experiences happen at Monday at the O.  Today, the Loose Q was born at the O.  This is now an official F3 term.  It represents when a partially organized, but very enthusiastic Q, gives up part of his Q, to another enthusiastic and partially organized PAX, before or during a WO.  With an overabundance of excitement, the Loose Q can be extended to additional PAX members, but only in the event that each subsequent PAX’s enthusiasm and unpreparedness, supersedes that of the previous PAX.  Ok…this may have been done before…but probably not in such an improvised and time efficient manner.

6 PAX present include mostly O-riginal gangstas: CI, Fridge, Old Bay, Fergie, Glenn Ross (Q) and Pope (Q).  Glenn took a total of 60 seconds to plan his Q on the drive over, so he only wasted 30 seconds when he agreed to hand over half the WO to YHC.  What a HIM move!

Glenn took us through a few warm up exercises on the tennis courts.  Mumble chatter got off to a strong start.  We did a few minutes of unremarkable warm up stuff that we’ve all done probably a few hundred times.  Then we moseyed off to the bathrooms…I mean the coupon storage area, to stalk strangers…I mean grab the coupons, and headed down to Cogan’s Corner for some hill work.

At the top of the hill, we did 30 curls.  We then ran to the bottom and did 20 squats.  We ran back up the hill and completed 30 overhead presses.  We repeated 20 squats at the bottom of the hill each time, followed by 30 rows, 30 coupon decline merkins, and 30 coupon bench presses at the top.  We completed 1 cycle of the above, and then repeated the cycle, with 20 of each exercise at the top, and 15 squats at the bottom.

Glenn then graciously passed the Loose Q over to YHC, and we initiated a BLIPMS sequence on the hill.  We did 10 Burpees at the hill top, ran to the bottom, completed 25 SHHs at the bottom, and then did 20 Lunges at the top.  We completed 25 SSHs at the bottom of the hill each time, followed by 30 Imperial Walkers, 40 Plank Jacks, 50 Merkins, and 60 Squats at the top…FUN!

This took us to about 6:11 am and we moseyed back to the bathrooms to finish our business…you know dropping off the coupons.

In the end, we covered about 3 miles and had about 3 times as much fun.  We circled up and gave intentions for some of the PAX on the mend.  We’re lucky to have each other, our friendships and our health.

Can’t rain on us!




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