Backblast – The O – Jogbata – 6.15.19

PAX: Liberace, Tammy Faye Baker, Dixie, Vincent (R), Soft Top, Oscar, Pong, Glen Ross, Wham!, and Pope (Q).

Weather: 64 and purrrrrrr-feckt.

Gear: Some new and some old, including a brand new Mizuno 3-D, all-American themed running singlet, and some 13-year old, red, Adidas soccer shorts.  Made in China but raised in America, they just won’t quit.

Workout: The disclaimer was given and off we went for little JOG.  We started up by the tennis courts and headed down to Big Rock playground, covering just a mile in roughly ten minutes.  Upon arrival, the ta-BATA part commenced.  We set up 15 stations, including Pull-ups, LBCs, Box Jumps, Swing Crunches, Derkins, single leg Step Ups, Dips, Flutter Kicks, Coupon Curls, Toe touches to the rail, Spiderman Merkins, Coupon Rows, Mountain Climbers, Rosalitas, and Bur-paaays.  This workout was designed to hit all the functional muscle groups, back, arms, chest, legs, core, and cardio, in a rotating fashion.  We partnered up and hit each station hard for 20 seconds, and then rested and transitioned to the next station during the following 20 seconds. I had a tabata app that kept track of time and a speaker with some tunes to help juice the energy level.  We cycled through each station 4 times, for 40 minutes of total work.  When the tabata session ended, we decided to use good judgment and retrieve the coupons with a vehicle post workout.  Friends don’t let friends carry coupons from Big Rock to Seneca.  We recommenced the JOG theme, and headed back to the tennis courts on foot, covering another mile in about 10 minutes.

COT: It was a great group today.  We had some old regulars, GR, Vincent, Tammy Faye, Liberace, and Wham!  We had some summer seasonals return in Oscar and Pong – gotta like seeing the boys with their Dad on Father’s Day weekend.  We also had some guys that I’m trying to get to know a little better in Soft Top and Dixie – hope having you both back real soon.  We ended with a prayer and took off to seize the day.

It was a pleasure leading this group today.

Happy Father’s Day!




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