15 PAX – Buschhh, Dumpster, Scuba Steve, Red Roof, Wham!, Glen Ross, Violet, Shiplap, FloJo, Tammy Faye Baker, Digiorno, Vincent (R), Pork Chop, Loco, Pope (Q) convened today at the Temple of Gloom for some of my favorite exercises and some new challenges. 

It was a perfect 60 degree morning with a glowing full moon. The requisite disclaimer was given and off we moseyed. 

Pre-game highlights:

FloJo was first to show up today – gotta respect the former D1 who is putting on the AO Olympics May 18.  I’m still lobbying for that 40-yard bear crawl sprint.  I’m shocked this couldn’t get me a college scholly back in the day.  Oh well…

Scuba Steve hustled to meet up with the PAX maybe a few minutes late.  Dude can run so no need to be early.  Gotta talk to Tiger about cutting it close to 5:29:59 without actually going over.  Loved having ya! 

Digiorno…we did some EXTRA dumb stuff today.  It feeds my ego when I exceed dumb expectations!

We found out what Glen Ross did every morning before posting to F3 220+ times per year…he went to work at 6am.  Boring.  I’ll tell your boss you’re slacking…pick it up!

With all his F3 posting, Buschhh thinks he spends more time with Glen Ross than he does his own wife.  Too bad no Ace and Gary’s today for those two sweat hogs! 

The Thangz:

We moseyed for a couple of minutes down the newly paved track and settled in for our first circle session. We did 100, 4-count side straddle hops, a Star Child favorite I believe, followed by 20, 4-count grass grabbers, and 20, 4-count imperial walkers. This was a good warm up for the main attraction. 

We broke the circle, moseyed along the track for a couple more minutes, and circled up for our second session – the ring of fire. There were no fireworks, but plenty of action. We completed 100 burpees, in cadence, in 10 minutes. Most sets took about 40 seconds and we recovered for the remainder of the minute before moving on to the next set.  Mublechatter turned into mumble grunts at this point.  But..

Loco likes to mosey…Larry Birding the jogs after circle sessions…leading us onward…nice.  Burpees can’t hold him back.  So…

We broke the circle once again and moseyed for a couple more minutes. We re-circled for 20, 4-count jump lunges, in cadence. This one got the legs burning.  Not fun!

We then moseyed for a couple minutes, rewinded the circle formation, and cranked out 20, 4-count squats, in cadence. This was easier than the burpees and jump lunges. We’ll step it up next time. 

And finally…we jogged over to the half pipe for the denouement. I reckon we call ‘em Rick Flairs, aka partner wheelbarrows, and we did ‘em from the bottom of the hill, up to the top. We jogged back down to the hill bottom, switched partners and…repeato!  This REALLY sucked for most of us.  

However, Wham and Pork Chop are human wheelbarrows – nice race to the top of the hill boys. Were you all holding unicycles or actually crawling on your hands?  I think I have to give the edge to Wham though.  You can’t lose when you’re wearing a Popevergence tank.  Much love to ya for the support amigo…loved seeing it! 

Vincent destroyed the human wheelbarrow hill challenge – no surprise.  I don’t think he stopped once.  I’ll trade you all my grey hairs in exchange for those two shoulders you got…deal?

Violet drew the six and said he got his name from previously owning a blueberry farm.  Were they organic blueberries…maybe?  Somebody gotta keep these yuppie kids fed. I think Buschhh said we should change his name to Snozzberry, or something like that. A funny suggestion, but you’ll have to take that to committee Buschhh.  Tclaps to Vilolet for nudging me into this Q…it was overdue.  You’re an F3 baller.  And I don’t care what Vincent says about your hair…I like it.  

Don’t forget about Convergence this Saturday.  We gave intentions, challenged each other to be better husbands, fathers, and leaders, and ended with an Our Father.  

In the words of my father…so good ya cain’t beat it with a stick!

Much love,


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