PAX (10): Tiger, Fridge, Yogi, Blueprint, Escort, Backdraft, Cornbread, Zima, Tureen, Deuce (Q).

Weather: Warm and perfect.

Disclaimer given, and a quick mosey to the main parking lot for COP.

SSH, grass grabbers, 10 copperhead merkins, downward dog and a little stretch, 10 more copperhead merkins.

Mosey over to the stop sign at Leland and Cherrywood for thing 1.  BLIMPS.  Start at the top run to the bottom of the hill near the entrance of Maryhill Estates and back up, 10 burpees, run down the hill and back up, 20 lunges…continuing with the running down and back with 30 Imperial Walkers, 40 merkins, 50 plank jacks and 60 squats.

Next mosey down near the small playground area and partner up.  Partner 1 AMRAP Mary while Partner 2 runs up to the playground for 10 pull ups.  4 cycles so 40 pull ups with AMRAP V-ups, LBCs, big bois and Freddie Mercuries.

Next mosey down the parking lot to the front of the multi-purpose building in the back parking lot.  We went with forward, ascending BLIMPS earlier, so it was time for descending, backward BLIMPS.  We Bernie Sanders the length of the back lot and back, 60 squats, continuing with the Bernie Sanders down and back, while doing 50 plank jacks, 40 merkins, 30 Imperial Walkers, 20 lunges and 10 burpees.

We finished right on time, just as I planned.

Head to the flag – COR, NOR, COT.



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