BB – The Rooster 8.13.2019

PAX (20): Digiorno, Buschhhh, Capt. Insane-o, Face, Zima, tureen, soft top, pepperoni, blueprint, Glen Ross, wham-o, noxeema jackson, fridge, tiger, waterboy, no show, backdraft, Rih Rih, Sump pump, deuce (Q).  Several tanks and two weight vested (CI and Face). Weather was warm and humid, but given the rain that was surrounding the area, it was […]

BB – The Extender – 5/30/2019

PAX (14):  Old Bay, Fridge, Buschhhh, Digiorno, Pope, Cowbell, Backdraft, Geppetto, Wham-O, Juicy, Fergie, Plumb Bob, Mouth, Deuce (Q). Weather was muggy but the temp was below 70, so we had that to be thankful for. Standard gearlander – green Nike shorts, First Tee t-shirt, Brooks running shoes.  Zoo would not approve of any of […]

BB – The Hurt 5.25.2019

PAX (12) – Cornbread (R), Juicy, Wham-o (R), Old Bay, Blueprint, Backdraft Geppetto , Tureen, Soft top, Windshield Rih Rih, Deuce (Q) weather – 73 and muggy At first I thought maybe I’d get 3-4 HIMs to show up with the holiday weekend and the scavenger ruck the night before.  However, this group continues to amaze and impress as 11 showed up to join me. […]

The Extender BB – 4.18.2019

PAX (10): Tiger, Fridge, Yogi, Blueprint, Escort, Backdraft, Cornbread, Zima, Tureen, Deuce (Q). Weather: Warm and perfect. Disclaimer given, and a quick mosey to the main parking lot for COP. SSH, grass grabbers, 10 copperhead merkins, downward dog and a little stretch, 10 more copperhead merkins. Mosey over to the stop sign at Leland and […]

New Year’s Day BoW/Rooster Mashup – PB 1.1.2019

REMINDER that the O will not have a WO tomorrow as Wham! and I have the co-Q duties at the Mutt. WHEN: 0700-0800 WHERE: Mutt (to repeat myself to make it clear) WHAT TO BRING: gloves, NYE hangover (optional) WHY: Because, that’s why.  It should be a fun one, but no less difficult than you would expect. […]

Rooster BB – 12/11/2018

PAX (13):  Waterboy, Plumb Bob, Buschhhh, Tiger, Zima, Sump Pump, Backdraft, Digiorno, Wham-O, PED, Windshield, Fridge, Deuce (Q) Weather was cold, but calm, so all in all it was a pretty good morning. Disclaimer was given and we started off the mosey around the walking path to the coupon garden, where everybody grabbed a coupon and headed up to […]