BB – The Rooster – 3/17/20

Weather was good with a little drizzle. PAX: Tiger, Digiorno, Fridge, Glen Ross, Vincent (R), Cookie, Fall Guy (R), Wham-o (R), Windshield, Left Eye, Zima, Larry Flynt,Plumb Bob, Backdraft, Deuce (Q) Updated disclaimer given.  Mosey around the school and circle up but in a much wider circle giving lots of room.  Warm up with SSH,Continue reading “BB – The Rooster – 3/17/20”

BB – Black Ops at Mary T – 2/7/20

PAX (13): Left Eye, Zima, Captain Insane-o, Glen Ross, Backdraft, Blueprint, OJ, Porkchop, Fridge, Old Bay, Duckling, Viking, Deuce (Q) Weather: SNOW!!! It was good to have a snow Q, there were some slick spots but overall things were pretty nice out there. Gearlander: clothes, hat, gloves Preblast said this would be run heavy, andContinue reading “BB – Black Ops at Mary T – 2/7/20”

BB – The Extender – 1.30.2020

PAX:  Captain Insane-o, McAfee, No Show, Zima, Glen Ross, Larry Flynt, Old Bay, Star Child, Wham-o (R), Soft Top, Sump Pump, Fridge, Trump, Plumb Bob, Snowman, Donut, Left Eye, Pope, Deuce (Q) 0530 hit, disclaimer was given as about 6 PAX rolled into the lot.  They could catch up as we were off on aContinue reading “BB – The Extender – 1.30.2020”

Backblast – The Rooster 12/31/2019

Pax (15): McAfee, Plumb Bob, Old Bay, Barney Fife, Wham O (R), PED, Fridge, Glen Ross, Windshield, Fallguy (R), Meatball, Geppetto, Left Eye, Blueprint, Deuce (Q) Doing this from my phone, so sorry for the brevity. Started with a mosey around the walking path, and then everyone grabbed a coupon and up to the backContinue reading “Backblast – The Rooster 12/31/2019”

BB – The Rooster – 12/24/2019

PAX(19): Fall Guy (R), Juco, Larry Flynt, Fridge, Soft Top, Tiger, Windshield, Wham-O (R), Blueprint, Zima, Sump Pump, Pope, Snowman, OJ, Black lung, Digornio, No Show, Plumb Bob, Deuce (Q) 0530 hit and we were off with a mosey around the school. Circle up and warm up with SSH, Imperial Walkers, copperhead merkins, and someContinue reading “BB – The Rooster – 12/24/2019”

BB – the Rooster – 12/17/2019

This is a bit late, so my bad on that one. PAX: Fall Guy (R), Juco, Larry Flynt, Fridge, Soft Top, Glen Ross, Hamm, Backdraft, Plumb Bob, PED, Deuce (Q) Nice crisp morning, and as 0530 hit the disclaimer was given and we were off with a mosey around the walking path.  Everyone grabbed aContinue reading “BB – the Rooster – 12/17/2019”

BB – The Hurt – 11-23-2019

PAX: No Show, Blueprint, Glen Ross, Tiger, Barney Fife, Tureen, Deuce (Q) Weather was pretty nice considering how the rest of Saturday shook out. As always, great mumblechatter before getting started, hearing about Tureen’s week of family illness and about everyone’s Thanksgiving plans. Disclaimer given.  Mosey around the walking path to the coupon garden andContinue reading “BB – The Hurt – 11-23-2019”

PB – Deuce Q at The Hurt – 11/23/2019

Pepperoni was on the calendar to Q at the Hurt, but it turns out he has far more important things to attend to, and so I gladly took the Q for him.  As for tomorrow, its probably going to rain, so come prepared.  We will utilize the portico for part of things tomorrow, but otherwiseContinue reading “PB – Deuce Q at The Hurt – 11/23/2019”

BB – The Hurt – 10.19.2019

PAX (3): Soft Top, No Show, Deuce (Q) Weather: a little chilly, but for mid-October it was pretty nice out there. I knew that since  Rucktoberfest was going on the night before, there would be a relatively light crew ITG on Saturday.  However, at 6:59, it was just me, and so I was thinking aboutContinue reading “BB – The Hurt – 10.19.2019”

BB – B.O. at The Mutt – 10/11/2019

PAX (5): Pepperoni, Glen Ross, PED, Wham!, Deuce This was a group effort to lead.  We ran all through the neighborhood, stopping at various locations (6-7 stops) where each PAX would call out an exercise and the amount of reps.  We did just about everything we could think.  It was perfect weather and a lotContinue reading “BB – B.O. at The Mutt – 10/11/2019”

BB-The Hurt 10.5.2019

Posting this on behalf of No Show: PAX 13 – Sump Pump, BluePrint, Soft Top, Geppetto, LaMarvelous, FNG – Pokémon Trainer, Banjo, Zonka, Deuce, No Show, Glen Ross, Wham-o (Respect)   Warm up lap around School to church entrance, Abe Vigoda, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog, Finkle Swings and Hairy Rockettes​   Thang 1 – Circuit WorkoutContinue reading “BB-The Hurt 10.5.2019”

Backblast – The Rooster – 9.17.2019

PAX (25): Kilo, OJ, Glen Ross, Larry Flynt, Tiger, Digiorno, Buschhhh, Sump Pump, Plumb Bob, PK, Worm, Soft Top, Waterboy, Tureen, Messy, No Show, Wham-o (R), Cowbell, Fridge, Blueprint, Bumble Bee (R), Wham!, Meatball, Wiki, Deuce (Q). Weather was just fine. I showed up earlier than usual and there were already several waiting, which wasContinue reading “Backblast – The Rooster – 9.17.2019”

PB – The Rooster 9.17.2019

Tomorrow will have dual significance.  First, it is pretty much 2 years since my first F3 workout, and second, its my birthday.  F3 has been a blessing on many levels, and I love pretty much every aspect of it.  On the other hand, and for reasons that are not important, I really do not likeContinue reading “PB – The Rooster 9.17.2019”

BB – The Hurt – 8.31.2019

PAX:  Sump Pump, Geppetto, Soft Top, Windshield, No Show, Rih Rih, Deuce (Q) Weather was a little warm, but not too bad. Disclaimer given and a short mosey to the front parking lot.  Circle up.  SSHs, grass-grabbers, downward dog, Kendra Newmans. Thing 1 – long run throughout the neighborhood, starting through Maryhill Estates and thenContinue reading “BB – The Hurt – 8.31.2019”

BB – The Rooster 8.13.2019

PAX (20): Digiorno, Buschhhh, Capt. Insane-o, Face, Zima, tureen, soft top, pepperoni, blueprint, Glen Ross, wham-o, noxeema jackson, fridge, tiger, waterboy, no show, backdraft, Rih Rih, Sump pump, deuce (Q).  Several tanks and two weight vested (CI and Face). Weather was warm and humid, but given the rain that was surrounding the area, it wasContinue reading “BB – The Rooster 8.13.2019”

PB – The Rooster at the Mutt – 8/13/19

I haven’t Q’d in a while, so I am glad we had Q school last week to help refresh things for me.  We will do plenty of running, which will be mostly you v. you.  There will also likely be a little coupon work, so gloves are a good idea.  Its going to be hotContinue reading “PB – The Rooster at the Mutt – 8/13/19”

Rooster BB – 6.18.2019

As I alluded to in the preblast, I had intended to secure a Q for the Rooster over the weekend.  However, life came at me fast and I neglected to do so.  Ahh well, such is life. PAX (11) – Fridge, Glen Ross, McAfee, Blueprint, Miyagi, Pepperoni, Digiorno, Windshield, Plumb Bob, Wham-O, Deuce (Q). Weather:Continue reading “Rooster BB – 6.18.2019”