Back Blast “Overcome Obstacles” 10-Oct-2019 Thursday Pewee Valley Fire Department BlackOps 05:30 Crock Pot Q

PAX: 9 (which was fabulous for a 45 minute 3-man weave… cha-ching!) Brown Water Uncle Sam (R) Gisele Abacus Captain Crunchberry Powder Coat Flip Flop Cratchit Crock Pot (Q) Weather: 51 deg F, 98% RH, intermittent puffs of breeze. Disclaimer YHC is not a professional, nor has he received any certification or training. Everything Q […]

Pre Blast “Overcome Obstacles” 10-Oct-2019 Thursday Pewee Valley Fire Department BlackOps 05:30 Crock Pot Q

What meal is in the Crock Pot? At this week’s Pewee Valley FD BlackOps we will operate in multiple 3-man weave teams for the entirety of the workout. Expect lots of AMRAP exercises. Also expect to bust through obstacles (pick up a coupon) every time you find one on your path between A and B. […]

Pre-Blast Tuesday 10/8/19 – Peggy Baker BO with Dauber 0530

“I got a little change in my pocket goin’ jing-a-ling-a-ling”. If you have not yet ventured to Peggy Baker Park for a black ops workout, this is ABSOLUTELY the perfect time to come see what’s up. No coupons, but be ready to get after it with a high-tempo, full-body workout…including interval running. Bring your running […]

9/24 BB – Peggy Baker BO w/ Alexa

“Alexa, what did you do at Peggy Baker Park this morning? OK. Here’s what happened: These HIM’s were ready to work: Pelican, Cochran, Bulletin, Alexa (QIC) The weather was slightly cool and dry. An introduction and disclaimer were given. Because it was a Black Ops and ‘unofficial’ the Q was nice enough to forego the […]

Back Blast 19-Sep-2019 Thursday BlackOps at Pewee Valley Fire Department 05:30 Crock Pot Q

PAX: 6 Abacus Dauber Gisele Iceman (R) Fungi Crock Pot (Q) Weather: 65 deg F, 76% RH, still air Disclaimer/FNG YHC is not a professional, nor has he received any certification or training. Everything Q says is merely a suggestion. You as a PAX are here voluntarily on your own free will. This will likely […]

Back Blast – 9/10/2019 – BlackOps at Peggy Baker Park – Bulletin Q

PAX: Chief (R), Cochran, and Bulletin (R) (Q) I arrived a little early to check out the new path under construction at the park. They haven’t paved yet, so it isn’t quite ready for us to use it in a workout. Hopefully, that comes soon which can bring some interesting workouts in the future. I […]

Back Blast 2-Sept-2019 Monday BlackOps at the County 06:00 Crock Pot Q

This Back Blast will parallel the workout itself. No glamour, no fun, all business. We showed up, got loose, hammered out IronPax 2019 week 1, then shut it down. Fungi gets the hat tip for setting up some cones to make the 10 yard increments more visible. He also spotted us with the timer that […]

8.22.19 BlackOps PB “near” The County English Manor – Gisele Q

Week two of the county starfish efforts brings us back to the PVFD @7600 Lagrange Rd English Manor parking lot. No better place to climb a ladder than at the Firehouse. If you have a headlamp bring for the mosey as we are not 100% familiar with the terrain just yet. If you normally take […]

Back Blast – Black Ops at Peggy Baker Park – 8/13/2019 – Bulletin Q

This was our first try at Peggy Baker Park in southern Oldham County. I scouted the park a couple of weeks ago. Some lighting, good place to mosey with a 1/2 mile loop on all paved surface, and a basketball court. Eight PAX showed up to ready to roll at 5:30. PAX: Dauber, Giselle, Le […]

PreBlast – Black Ops @ Peggy Baker Park in Oldham County – Tuesday – 8/13

EDIT – Moving to 8/13 because of Q-School Week – Bulletin We are going to try out a new place. Peggy Baker Park is where South Oldham Little League resides. The park isn’t huge but does provide some lights, playground and basketball court and we can make use of all of it. Meet-up here,-85.4335351,100m/data=!3m1!1e3 […]

Backblast 7/23 Uncle Rico @ The Garden

What a great morning to push yourself and get better.  Yours truly brought the full body beat down to 14 PAX at The Garden.  Challenge all PAX to get out to the Garden.  Terrain is amazing. 14 Pax – Uncle Rico (Q), Mr. Hat, Lady Bird (R), Fructuse, Harbaugh, Latex, Domino, Huggies, Catfish, Nice N […]

Back Blast F3 Dads 10-Jul-2019 Wednesday #BlackOps at #theCounty 1900 Crock Pot, Zeus, & Luigi Co-Q

Weather: 88 deg F, 66% RH. Hot, humid, no wind, but no excuses. PAX: 26 (including 4 FNGs!) Skid FNG – High Bar (Welcome!) Tortuga FNG – Goggles (Welcome!) Captain Crunchberry Honeybee Kermit Red Wagon Screen Time Lamar Fungi Pancake Abacus Nunchuck Britannica FNG – Globetrotter (Welcome!) Bookworm Trekkie The G.O.A.T. Big Bird Whoopi Le […]

Back Blast “Do it the Right Way” 10-Jul-2019 Wednesday #theFoundry #Heavy #BlackOps at #theCounty 0530 Crock Pot Q

Weather: 74 deg F, 49% RH (but felt worse). The air was still, not even a single flap of the flag to be had. YHC assumes this was SkyQ’s hat tip so as not to blow the wind such that it rocked the swole PAX doing strict ring dips (see below) PAX: 5 Alexa Bulletin […]

Pre Blast F3 Dads 10-Jul-2019 Wednesday #BlackOps at #theCounty 1900 Crock Pot, Zeus, & Luigi Co-Q

***F3 PAX, bring your Shorties (2.0’s) to the County for a 30 minute BlackOps post. If your shorty (boy or girl) is old enough to walk, they’re old enough to post.*** What meal is in the Crock Pot for F3 Dads? This edition of F3 Dads will be an obstacle course challenge! We will jump, crawl, […]

Pre Blast 10-Jul-2019 Wednesday #theFoundry #Heavy #BlackOps at #theCounty 0530 Crock Pot Q

What meal is in the (heavy) Crock Pot? Station work. Bring a heavy weight (plate, dumb bell set, or kettle bell). Bring gloves. Most of all… bring proper form. Every rep. Until failure. Crock Pot will be keeping an eye on you. If you break form, your set is done.

6/25/2019 BackBlast – Bulletin Q – BlackOps at St. Pats

PAX (17): Frosted Tips, Airball, Meatball, Huggies, Nino, Husky, Catfish, Nice and Slow, Mr. Kotter, Snacks, Minnow, FNG (Brad Chaffee)Black Cat, Harbaugh, FNG Robin, FNG Batman (R), FNG (Jamie Abrittron)  Elton, Bulletin Q (R) I’ve been looking forward to this Q because I knew I was going to headlock a couple of guys I’ve been […]