PB – BO @ Goshen 6/2/22 Sump Pump Q

“Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.” Come out to Goshen in the morning and let’s learn a little about F3. New to F3, then I encourage you to take a look at https://f3nation.com/ At the moment, there is a 20% chance that is does not rain in the morning,Continue reading “PB – BO @ Goshen 6/2/22 Sump Pump Q”

Pre-blast: 12/08/21 – Black Ops @ The Patriot

The men of The Patriot have been doing some amazing things and it’s time I make a visit for a Q to see what it’s all about. I’ll be bringing a workout that will challenge the major muscle groups while sprinkling in a little cardio to keep us warm. Please bring a coupon (ruck, sandbag,Continue reading “Pre-blast: 12/08/21 – Black Ops @ The Patriot”

BB- Bayside 3/13/21 – Meter Maid Q

For those that haven’t been out to Bayside, it is the anti-Abyss. It has plenty of lighting. When I got up this morning, the temperature showed 43 degrees but the wind chill was much lower. I had designed a workout to celebrate Jack Harlow’s 22nd birthday which was today. When I looked up some otherContinue reading “BB- Bayside 3/13/21 – Meter Maid Q”

BB – The Fog 3/6/21 – Meter Maid Q

I always enjoy working out and rucking at the Posh. Yogi and his team do a fantastic job of maintaining the grounds. As my pre-blast stated, I scheduled a pre-Ruck workout. Gaba Gaba and I cast off at 5:45am and got about 3.8 miles going to toward North Posh and back. Before the workout, itContinue reading “BB – The Fog 3/6/21 – Meter Maid Q”

PB- The Fog -3/6/21 – Meter Maid Q

Make it a double. I will be leading a pre-ruck at the normal South Posh from 5:45 -6:45AM. Then, I will be Qing the Fog. We will be moving and touring many areas of the Parklands. No coupons required but gloves are recommended. SYITG! -Meter Maid

BB- The Patriot 3/1/2021 – Meter Maid Q

F3 Louisville’s newest Black Ops site is located by the LaGrange Courthouse and has been going each Monday. This marked the 4th week and my first time to Q here. For those that make it out here, make sure to fill up your vehicles while you are out here. Gas is about 30 cents cheaperContinue reading “BB- The Patriot 3/1/2021 – Meter Maid Q”

PB Shuttlecock Q BO at Bayside 10/20

As a longtime Kentucky Wildcat fan, I am still riding the high of putting a major beatdown on the Tennessee Volunteers in Knoxville over the weekend. To celebrate, I have come up with my own beatdown workout for the PAX, including a new exercise, the PICK SIX. We are going heavy in the morning, soContinue reading “PB Shuttlecock Q BO at Bayside 10/20”

McAfee’s 3rd Postiversary Q – Ruck PT @ The O

Tomorrow marks my three year anniversary with F3! It’s hard to believe its been that long but I am excited to start the day off right with my brothers in the Gloom. Tomorrow I will be bringing back one of my favorite WODs but with a bit of a Rucking twist. So bring your ruck/coupon/weightContinue reading “McAfee’s 3rd Postiversary Q – Ruck PT @ The O”

BB- Blacks Ops PT Training at O – Meter Maid Q

I agreed to Q earlier this week. I had drawn up a plan last tonight to do 11s on the tennis court and run with our rucks around a short track. I wasn’t sure what the numbers would be given all of the other options for Friday morning. One things for sure it was hotContinue reading “BB- Blacks Ops PT Training at O – Meter Maid Q”

PreBlast- 7/10/20 Black Ops GrowRuck PT Training with Meter Maid @ The O

If you haven’t signed up for GrowRuck in October, you should. If you want to train for it, come on out to the O. Bring your rucks, gloves and a can do attitude. This workout will get your heart rate up. -Meter Maid

Pre-Blast: 4/1/20 – Temple of ZOOM – Virtual Black Ops

Get up and into the virtual gloom tomorrow for YHCs first crack at leading one our new virtual workout offerings. I’m bringing a series of Tabata-style sets for all PAX in attendance. Full body beatdown guaranteed. No coupons, no counting reps, no running. We’ll stay in one place but there will be plenty of moving.Continue reading “Pre-Blast: 4/1/20 – Temple of ZOOM – Virtual Black Ops”

BB- Black Ops @ The County with Meter Maid 3-16-2020

You never know how it is going to go the first time you do something new. After we received the suggested guide lines from Porkchop, I worked to created a workout last night around the new guidelines. The more workout locations we have the better we can keep numbers manageable for Qs. The keys suggestedContinue reading “BB- Black Ops @ The County with Meter Maid 3-16-2020”

BackBlast: 2/6/20 – Ruck Ops @ Vets

Conditions: 33°F and cloudy. PAX (8): Yoshi, Diablo, Meter Maid, Tool Time, Ditka, Frankenbaby, Plumb Bob, Handbook (QIC) Here’s how it went down: Issued a quick disclaimer prior to startex.  At 2100, it was ruck’s on and off for a quick warm-up. Warm-up: PAX rucked from the memorial into the park toward The Jeffersonian.  Hung aContinue reading “BackBlast: 2/6/20 – Ruck Ops @ Vets”

Pre-Blast: 2/6/20 – Ruck Ops @ Vets 9pm TONIGHT

YHC is on the Q tonight at our weekly Ruck Ops workout and I’m pumped for the chance to lead one of these.  This workout has quickly turned into one of my favorite posts of the week.  Always a great opportunity to put in some hard work to go along with some of the bestContinue reading “Pre-Blast: 2/6/20 – Ruck Ops @ Vets 9pm TONIGHT”

Back Blast: 1/20/20 – Black Ops @ The O

Conditions: Damn cold.  18°F and cloudy. PAX (5): Fergie, Shyster, Pope, Russdiculous, Handbook (QIC) Here’s how it went down: Warm-up: With a small, veteran group of PAX present at The O this morning, we skipped the disclaimer set out right at 0530 on a mosey around the track toward Cannons Ln.  Stopped off every 2-3Continue reading “Back Blast: 1/20/20 – Black Ops @ The O”

Back Blast “Building” 19-Dec-2019 BlackOps Pewee Valley Fire Department 05:30 Crock Pot Q

PAX: 5 Leprechaun Captain Crunchberry Abacus Fungi Crock Pot (Q) Weather: 19 deg F, 75% RH Disclaimer/FNG YHC is not a professional, nor has he received any certification or training. Everything Q says is merely a suggestion. You as a PAX are here voluntarily on your own free will. This will likely be a highContinue reading “Back Blast “Building” 19-Dec-2019 BlackOps Pewee Valley Fire Department 05:30 Crock Pot Q”

BLACK OPS @ 7AM – St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenege – 11/27

878 That’s right come join in the fun tomorrow in the GLOOM to knock out 878 BURPEES with yours truly at St. John Center (700 E Muhammad Ali Blvd).  The more people we have the more burpees we get to dish out.  There is parking available on the street as well as a parking garageContinue reading “BLACK OPS @ 7AM – St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenege – 11/27”

St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge Update & BLACK OPS – 11/27

Great News – 770 You may ask what does that number mean.  Well that is how many pairs of socks we have raised with 6 days remaining. HUGE Thank You to everyone. It is amazing what type of impact our HIMS have on our community.  As mentioned we still have 6 days remaining so ifContinue reading “St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge Update & BLACK OPS – 11/27”

Back Blast – Bulletin Q at Peggy Baker Park Black Ops – 11/5/2019

Wow…Attendance record at Peggy Baker Park was shattered this morning with 28 PAX in attendance.  I am truly humbled by the turn out, extra effort for so many to come so far, and all of the encouraging words this morning.   Most people at the County and a few others in F3 Louisville know thatContinue reading “Back Blast – Bulletin Q at Peggy Baker Park Black Ops – 11/5/2019”

Pre-Blast: BlackOps at Peggy Baker Park – Bulletin Q – 11/5/2019

Come see what the Bulletin Board has in store for you. I promise there will be plenty of merkins to go with a good amount of running. If I can figure out a way to work in some pull up we will do that too. No coupons, but plenty of hard work to go around.Continue reading “Pre-Blast: BlackOps at Peggy Baker Park – Bulletin Q – 11/5/2019”

10.31 BB: Halloween at the PWV Fire House Black Ops

Into the shadows of Halloween morning stood 5 men, dripping in the perspiration of the clouds ready for not what Fungi sent to the Pax, but what Gisele intended for the Pax.  Weather: 50’s and Rain…yeah it was wet.   Pax (5): Abacus, Fungi, Capt. Crunch Berries, Brown Water, Gisele (Q) Started out with aContinue reading “10.31 BB: Halloween at the PWV Fire House Black Ops”