BB -3/13/20 Mary T – Sump Pump Q(ish)

Friday the 13th – Spin the wheel and it lands on Sump Pump. Totally under prepared but most of the PAX were too so it worked out just fine. PAX: Fergie, Zima, Wham, Plumb Bob, Glen Ross, PED, Captain Insane-o, Deuce, Fridge, BUSCHHHHH, Snowman, Porkchop, Digiorno, Sump Pump (Q) I gave a disclaimer and weContinue reading “BB -3/13/20 Mary T – Sump Pump Q(ish)”

BB – 3/3/20 Sump Pump Q – The Loco @ The County

PAX (24) Hush Puppy, Crock Pot, Colonel Klink, Focker, Jolly Rancher, Scratch-N-Dent, Red Card, My Pleasure, Wildflower, Kimble, Jerry MaGuire (R), Captain Crunchberry, Grizzly, Asian Zing (R), Peach, Flip Flop, Brown Water, Pew Pew, Abacus, Cratchit, Double Down (R), Mayhem, Holy Roller (R), Sump Pump (Q). Weather: 52 with showers in the area. Nothing toContinue reading “BB – 3/3/20 Sump Pump Q – The Loco @ The County”

PB – 3/3/2020 Sump Pump Q – The Loco @ The County

Come out to the County in the morning for my VQ at Saint Aloysius. The chance of rain is there. The chance to get better is there. Will you be there? I’ll make sure that we use our hands (gloves recommended), our feet (shoes recommended), and even our math skills (calculator optional). Excited to leadContinue reading “PB – 3/3/2020 Sump Pump Q – The Loco @ The County”

PB 2/22/2020 – Sump Pump Q – The Ruiner @ The O

My man @Squid is a bit under the weather and will not be able to Q The Ruiner in the morning. Come out and see what his “replacement” has in mind. We will stay moving to keep warm. I’d also bring gloves just in case. @Porkchop – as always, please bring your coffee. SYITG SumpContinue reading “PB 2/22/2020 – Sump Pump Q – The Ruiner @ The O”

BB – 1/2/2020 – Sump Pump – The Extender at The Mutt

It was 5:22 when I rolled/pulled into the parking lot at the Mutt. I saw a few familiar faces, which was good for that time of the morning. Mutters usually start to roll in around 5:26. At 5:28 on this second day of 2020, we had a whopping 10 PAX jawing like wolves out forContinue reading “BB – 1/2/2020 – Sump Pump – The Extender at The Mutt”

BB 10/17/19 Sump Pump – Extender at The Mutt

10 got after it for some 7’s, Planks and BLIMPS at the Mutt.  Weather: Clear and 40!. PAX (10) Deuce Soft Top Tiger Wham-O (R) PED No Show Blueprint Plumb Bob Snowman Sump Pump (QIC) Sump Pump (QIC) – After a full disclaimer was given, we would mosey to just in the front of theContinue reading “BB 10/17/19 Sump Pump – Extender at The Mutt”

PB 10/17/19 Sump Pump Q – The Extender at The Mutt

I’ve heard some chatter during our extended summer that you couldn’t wait for the cooler weather so you could get back out ITG. If 42 degrees isn’t cooler enough, please get with Tron so he can move you off of the Active Pax list. For those still reading, bring your gloves, running shoes and maybeContinue reading “PB 10/17/19 Sump Pump Q – The Extender at The Mutt”

!!!VQ ALERT!!! Messy Q – The Hurt at The Mutt

Do you remember the first time you led? Do you remember the last time you led? That awesome feeling knowing that you get to start your day by leading a group of leaders in our community! Come join Messy at The Mutt in the morning for his VQ. We’ll do a little running, some couponContinue reading “!!!VQ ALERT!!! Messy Q – The Hurt at The Mutt”

9/11/19 BB – Heavy at The Mutt with Sump Pump – Never Forget

I grew up a military brat and would always wonder why the Aromored Division at Fort Knox was always “practicing” wartime exercises. My wonders became very clear on September 11, 2001. PAX – Plumb Bob, Geppetto, Fridge, Cornbread (R), Snowman, OJ, Tureen, Glen Ross, Blueprint, PED, Fallguy (R), Water Boy, Noxeema Jackson, Larry Flynt, SumpContinue reading “9/11/19 BB – Heavy at The Mutt with Sump Pump – Never Forget”

9/11 PB – Heavy @ The Mutt – Q Sump Pump

We all have excuses on why we don’t get up for easy. Tomorrow should not be one of them. If for nothing else, get up and get out to show respect for those whose lives were forever changed on 9/11/2001. We’ll put in the work and save a few minutes for a moment of silence.Continue reading “9/11 PB – Heavy @ The Mutt – Q Sump Pump”

BB: 8/10/19 – The Hurt @ The Mutt with Sump Pump

11 got after it for some 7’s at the Mutt.  The mumble chatter was pretty foul.  Sump Pump had just had a “procedure” done the day before and was advised to stay away from physical activity for 3 days.  Geppetto warned that the worst thing that could happen is that I would sh*t my pants. Continue reading “BB: 8/10/19 – The Hurt @ The Mutt with Sump Pump”

8/10/19 PB – Sump Pump Q School – The Hurt At The Mutt

Tomorrow is the last day of 2019 Q school. One of the core principles of F3 is that workouts “Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary”. Come out to the Mutt so we can see what you have learned. We’ll do some runningContinue reading “8/10/19 PB – Sump Pump Q School – The Hurt At The Mutt”

7/10/2019 – The Blender Backblast

9 PAX Posted at the Blender.  A special guest appearance by Spreadsheet and beast Steinbrenner (DR from @F3Memphis) joined Glen Ross, Cow Bell, Fridge, Snowman, Grinder, PED, and Sump Pump Q. Weather: 72 with 90% Humidity 5:30 Game Time — We circled up and checked for FNGs.  None present so we made a quick moseyContinue reading “7/10/2019 – The Blender Backblast”

BB – Sump Pump/Draper (VQ) Co-Q The Hurt @ The Mutt 3/30/19

Perfect morning for a VQ. 60ish degrees, no rain and these guys showed up: Draper (VQ), Sump Pump (Q), Windshield, Zima, Snowman,, Tureen, and Plumb Bob. I cant speak for Draper and he claims not to know how to do a BB and seemed to have very little interest in learning now. So here goes.Continue reading “BB – Sump Pump/Draper (VQ) Co-Q The Hurt @ The Mutt 3/30/19”

BB – 3/7/19 Sump Pump F3versary @ #theExtender

Another perfect March morning.  27 and clear.  No wind and plenty of chatter from the 19 that made if out for my 1 year F3versary. Sump Pump (Q) was privileged to lead @ #theExtender -Messi, Escort, PED, Deuce, Fridge, Cornbread, Glen Ross, BluePrint, Marry Poppins, Miyagi, Snowman, Tiger, Pepperoni, Zima, Plumb Bob, Wham-O, Geppetto, andContinue reading “BB – 3/7/19 Sump Pump F3versary @ #theExtender”

PreBlast – 3/7/2019 Sump Pump 1 year F3versary. The Extender at the Mutt

One year in and I’ve only learned a few things.  1) If you fartsack, you won’t get better. 2) We don’t get up for easy. 3) It’s Free! So if you decide to come out to the Extender in the morning, you WILL get better and it WON’T be easy, but it will still beContinue reading “PreBlast – 3/7/2019 Sump Pump 1 year F3versary. The Extender at the Mutt”

Backblast 3/2/19 – Sump Pump at The Hurt

12 HIMs showed up this morning to perfect weather. It was dry and cool(d) 35 degrees. We even got to workout in the daylight. Glenn Ross reached out to me early in the week asking if I wanted to do an AO v AO, U v U type deal similar to what Mad Cow didContinue reading “Backblast 3/2/19 – Sump Pump at The Hurt”

1/2/2019 – The Blender Backblast

Posting on 1/1 would have been hard enough. Q’ing might have been impossible. So why not pick 1/2/2019 to lead the PAX to get better. PED, Fridge, Spreadsheet, Blueprint, Messy (FNG), Snowman, Plumb Bob, Grinder, Sherpa, Escort, Digiorno, and Sump Pump (Q) joined in what Messy called FUN! Weather: 35-40 degrees. Perfect 5:30 Game TimeContinue reading “1/2/2019 – The Blender Backblast”

12/13/2018 – The Extender Backblast

Deuce, Blueprint, Mad Cow, Pepperoni, Wham-O, Glen Ross, Tiger, Miyagi, Zima, Digiorno, @PED and Sump Pump (Q) all made it out to The Mutt to get better. I was the third string Q filling in for Geppetto who was filling in for Mouth. Both have been bitten by the Mutt Extender Curse. Weather: 48 degreesContinue reading “12/13/2018 – The Extender Backblast”

12/13 pre blast – The Extender at the Mutt

I ran into Geppetto last night and he told me his back was really sore.  I told him to let me know if he needs me to Q for him on Thursday. Fast forward 12 hours. I’ve got no idea what we’ll do yet so my suggestion is to come ready to work. Gloves andContinue reading “12/13 pre blast – The Extender at the Mutt”

11/14/2018 – The Blender Backblast

It was cold, but Pepperoni, Plumb Bob, Mad Cow, Blueprint, Tron, Loco, Grinder, Glen Ross and Q -Sump Pump showed up to turn the parking lot into a skating rink. Weather: 27 degrees. Wind chill 17 — Perfect 5:30. We circled up and checked for FNGs. None were present but disclaimer was given just asContinue reading “11/14/2018 – The Blender Backblast”

11/14/18 Blender Preblast

You know it’s going to be cold. Belski says 100% chance of cold but 0% chance of precipitation. Let’s make a liar out him. Join me at the Mutt and we’ll make sure there is enough sweat flowing that they’ll close school because of the ice in the parking lot. You know you prayed it wouldContinue reading “11/14/18 Blender Preblast”

The Blender BB 10/3/18

My apologies to the PAX for being tardy on the BB.  We worked really hard for 45 minutes and then you had to wait more than 4500 minutes for the recap from your Q. Honestly – I was shooting for 44 minutes but then @danbayer123 reminded me that we still had another minute and hadContinue reading “The Blender BB 10/3/18”