PB – Sump Pump Q- The Foundry @ The COUNTY 3/16/22

Be the change you want to see. Let’s get 100 ITG tomorrow morning. I don’t care where you post. as long as you post somewhere. If you come to the county, I can promise you that I will be the only mutter there. Everything else is up for grabs. Bring a coupon, running shoes, andContinue reading “PB – Sump Pump Q- The Foundry @ The COUNTY 3/16/22”

PB – Sump Pump Q – The Ruiner @ The O 2/26/22

I’ve picked up the Q at the Ruiner in the morning. Be there and ready to go @0700. We’ll be venturing off campus, so if you are prone to being tardy, tomorrow is not the day to hit the snooze. Get up, get out, and get gooder. We’ll keep moving to forget about the cold.Continue reading “PB – Sump Pump Q – The Ruiner @ The O 2/26/22”

PB – Sump Pump – Q at the O #bagofwrenches 2/15/22

Heartsacks are off the table in the morning. Like @captaincrunchberry says, The weinke is still in the approval process. Hopefully it will get the rubber stamp by morning. Bring a coupon just in case, as I’m not entirely sure what I will have planned. SYITG SUMP PUMP

PB – Sump Pump Q – The Hurt at The Mutt

@f3pope called me out this week for not posting much at the Mutt lately. Tomorrow makes my 3rd day this week to his 2. It’s also been a minute since my last Q at the Mutt. Tomorrow will be a UVU workout. All fitness levels are welcome. Bring your basic item checklist and we’ll handleContinue reading “PB – Sump Pump Q – The Hurt at The Mutt”

8.26.21 Pre Blast: The Extender @ The Mutt- Sump Pump Q

Come out ITG at 0530 on Thursday and we’ll be hammering home the 5 core principles. On top of learning how to give a disclaimer, the proper way to count, and leaving no man where you found him, we’ll also learn the importance of giving respect you your elders. Lace up your shoes for someContinue reading “8.26.21 Pre Blast: The Extender @ The Mutt- Sump Pump Q”

BB – Q School Week with Sump Pump – Minuteman @ The Patriot 8/23/21

PAX Holly Roller(R), Colonel Klink, Shade Tree, Swag, Ruby(R), Focker, Sump Pump(Q) 0530 – No FNG’s. Disclaimer given and we quickly talked about the 5 core principles: Free Open to All Men Always Outdoors Peer led Ends in COT. On to the warm up. Standard fair stuff. Grassgrabbers, Down Dog, etc… The Thang Q calledContinue reading “BB – Q School Week with Sump Pump – Minuteman @ The Patriot 8/23/21”

PB – Q School Week with Sump Pump – Minuteman @ The Patriot 8/23/21

Tomorrow marks the first day of Q School and also marks my last week before hitting the BIG 50! Whether its your 1st or 100th Q, its always a challenge choosing your beatdown. We’ll spend some time going over “Qing 101” while making sure we stick to our core principles. Not sure what those are?Continue reading “PB – Q School Week with Sump Pump – Minuteman @ The Patriot 8/23/21”

BB Sump Pump Q ToG at The O – 7/1/21

PAX: Russdiculous, Flo Jo, Handbook, McAfee, Ynot, Harry Carey, Motor Boat, Sump Pump (Q) Weather – 90% chance of rain. I’m not sure it rained at all. Standard fare warmups. Arm Circle, Michael Phelps, SSH, Steve Earle, 60 Second Arm Circles. Thang 1 — Partner up for a Modified Brick by Brick Shuttlerun (BBBS). PartnerContinue reading “BB Sump Pump Q ToG at The O – 7/1/21”

PB – 5/8/21 – Sump Pump Q – The Hurt At The Mutt

It wont be long and “you’ll all” be complaining about how hot it is. There is no excuse not to be ITG tomorrow morning. Join Frosty @ 0600 for a 5K ruck and then be ready to get after it starting @ 0700. All the normal stuff is recommended. Running shoes, gloves, and a couponContinue reading “PB – 5/8/21 – Sump Pump Q – The Hurt At The Mutt”

BB – Sump Pump Q – Wisteria at Pleasantville 3/12/21

PAX: Holy Roller (R), PewPew (R), Yankovic (R), Tidwell, Cratchit, Heimlich, FOCKER, 1Nut, Sump Pump (Q) 0515 – disclaimer given (modify as needed and don’t step on the worms) 2nd Round of March Madness. The plan was simple. A red solo cup filled with numbers 1-31. Draw a number and do the work stated onContinue reading “BB – Sump Pump Q – Wisteria at Pleasantville 3/12/21”

BB -Sump Pump Q – Escalator @ The Abyss – 3/10/21

8 showed up for a little March Madness at the Abyss. PAX: Squid, Shark Bait, Mr. Hat, Huggies, Flip Flop, Uncle Sam (R), Kitty Litter, Sump Pump (QIC). Weather was awesome. But man is it dark out there. 0515. Disclaimer given and PAX were reminded that we are still in the midst of a pandemic.Continue reading “BB -Sump Pump Q – Escalator @ The Abyss – 3/10/21”

PB – Sump Pump Q – Escalator @ The Abyss – 3/10/21

March Madness is here. Like everything else over the last year, March Madness will have a different look in the dark shadows of the Abyss. Bring your sneakers and gloves and be ready to move your coupon out of the back of your car. There will be winners and losers in the morning, but weContinue reading “PB – Sump Pump Q – Escalator @ The Abyss – 3/10/21”

BB – 3/2/21 the Loco @ the County – Sump Pump Q

PAX: Kimble, Honey Do (late), Dauber, Cratchit, Tidwell, WILDflower, Little Jerry (R), Double Down (R), Asian Zing (R), Octodad, Viking (in character) Pelican (DJ), Sump Pump (Q). The IHC had me at the LOCO today. Rumor has it that not many Mutters come out this way. 0530 – disclaimer given and we were off. GrabContinue reading “BB – 3/2/21 the Loco @ the County – Sump Pump Q”

BB – 2/11/21 The Mist via Zoom Virtual Blackops

Location: The Sump Station The Engine: Zoom The PAX: Frankenbaby, Edward Scissorhands, Squid, Harbaugh, Flo Jo. Jitterbug (R), Wham, Sump Pump (Q) Weather outside was Icy. Ice Storm Warning still in effect. It did not stop these PAX from joining zoom to get better. 0530 – Disclaimer given. This was a timed Tabata with eachContinue reading “BB – 2/11/21 The Mist via Zoom Virtual Blackops”

PB – 2/11/21 – The Mist – Virtual Black OPS – Sump Pump Q

Not everyone will be able to get out into the Gloom tomorrow morning due to weather conditions out of their control. If you are that Sad Clown, join me on our Zoom channel at 0530 with gloves and a coupon (or weight). Check our v-c19-blackops channel or F3 calendar for details. SYITG Sump Pump

BB- Sump Pump BoW @ The O on 1/12/21

25 and cold but dry. 9 PAX included the one and on only FOCKER from Henry county, Harry Carry, Russdiculous (R), Violet, Flo Jo, Handbook, Vincert (R), Gollum and Sump Pump (QIC) 530. Disclaimer given and I informed the PAX again that I am nursing an injury and that we would not run much. MoseyContinue reading “BB- Sump Pump BoW @ The O on 1/12/21”

BB- 1/7/21 Sump Pump Q @ Hammersmith Park

Cold and dry. 4 Pax by 540. Timeshare, Plumb Bob, Snowman, Sump Pump (Q) We started with a 7 minute warm-up and the jumped right into 30 minutes of tabata. 1 minute on, 5 second rest times 8. Rest for 2 minutes while taking a 200 yard mosey. Whatever time was left was your recovery.Continue reading “BB- 1/7/21 Sump Pump Q @ Hammersmith Park”

PB – 1/7/21 – Sump Pump Q – BO @ Hammersmith Park

Kevin Hammersmith Memorial Park, 4400 Lewis A Endres Pkwy, New Albany, IN 47150, USA Come join me in the gloom for some Tabata work. We will work hard with the coupon that you should bring. Will we have an FNG? Maybe. Will @snowman and @captaincrunchberry join us? Does the County travel?? Doubtful but they might.Continue reading “PB – 1/7/21 – Sump Pump Q – BO @ Hammersmith Park”