BB – Sump Pump Q – The Fog at The Poshlands – 5/6/23

PAX: 20 – Holy Roller (R),Sewanee,Flexseal,Bacon,Wax-On,Jitterbug (R),Steve-O,Toe Jam,Lumbergh,Twister,Maytag,Quattro,Tinkle,Minnow,Ladybird (R),Montezuma,Pizza,Jewel,depends,Sump Pump (Q,R)

Weather: Derby Day Fantastic. 50’s

The Stable decided that this would be the day to make the journey away from home. 8 PAX borrowed neighborhood minivans to make the trip to The Poshlands.

Fresh off of the pre-ruck that saw 5 ruck for just over 3.25 miles, we arrived at The Fog to a larger than normal Saturday morning crowd.

0700 and disclaimer was given. I am not a professional and to modify as needed.

There was quickly mention of the fact that The Mutters do not do burpees, so we did one.

A quick warm up with SSH, grassgrabbers and calf streches and caitlyn jenners.

The Thang

We started with a 10 merkin waterfall. Each pax only did 10 total merkins.

11/11/11 – We would start with 11 of each of the following.

Colt 45, Painkillers, Nuclears.

To end each set of exercises, we would run a down and back at about 100 yds total.

Next up. 12’s – We would line up our coupons/rucks/sandbags 2-3 feet apart in 2 separate lines so that we had 2 lines of 10.

The work – Hop over end to end of one line and mosey the 100 yds. Rinse and repeat 12 times.

13’s — Merkin waterfall. Each pax at 13.

14/14/14 – Back to Colt 45s, painkillers and Nuclears

15’s Coupons hop overs….

We rinsed and repeated until time was called.

The idea of the workout was to engage the PAX to give just a little more each round. If we all give just 1 percent more over a year, the change will be nothing short of amazing. To encourage this change, after the first round, the PAX shared 2 pavers that had to be carried the remainder of the workout.

COR, NOR, and intentions where given. we prayed for Leno and for a man named Chris that are both in need of our prayers.

Always Humbled to lead. Until we meet ITG. Peace and Love.

Sump Pump

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