PB – Sump Pump Q – Cloverfield at The Garden 2/23/23

I’ve got the Q at Cloverfield in the morning. I’ll be running back a you versus you that will give you all that you need to get your day started right. Bring a coupon and running shoes. I’ll bring a speaker that works for Pelican and a playlist without commercials for Dauber. SYITG Sump Pump

Skys Out THIGHS OUT- 4/29/22-Bacon Q – Baptizer @ The Garden

Ruler enforced <=5 inch inseam shorts required. The thighs will need room to breathe. It is leg day at the Baptizer, this means we will squat, lunge & jump. If you have bird legs it’s time we made them eagle legs. Enjoy the show- SYITG

BB – Uncle Rico at the Cliffs – 3/15/22

Bodies by Rico was in full swing and as always seemed like a good idea beforehand. Thanks to all the Pax who showed up. Knew the workout was going to be great when a car came flying in blasting music and the Pax looked over to see our long lost friends Fiona and Mountain Momma.Continue reading “BB – Uncle Rico at the Cliffs – 3/15/22”

BB- The Baptizer at the Garden- 1/28/22 – Meter Maid Q

When I went to bed last night, little did I know that the snow would accumulate over night. After sliding down my driveway, the main roads seemed good. I arrived early to setup the potted plants, sandbags, ruck, jump rope, and my own coupon (Jewel, I know you all have them available on site). IContinue reading “BB- The Baptizer at the Garden- 1/28/22 – Meter Maid Q”

BB- The Baptizer at the Garden – 9/24/2021- Meter Maid Q

The Garden is a great AO, one with hills built upon hills. The PAX are always looking to push themselves and this workout was no exception. When I had originally signed up to Q, I had a new workout idea and to my knowledge had not been done there yet. With my right foot needingContinue reading “BB- The Baptizer at the Garden – 9/24/2021- Meter Maid Q”

BB – 6-10-2021 – Uncle Rico – Cloverfield @ The Garden

Note to self; don’t let someone who just got hurt and can’t do the workout choose the workout. You will want to remember this. Being the friend that I am I graciously subbed Q for our fallen NattyLite and thought sucks that Natty is hurt so I’ll cheer him up and let him pick theContinue reading “BB – 6-10-2021 – Uncle Rico – Cloverfield @ The Garden”

BB – 5/18 – Uncle Rico – The Cliffs @ The Garden

18 Pax woke up early and got in a solid bodies by Rico workout while enjoying the grassy hill at The Garden. The Pax almost got to see some merlot as well. Pax – Cinnamon (FNG), Wide Right, Edward Scissorhands, Huggies, Gypsy, Domino, Natty Light, F Stop, Diane Dukes, Mr Roper, Pepper (FNG), Late HitContinue reading “BB – 5/18 – Uncle Rico – The Cliffs @ The Garden”

BB – Uncle Rico – The Cliffs at The Garden – 2/23

With temperatures finally set to get in the 50’s and Spring Break just around the corner what better way to start your day than getting an upper body beatdown by Bodies by Rico. Tank tops were worn and the Pax got after it. Pax- Stick Up, Fertile Myrtle, Jimmy Neutron, Chapo, NPR, Methane, Schlitz, Kilo,Continue reading “BB – Uncle Rico – The Cliffs at The Garden – 2/23”

BB 11-6-2020 – Uncle Rico – The Baptizer at The Garden

What better way to start your Friday than a Bodies by Rico Q. As my coach in 1982 told me it’s not the type of car you drive but the size of the arm that hangs out. So with that in mind it was time for curls for the girls and tri’s for the guys.Continue reading “BB 11-6-2020 – Uncle Rico – The Baptizer at The Garden”

BB – Uncle Rico 3 Year Postiversary Q Cloverfield @ The Garden -8/20/20

3 Years!! WOOF. Thanks to all the great Pax for pushing me and holding me accountable over these 3 years. Special thank you to Starchild for not taking my continued excuse of 5:30 is to early 3 years ago. Remember like it was yesterday. Starchild: “Brad you should come out to this group I workoutContinue reading “BB – Uncle Rico 3 Year Postiversary Q Cloverfield @ The Garden -8/20/20”

PreBlast – Uncle Rico 3 Year Postiversary @ The Garden – 8/20/20

Come out and enjoy the glory of The Garden as we reminisce about 1982 State Championship and the time I threw the pigskin a quarter mile. Bring Coupons as we will see who can throw what over the Hill of Stolen Souls.

B.B. TheCliffs@TheGarden 10/22 – Casper (Methane) the Friendly GHOST

F3 Ghost Q tip: If you don’t post regularly over the last couple months and then show up at a WO, odds are the PAX know you are the ghost Q. Yes, it’s true, I’ve been a ghost PAX over the last couple months but was grateful that Uncle Rico gave me the call. IContinue reading “B.B. TheCliffs@TheGarden 10/22 – Casper (Methane) the Friendly GHOST”

BB 8/6 Uncle Rico @ The Cliffs

With The Garden becoming an official AO I knew I had to step up my game.  With it being back to Q School Week what better way to do it then read through the Lexicon and find some knew exercises.  Yours truly brought the full body beat down to 19 PAX at The Garden andContinue reading “BB 8/6 Uncle Rico @ The Cliffs”