BB – Uncle Rico – The Cliffs at The Garden – 2/23

With temperatures finally set to get in the 50’s and Spring Break just around the corner what better way to start your day than getting an upper body beatdown by Bodies by Rico. Tank tops were worn and the Pax got after it.

Pax- Stick Up, Fertile Myrtle, Jimmy Neutron, Chapo, NPR, Methane, Schlitz, Kilo, Jewel, Bob Ross, Huggies, Milton, Wide Right, Natty Light, Nino, Gypsy, Uncle Rico (QIC)

Disclaimer was given and then started with a mosey with the coupons up the Baptizer. Circled up with some SSH, Grassgrabbers, R over L, R/R, Left over Right, L/L, 3 count Merkins, some Kendra Newman’s, and finished up with Michael Phelps.


Pax started at one end of parking lot. Roughly 150 yard distance. At one end did 25 Merkins, 25 skull crushers, 25 Alpos, 25 Carolina Drydocks then murder bunnied 25 yards and ran to opposite end of parking lot where we completed 25 monkey humpers. Moseyed back and then rinse and repeat till made it to the opposite end of parking lot with coupon. In total did 150 reps of each exercise for total of 750.

Finished with some sprints up the Baptizer.

Intentions were made and special intention for Kilo’s dad. Thanks for all the Pax that came out and got their day started on the right foot.


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