Back Blast 11/7 Uncle Rico @ The County

Special thank you to Momma’s Boy for reaching out to me a couple weeks ago and extremely glad to get back out to the County.  Shout out to Fungi as well for bringing the Black Ops and County together with Bulletin on all our minds.  For some reason it did not dawn on me untilContinue reading “Back Blast 11/7 Uncle Rico @ The County”

St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge

Calling all PAX and AO’s for a wonderful 3rdF opportunity.  I met with St. John Center recently and with the winter coming they are in need of white crew socks for their members.   St. John Center for Homeless Men is a great local non-profit that helps homeless men address the barriers to housing andContinue reading “St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge”

BB 8/26 – Uncle Rico @ North Posh – 2 Year Postversary

It is crazy how much F3 (3 AO’s) and myself have grown over the last 2 years.  F3 has challenged me physically, mentally, and spiritually and made me a better father, husband, and friend. Still remember the conversation I had with StarChild and him not accepting my excuse.  I challenge all PAX to push the personContinue reading “BB 8/26 – Uncle Rico @ North Posh – 2 Year Postversary”

BB 8/6 Uncle Rico @ The Cliffs

With The Garden becoming an official AO I knew I had to step up my game.  With it being back to Q School Week what better way to do it then read through the Lexicon and find some knew exercises.  Yours truly brought the full body beat down to 19 PAX at The Garden andContinue reading “BB 8/6 Uncle Rico @ The Cliffs”

Backblast 7/23 Uncle Rico @ The Garden

What a great morning to push yourself and get better.  Yours truly brought the full body beat down to 14 PAX at The Garden.  Challenge all PAX to get out to the Garden.  Terrain is amazing. 14 Pax – Uncle Rico (Q), Mr. Hat, Lady Bird (R), Fructuse, Harbaugh, Latex, Domino, Huggies, Catfish, Nice NContinue reading “Backblast 7/23 Uncle Rico @ The Garden”

BackBlast 7/15 @ Posh w/ Uncle Rico

Great to be back out at the Posh and more importantly take the PAX out for a beat down and show them what Uncle Rico is all about.   Told them early on they are in good hands. Apologize for no preblast but didn’t want to let the Pax know what they were going to beContinue reading “BackBlast 7/15 @ Posh w/ Uncle Rico”

BackBlast 5/30 @ Bayside w/ Uncle Rico

Special shout out to Sadie for inviting me to come up and see what Bayside has to offer.  Was going in a little blind as it was my first visit but will definitely be back. Bayside has a lot to offer.  May not have been any mountains but I was eyeing those sleds on theContinue reading “BackBlast 5/30 @ Bayside w/ Uncle Rico”

BackBlast 5/22 @ The Bridge w/ Uncle Rico

With Memorial Day just around the corner the PAX decided it was time to work on our dadbods with a little curls for the girls and tris for the guys.  Don’t worry though it was a full body beatdown by the end and of course finished off with Pickle Pounders. 8 Pax – Uncle RicoContinue reading “BackBlast 5/22 @ The Bridge w/ Uncle Rico”

BackBlast 5/16 Black Ops w/ Uncle Rico @ St Pats

Was a perfect morning for 8 PAX to get better @ St. Pats.  Started off scaring everyone about “The Mountain” but then told them joking we were only going to run up it once.  Even Catfish was glad to hear that.  I challenge all PAX to come check out what St. Pats terrain has toContinue reading “BackBlast 5/16 Black Ops w/ Uncle Rico @ St Pats”

BackBlast 5/10 Uncle Rico @ Pleasantville

Was a beautiful brisk morning in Pleasantville like always and 7 Pax got better. Pax – Uncle Rico (Q), Chiklis, Zima, Plumb Bob, Grinder, Fructose, Scratch N Dent Disclaimer and Quick Mosey around the circle SSH 20 Grass Grappers 15 Imperial Walkers 20 3 Count Merkins 10 Thang – Went to the Mountain (Amphitheater -8Continue reading “BackBlast 5/10 Uncle Rico @ Pleasantville”

BlackOps BackBlast – 4/25 @ St Pats

With it being Draft Day and me waiting to hear my name get called tonight I thought it was best to take the PAX on a trip down memory lane where it all started. Q- Uncle Rico Pax – LadyBird (R), SweetTart, Catfish, Drumroll, Jitterbug (R), Nino, and Nice and Slow Disclaimer 20 – SSHContinue reading “BlackOps BackBlast – 4/25 @ St Pats”

Uncle Rico Birthday Beatdown 11-23 @ Pleasantville

4 Pax beat the turkey hangover and headed to Pleasantville for a stroll in the park.  Uncle Rico got a little worried with 5 minutes till but fortunately the Pax started coming in.  With it being a birthday Q the theme was 32.  Gave the disclaimer and we were off. Q – Uncle Rico Pax –Continue reading “Uncle Rico Birthday Beatdown 11-23 @ Pleasantville”

WE FOUND THE MOUNTAIN BackBlast @ Norton Commons – 10/19/2018

20 PAX (2 FNG’s) came out to Pleasantville for Uncle Rico’s beat down.  Needless to say I finally found the mountain that Norton Commons so graciously created.  Didn’t realize Pleasantville had already started showing signs of winter.  I gave the PAX the disclaimer and we were off. PAX: Q Uncle Rico Airplane, Pork Chop, Fergie,Continue reading “WE FOUND THE MOUNTAIN BackBlast @ Norton Commons – 10/19/2018”

Uncle Rico 1 YR Q @ North Posh Back Blast

Hard to believe it has been 1 Year since Star Child head locked me.  Conversation basically went like this: SC “Brad you should come do this workout called F3.” Me ” Where and When?” SC “5:30 at the Posh.” Me ” Not a chance.  I have a 2 month old at home and I am alreadyContinue reading “Uncle Rico 1 YR Q @ North Posh Back Blast”

County Back Blast 7/24/18

12 PAX got out to the County and got a little lesson from yours truly.  Back in the day I was recruited by Eastern State University; so I made a call to Coach Winters who brought Darnell Jefferson and Joe Kane.  Fortunately he left Lattimer in the weight room.  But don’t you worry Boozer wasContinue reading “County Back Blast 7/24/18”

Posh Backblast #UncleRico Beatdown 4/18/2018

I decided to take the PAX back to 1980’s with some Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, and the one and only Phil Collins to name a few. Unfortunately what the 23 PAX didn’t know is Uncle Rico didn’t win the 1982 State Championship and the beat down was on. Warm Up Mosey with some HighContinue reading “Posh Backblast #UncleRico Beatdown 4/18/2018”

3/28 The Posh BackBlast – #Uncle Rico #DadBods #Curlsareforthegirls

With 3 days till Spring Break the Posh decided it would be a good time to focus on our Dad Bods and the rain made it that much better. We did some curls for the girls and some HIMS did some extra credit Tri’s for the Guys. Q – Uncle Rico 15 Pax – StarChild,Continue reading “3/28 The Posh BackBlast – #Uncle Rico #DadBods #Curlsareforthegirls”