Back Blast 11/7 Uncle Rico @ The County

Special thank you to Momma’s Boy for reaching out to me a couple weeks ago and extremely glad to get back out to the County.  Shout out to Fungi as well for bringing the Black Ops and County together with Bulletin on all our minds.  For some reason it did not dawn on me until late last night how our Sky Q works in mysterious ways.  It had been since April since I posted at the County and probably February since I Q’d there.  When Momma’s Boy reached out to me to get a date to Q I was not aware when Bulletin’s surgery was.  What a lot of you all don’t know is my mother had a double lung transplant almost 7 years ago after being on oxygen for 2 years and given 6 months to live.  Out of a tragedy where a young father lost his life he went on to donate multiple organs that helped save individuals lives including his lungs to my mom who know has been able to see 7 grandkids born and an 8th on the way.  Again what are the odds I get out to the County for the first time in over 6 months on what I assumed was a random day that just so happened to be the day Bulletin was donating his kidney to his sister.  Got to love the Sky Q.   Please if you have not registered to be an organ donor go to and register.

Now to the Thang

PAX – Uncle Rico (Q), Valdez, Momma’s Boy, Big Bird, and Cratchit

Disclaimer and off we go on a mosey

75 SSH – One organ, eye, and tissue donor can save and heal more than 75 lives
Kendra Newmans/Michael Phelps
22 Cherry Pickers – 22 people die each day because the organ they need is not donated in time
Right over Left, Left over Right
10 Merkins – Another person is added to an organ donor waiting list every 10 minutes

Round 1
75 Merkins run to top of hill 10 Burpees Lunge halfway down
75 Bolivarian Ball Busters run to top of hill 10 Burpees Lunge halfway down
Colt 45’s run to top of hill 10 Burpees Lunge halfway down

Thang 2 with 15 minutes to go
35 Upright Rows
35 Step Ups
35 Skull Crushers
35 Big Boy Sit Ups
35 Calf Raises
35 Kettle Bell Swings
35 American Hammers
35 Curls for the Girls
35 Gas Pumps
35 LBC’s

Put coupons back and moseyed to the flag to meet with Black Ops. Special Intentions and prayers to Bulletin and his sister.




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