PB- The Agony 7/15/21 – Meter Maid 50th Q

Airplane was originally scheduled to Q but has to be on the road to Lexington early. I quickly scooped up the Q that will be my 50th. Sorry no pizza or pizza boxes will be present. Bring coupons and gloves are recommended. It will be a you vs you workout. SYITG! -Meter Maid

BB- The Foundry at the County- 3/17/21 – Meter Maid Q

I got up early this morning to ensure that I could place all of my toys for heavy work before the PAX began arriving. I left my house and as I came up Ash Ave, I noticed a train that wasn’t moving. Below was my perspective at 5:07AM. As I peaked to the right, theContinue reading “BB- The Foundry at the County- 3/17/21 – Meter Maid Q”

BB – 3/2/21 the Loco @ the County – Sump Pump Q

PAX: Kimble, Honey Do (late), Dauber, Cratchit, Tidwell, WILDflower, Little Jerry (R), Double Down (R), Asian Zing (R), Octodad, Viking (in character) Pelican (DJ), Sump Pump (Q). The IHC had me at the LOCO today. Rumor has it that not many Mutters come out this way. 0530 – disclaimer given and we were off. GrabContinue reading “BB – 3/2/21 the Loco @ the County – Sump Pump Q”

PB – The Agony 3/4/2021 – Meter Maid Q

PAX start your engines and bring you running shoes. This is a you vs you at my racing themed Q. Where will you finish? Below are pictures of some potential outcomes. Fanny Pack told me no participation trophies (sorry Pelican) and some other choice words that I can’t repeat. This could be awesome but itContinue reading “PB – The Agony 3/4/2021 – Meter Maid Q”

BB- 1/27/21 – The Foundry @ The County – Meter Maid Q

I am starting to play catch-up on the 2021 Iron Horse challenge. Pelican recently agree to give me the Foundry Q since he had two other Qs this week. I rolled up 7 minutes early to see a few of the PAX there and starting to arrive. I had packed plenty of rucks in myContinue reading “BB- 1/27/21 – The Foundry @ The County – Meter Maid Q”

BB- 12/5/20 Meter Birthday Q at the Nest

Today was a celebration of my birthday and a return to the Nest. It was a cold foggy day. I had hoped to get out and enjoy the prerun or ruck but I had indulged on the last four episodes of Yellowstone season 2. I showed up a few minutes early to setup some LEDContinue reading “BB- 12/5/20 Meter Birthday Q at the Nest”

Pre Blast “Q School at the Loco” 6-Oct-2020 Tuesday the Loco at the County 05:30 Crock Pot Q

What meal is in the Crock Pot? It’s Q school week, and the first class at the County’s classroom is hosted by YHC.  Come to Q School with Crock Pot to learn how to run your first Q. We’ll talk F3’s core principles, rules of thumb, counting cadence, dos, don’ts, and the ‘why’ behind someContinue reading “Pre Blast “Q School at the Loco” 6-Oct-2020 Tuesday the Loco at the County 05:30 Crock Pot Q”

Back Blast – The Foundry @ The County – Bulletin Q – 09/30/2020

Glad to be back out Qing again after a 4 months break.  I think this was my tenth Q at the Foundry, with many of them being during the time it was black ops.   I can definitively say that this is the first time I Q’d the Foundry without pull-ups in the exercise list.Continue reading “Back Blast – The Foundry @ The County – Bulletin Q – 09/30/2020”

BB- The Nest 8/29/20 Meter Q

Earlier in the week, I had been marketing the Nest workout as a modified sandbag Murph. Pelican kept calling it a “Sandy Murphy Rucky” thing. I wasn’t sure how well it would go over with the PAX. All in all 18 PAX came for this difficult workout. Yoshi came to the County for the firstContinue reading “BB- The Nest 8/29/20 Meter Q”

PB – 8/29/20 – The Nest with Meter Q

If you are looking to push yourself or training for the GrowRuck, come tomorrow morning. I will be leading a modified sandbaby Murph. If you have a ruck with weight bring it (recommended), but if you don’t, a coupon will work as well. Also bring gloves and a can do attitude. It will be youContinue reading “PB – 8/29/20 – The Nest with Meter Q”

BB- The Foundry – 8/12/20 – Meter Q – Return of the Heavy

When I arrived over 10 minutes early, there were already several PAX there including Focker who was stretching. When I signed up to Q a few weeks ago, I didn’t know it would be our first true heavy since it transitioned to a normal boot camp given the COVID pandemic. The PAX kept on comingContinue reading “BB- The Foundry – 8/12/20 – Meter Q – Return of the Heavy”

PB- The Foundry – 8/12/20 Meter Q – Return of the Heavy

Make plans for the Foundry tomorrow morning. We are going back to the old school heavy but there will be NO shared weight. Bring a coupon (ruck sack or curl bar) and gloves. There will be no running. There will be some tabata, a BigBird favorite, along with some tunes. It will start with aContinue reading “PB- The Foundry – 8/12/20 Meter Q – Return of the Heavy”

Pre Blast 8/8/2020 – Russdiculous Q @ The Nest

I get a full hour to Q at The County tomorrow and I’m pumped. I typically don’t bring music but hear playlist selection is sub-par at best in these parts. I challenge any HIM in attendance to bring some tunes to eliminate that stigma. We’ll do a little bit of everything tomorrow and my plan is to use theContinue reading “Pre Blast 8/8/2020 – Russdiculous Q @ The Nest”

7.14.20 BB – The Loco at the County

The weather was perfect and 16 HIMs came out to celebrate my 400th post.  Much appreciated and we got to work.  PAX: Abacus, Tidwell, Cratchit, Fezziwig, Mama’s Boy, Boozer, Jerry MaGuire (R), Gisele, Kilo, Captain Insane-O, Uncle Rico, Crock Pot, Jolly Rancher, Launchpad (R), Iceman (R), Little Jerry (R), Double Down (R) (Q) Crock PotContinue reading “7.14.20 BB – The Loco at the County”

7.14.20 PB – The Loco at the County

Come celebrate with me at The County – this will be my 400th post!  Thanks to Tron for keeping track – not sure how he does it!   We may do 400 burpees (Holly Roller would like that) or we may just enjoy a good beat down to start off our Tuesday.  Either way, I hopeContinue reading “7.14.20 PB – The Loco at the County”

Pre Blast 27-Jun-2020 Saturday the Nest at the County Cratchit & Crock Pot’s Birthday Extravaganza (Co-Q)

A big bucket of birthday Co-Q joy will be on full display tomorrow, featuring Cratchit and yours truly at the Nest. This workout is 2.0 friendly (so bring them). No coupons. Wear gloves. Moderate running. Fun and games. Your attendance is expected. Gifts are discouraged. Actually… as I think about it… the only gifts weContinue reading “Pre Blast 27-Jun-2020 Saturday the Nest at the County Cratchit & Crock Pot’s Birthday Extravaganza (Co-Q)”

6/9/20 Scratch-N-Dent Q at LOCO Backblast

The theme of today’s workout was hurry up and wait. This furniture man wanted to give everyone a little taste of what it’s been like to try to reopen retail. What is hurry up and wait? Glad you asked. Kind of like a Dora but not nearly as much fun. Conditions: perfect. PAX: Peach AshleyContinue reading “6/9/20 Scratch-N-Dent Q at LOCO Backblast”

6-9-20 Scratch-N-Dent Q at the Loco PreBlast

Hey, this is Scratch-N-Dent, your friendly neighborhood Q for the Loco tomorrow. Come on out in the gloom for some good ‘ole Hurry-Up-And-Wait. You’re wondering what is Hurry-Up-And-Wait? You’ve never heard of it because I just made it up. You’ll like it, I promise. And there will be more than enough burpees to go around.Continue reading “6-9-20 Scratch-N-Dent Q at the Loco PreBlast”

BB- Black Ops @ The County with Meter Maid 3-16-2020

You never know how it is going to go the first time you do something new. After we received the suggested guide lines from Porkchop, I worked to created a workout last night around the new guidelines. The more workout locations we have the better we can keep numbers manageable for Qs. The keys suggestedContinue reading “BB- Black Ops @ The County with Meter Maid 3-16-2020”

PB – 3/3/2020 Sump Pump Q – The Loco @ The County

Come out to the County in the morning for my VQ at Saint Aloysius. The chance of rain is there. The chance to get better is there. Will you be there? I’ll make sure that we use our hands (gloves recommended), our feet (shoes recommended), and even our math skills (calculator optional). Excited to leadContinue reading “PB – 3/3/2020 Sump Pump Q – The Loco @ The County”

Back Blast – Bulletin Q @ The Foundry – Upper Body for Big Bird

A few weeks ago I was talking to Big Bird about his recover and rehab from knee surgery. I told him I would put together a upper body workout for a Big Bird friendly HEAVY at the Foundry. The plan came together with ease and written on the Bulletin Board earlier. Dauber has done aContinue reading “Back Blast – Bulletin Q @ The Foundry – Upper Body for Big Bird”

PreBlast – Foundry – 1/29/2020 – Big Bird Bulletin Board Heavy workout – Bulletin Q

Who knew it took strength and coordination to be Big Bird? We know he was a beast before the ACL tear. Join us Wednesday as Big Bird returns to the gloom for a special “Big Bird Bulletin Board” workout. Bring dumb bells, plates, or kettle bells to share. This workout will be almost entirely upperContinue reading “PreBlast – Foundry – 1/29/2020 – Big Bird Bulletin Board Heavy workout – Bulletin Q”

BB: 1/4 – 1 Year Postiversary Gisele @ The Nest

Never under estimate your potential! What a difference a year makes! Last year (2018) I was lazy, ambiguous and overweight. Today I am inspired, lighter, focused and a little sore. For today was my one year Postiversary. I never thought that after my first work out of nearly splashing merlot and being unable to walkContinue reading “BB: 1/4 – 1 Year Postiversary Gisele @ The Nest”