Pre Blast: Grizzly VQ at the Foundry Heavy – Aug 14, 2019

This will be simple (not easy) body-weight strength partner work.  Bring a vest or ruck if you are feeling extra. Be careful to lean into your partner and not the reps. It will be easy to get beat up by the number if you are not encouraging and pushing each other. #IronSharpensIron Never sacrifice full range […]

The Foundry BB 7/17 – Alexa at the Q

“Alexa, what did you do this morning?” Ok! Here’s what happened:These HIM’s showed up, ready to work: Jolly Rancher, Grizzly, Dauber, Bulletin ®, Cochran, Gilligan, Gump, Alexa (QIC) The weather was hot and humid. An introduction and disclaimer were given. In a HUGE break from the norm, the Slaughter Start was skipped. We started directly […]

Back Blast “Do it the Right Way” 10-Jul-2019 Wednesday #theFoundry #Heavy #BlackOps at #theCounty 0530 Crock Pot Q

Weather: 74 deg F, 49% RH (but felt worse). The air was still, not even a single flap of the flag to be had. YHC assumes this was SkyQ’s hat tip so as not to blow the wind such that it rocked the swole PAX doing strict ring dips (see below) PAX: 5 Alexa Bulletin […]

2/6 BB – County Heavy with Alexa

Better late than never I guess… Alexa: what did you do that morning? Here’s what happened: Pax: Bulletin (R), Big Bird, Alexa (QIC) Weather: Cold and Wet…but not raining…somehow… COP: SSH, Grass Grabber, Kendra Newman, Leg/Calf Stretch The Thang: Work ‘til Failure The idea is simple: we’ll spend 4 minutes per station doing 2 exercises […]