BB- The Foundry at the County- 3/17/21 – Meter Maid Q

I got up early this morning to ensure that I could place all of my toys for heavy work before the PAX began arriving. I left my house and as I came up Ash Ave, I noticed a train that wasn’t moving. Below was my perspective at 5:07AM. As I peaked to the right, theContinue reading “BB- The Foundry at the County- 3/17/21 – Meter Maid Q”

BB- 1/27/21 – The Foundry @ The County – Meter Maid Q

I am starting to play catch-up on the 2021 Iron Horse challenge. Pelican recently agree to give me the Foundry Q since he had two other Qs this week. I rolled up 7 minutes early to see a few of the PAX there and starting to arrive. I had packed plenty of rucks in myContinue reading “BB- 1/27/21 – The Foundry @ The County – Meter Maid Q”

BB- The Foundry – 8/12/20 – Meter Q – Return of the Heavy

When I arrived over 10 minutes early, there were already several PAX there including Focker who was stretching. When I signed up to Q a few weeks ago, I didn’t know it would be our first true heavy since it transitioned to a normal boot camp given the COVID pandemic. The PAX kept on comingContinue reading “BB- The Foundry – 8/12/20 – Meter Q – Return of the Heavy”

PB- The Foundry – 8/12/20 Meter Q – Return of the Heavy

Make plans for the Foundry tomorrow morning. We are going back to the old school heavy but there will be NO shared weight. Bring a coupon (ruck sack or curl bar) and gloves. There will be no running. There will be some tabata, a BigBird favorite, along with some tunes. It will start with aContinue reading “PB- The Foundry – 8/12/20 Meter Q – Return of the Heavy”

BackBlast: 7/20/20 – Big Mo @ Vets

Conditions: 77°F and clear. Humidity: 81%. PAX (9): Diablo, Meatball, Cousin Eddie, Yoshi, OJ, Worm, ETO, McAfee, Handbook (Q) Here’s how it went down:  Quick disclaimer @ 0530 then straight into Warm-O-Rama. Warm-O-Rama: 20x SSHs IC 15x Grass Grabber IC 15x Abe Vigodas IC Calf/Quad Stretches Michael Phelps The one & only THANG: DECK OFContinue reading “BackBlast: 7/20/20 – Big Mo @ Vets”

Pre-Blast: 7/20/20 – Big Mo @ Vets

Start your week off right with a trip to Vets for a heavy workout led by YHC. We’ll keep safe distances between each other and there will be no sharing of any equipment or coupons. Please bring a ruck with appropriate weight or other coupon of your choice and be ready to get after it!Continue reading “Pre-Blast: 7/20/20 – Big Mo @ Vets”

BB- The Foundry 2/26/2020

It was my 2nd Q at the Foundry. I noticed a few cars by the playground. One was Dauber’s car. He had gone for an early morning run before the workout. I had came early to setup my the toys (including 3 GoRuck sandbags and 3 goruck rucksacks) I planned to use during the circuitContinue reading “BB- The Foundry 2/26/2020”

Backblast – Foundry @ 11/27/2019

While I have attended heavy workouts at Vets and the County, this was my heavy VQ. The conditions this morning could have been worse. Dauber, the site Q, had warned me yesterday of the forecast of 60 degrees, rain and 20 mph wind. Well like an economist or weather man, one out of three ain’tContinue reading “Backblast – Foundry @ 11/27/2019”

Foundry BB 8-14-19 with Grizzly

Pax (10): Wildflower, Alexa, Holler, Big-bird, Gilligan, Crockpot, Jolly Rancher, Meter Maid, Bulletin (R), Grizzly (QIC) This was my VQ so I wanted to keep it simple and representative of a workout I would do on my own. I knew it was a good workout but was afraid it would disappoint with it’s simplicity. AfterContinue reading “Foundry BB 8-14-19 with Grizzly”

Pre Blast: Grizzly VQ at the Foundry Heavy – Aug 14, 2019

This will be simple (not easy) body-weight strength partner work.  Bring a vest or ruck if you are feeling extra. Be careful to lean into your partner and not the reps. It will be easy to get beat up by the number if you are not encouraging and pushing each other. #IronSharpensIron Never sacrifice full rangeContinue reading “Pre Blast: Grizzly VQ at the Foundry Heavy – Aug 14, 2019”

The Foundry BB 7/17 – Alexa at the Q

“Alexa, what did you do this morning?” Ok! Here’s what happened:These HIM’s showed up, ready to work: Jolly Rancher, Grizzly, Dauber, Bulletin ®, Cochran, Gilligan, Gump, Alexa (QIC) The weather was hot and humid. An introduction and disclaimer were given. In a HUGE break from the norm, the Slaughter Start was skipped. We started directlyContinue reading “The Foundry BB 7/17 – Alexa at the Q”

Back Blast “Do it the Right Way” 10-Jul-2019 Wednesday #theFoundry #Heavy #BlackOps at #theCounty 0530 Crock Pot Q

Weather: 74 deg F, 49% RH (but felt worse). The air was still, not even a single flap of the flag to be had. YHC assumes this was SkyQ’s hat tip so as not to blow the wind such that it rocked the swole PAX doing strict ring dips (see below) PAX: 5 Alexa BulletinContinue reading “Back Blast “Do it the Right Way” 10-Jul-2019 Wednesday #theFoundry #Heavy #BlackOps at #theCounty 0530 Crock Pot Q”

2/6 BB – County Heavy with Alexa

Better late than never I guess… Alexa: what did you do that morning? Here’s what happened: Pax: Bulletin (R), Big Bird, Alexa (QIC) Weather: Cold and Wet…but not raining…somehow… COP: SSH, Grass Grabber, Kendra Newman, Leg/Calf Stretch The Thang: Work ‘til Failure The idea is simple: we’ll spend 4 minutes per station doing 2 exercisesContinue reading “2/6 BB – County Heavy with Alexa”

Heavy at Vets: 12 Days of HEAVY – Backblast

After a weekend of indulging, I thought of no better way to start off the week than with a HEAVY workout with my HIMS. SO when Worm asked me last week if I would Q it, I said YES because it will force me to get out on a Monday after a long weekend. AtContinue reading “Heavy at Vets: 12 Days of HEAVY – Backblast”