11/29/19 Pleasantville Backblast

PAX: Abacus, Jolly Rancher, Dauber, Plumb Bob(Q) Weather: Mid 40s, partly cloudy, light wind Pleasantville is probably my favorite place to Q. With the amphitheater, stage, plenty of trails, and a place for pull ups, the possibilities are endless.  When trying to figure out my wenkie I found that I had more things I wantedContinue reading “11/29/19 Pleasantville Backblast”

BLACK OPS @ 7AM – St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenege – 11/27

878 That’s right come join in the fun tomorrow in the GLOOM to knock out 878 BURPEES with yours truly at St. John Center (700 E Muhammad Ali Blvd).  The more people we have the more burpees we get to dish out.  There is parking available on the street as well as a parking garageContinue reading “BLACK OPS @ 7AM – St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenege – 11/27”

St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge Update & BLACK OPS – 11/27

Great News – 770 You may ask what does that number mean.  Well that is how many pairs of socks we have raised with 6 days remaining. HUGE Thank You to everyone. It is amazing what type of impact our HIMS have on our community.  As mentioned we still have 6 days remaining so ifContinue reading “St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge Update & BLACK OPS – 11/27”

St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge

Calling all PAX and AO’s for a wonderful 3rdF opportunity.  I met with St. John Center recently and with the winter coming they are in need of white crew socks for their members.   St. John Center for Homeless Men is a great local non-profit that helps homeless men address the barriers to housing andContinue reading “St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge”

6/21/19 Pleasantville Back Blast

PAX: OJ, Huggies, Glen Ross, Slumlord (FNG), Grinder, Viking, Air Ball, Nice and Slow, Milton, Plumb Bob (Q) I picked up this Q last minute since Old Bay posted that he was injured.  I had been thinking of leading again at Pleasantville since I really enjoy this spot.  I really like to take advantage ofContinue reading “6/21/19 Pleasantville Back Blast”

BackBlast 5/30 @ Bayside w/ Uncle Rico

Special shout out to Sadie for inviting me to come up and see what Bayside has to offer.  Was going in a little blind as it was my first visit but will definitely be back. Bayside has a lot to offer.  May not have been any mountains but I was eyeing those sleds on theContinue reading “BackBlast 5/30 @ Bayside w/ Uncle Rico”

BackBlast 5/22 @ The Bridge w/ Uncle Rico

With Memorial Day just around the corner the PAX decided it was time to work on our dadbods with a little curls for the girls and tris for the guys.  Don’t worry though it was a full body beatdown by the end and of course finished off with Pickle Pounders. 8 Pax – Uncle RicoContinue reading “BackBlast 5/22 @ The Bridge w/ Uncle Rico”

BackBlast 5/16 Black Ops w/ Uncle Rico @ St Pats

Was a perfect morning for 8 PAX to get better @ St. Pats.  Started off scaring everyone about “The Mountain” but then told them joking we were only going to run up it once.  Even Catfish was glad to hear that.  I challenge all PAX to come check out what St. Pats terrain has toContinue reading “BackBlast 5/16 Black Ops w/ Uncle Rico @ St Pats”

BackBlast 5/10 Uncle Rico @ Pleasantville

Was a beautiful brisk morning in Pleasantville like always and 7 Pax got better. Pax – Uncle Rico (Q), Chiklis, Zima, Plumb Bob, Grinder, Fructose, Scratch N Dent Disclaimer and Quick Mosey around the circle SSH 20 Grass Grappers 15 Imperial Walkers 20 3 Count Merkins 10 Thang – Went to the Mountain (Amphitheater -8Continue reading “BackBlast 5/10 Uncle Rico @ Pleasantville”

BlackOps BackBlast – 4/25 @ St Pats

With it being Draft Day and me waiting to hear my name get called tonight I thought it was best to take the PAX on a trip down memory lane where it all started. Q- Uncle Rico Pax – LadyBird (R), SweetTart, Catfish, Drumroll, Jitterbug (R), Nino, and Nice and Slow Disclaimer 20 – SSHContinue reading “BlackOps BackBlast – 4/25 @ St Pats”

BB Wisteria at Pleasantville 4/19/19

My return to the Q at Pleasantville was a tough one to plan.  I don’t mind the rain, but I don’t necessarily like standing in it and one of the best features of this site, the amphitheater steps,  was sure to be sloppy. Conditions weren’t so bad when I woke up, but that quickly changedContinue reading “BB Wisteria at Pleasantville 4/19/19”

Backblast 3.22.19 @ Pleasantville

I am gaining more confidence with each Q. Today I had the pleasure of leading 9 HIMs. It was good to see Pope, who even at 80% can still run circles around us. PAX: Bulletin (R), Pope, Uncle Rico, Cowboy, Viking (minus his beard), Fridge, Mama’s Boy, Grinder and Meter Maid (QIC). Started with aContinue reading “Backblast 3.22.19 @ Pleasantville”

3/2 Wisteria BackBlast 1year Post-aversary

Sorry for the delay on getting this published. 27 PAX joined in what was almost repeat weather from my 1st post. 32 and clear. PAX: Grinder, Zartan, Pork Chop, Alexa, Kimble, Mama’s boy, Jolly Rancher, OldBay, Mouth, Glen Ross, Mad Cow, Iceman, Amelia, Jitterbug, Bulletin, Milton, BigBird, Perm (FNG), Kilo, PewPew, FloJo, Scuba Steve, Gilligan,Continue reading “3/2 Wisteria BackBlast 1year Post-aversary”

2/8/19 Pleasantville Back Blast

There’s an old saying, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute and it will change.”  The past few days have been down right weird weather-wise.  From seasonably warm weather to the Polar Vortex, followed by great golfing weather, back to cold, back to warm with storms and now back to below freezing withContinue reading “2/8/19 Pleasantville Back Blast”

Village of the Damned Backblast: Simple But Effective

Q: Captain Insane-o (father of a teenager) Pax: Zima, Chicklas, Fridge, Scuba Steve, Valdez, Fergie, Wham!, Pork Chop, Nice and Slow, Plumb Bob, Nino, Huggies, Airplane, Uncle Rico, Bussssccchhhh, Jolly Rancher, Grinder, Jitterbug (R), Alexa, CI Conditions: I’ll say it this way: no one’s eyeballs froze. It was fine. Gearlander: Same stuff I usually wear;Continue reading “Village of the Damned Backblast: Simple But Effective”

State of the Region and Changing of the Guard

On April 22, 2017 I showed up to the first F3 Louisville workout at the Seneca Park Tennis Courts (The O) with a couple of others not knowing at all what to expect.  It was a rainy, cold morning and my wife and I had just brought home our third 2.0 from the hospital theContinue reading “State of the Region and Changing of the Guard”

1/11 Backblast. Pleasantville with Alexa.

“Alexa, Recap the workout from this morning” Ok! Here’s what went down: PAX: Valdez, Milton, Fungi, Fridge, Grinder, Snowman, Meter Maid, Alexa (QIC) Conditions: High 20’s. Dry. Dark. Welcome. Introduction. Disclaimer. Slaughter Start (10 BOYO’s) Mosey to the front of the Elementary School. COP: SSH. Imperical Kickers. Grass Grabbers. Yoga/Leg Stretches. WEINKE EXPLAINED Doing aContinue reading “1/11 Backblast. Pleasantville with Alexa.”

01.05.2019. Back Blast. 4 Saturday’s — 4 Churches. Week 1 @ Holy Trinity.

When: 5:00pm   Where: Holy Trinity Parish (The Mutt)   Q: The Holy Spirit   # of PAX: 12   PAX: Glen Ross, Big Bird, Le Pew, Gilligan, Meter Maid, Abacus, Aerobie, Mama’s Boy, Storm Trooper, Fridge, Windshield, and Miyagi   WINKE YHC got to his home parish, Holy Trinity right around 4:30, where heContinue reading “01.05.2019. Back Blast. 4 Saturday’s — 4 Churches. Week 1 @ Holy Trinity.”

01.05.2019. Pre Blast. 4 Saturday’s — 4 Churches.Week 1 @ Holy Trinity Parish.

Who: All Pax, Friends, M’s, and 2.0’s   When: 1700   Where: Holy Trinity Parish (AKA: The Mutt)   Q: The Holy Spirit   Calling all HIMs! Gather with Aerobie, and myself for the 5:00pm mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. This is week one location for the month long event. We will meet atContinue reading “01.05.2019. Pre Blast. 4 Saturday’s — 4 Churches.Week 1 @ Holy Trinity Parish.”

Uncle Rico Birthday Beatdown 11-23 @ Pleasantville

4 Pax beat the turkey hangover and headed to Pleasantville for a stroll in the park.  Uncle Rico got a little worried with 5 minutes till but fortunately the Pax started coming in.  With it being a birthday Q the theme was 32.  Gave the disclaimer and we were off. Q – Uncle Rico Pax –Continue reading “Uncle Rico Birthday Beatdown 11-23 @ Pleasantville”

WE FOUND THE MOUNTAIN BackBlast @ Norton Commons – 10/19/2018

20 PAX (2 FNG’s) came out to Pleasantville for Uncle Rico’s beat down.  Needless to say I finally found the mountain that Norton Commons so graciously created.  Didn’t realize Pleasantville had already started showing signs of winter.  I gave the PAX the disclaimer and we were off. PAX: Q Uncle Rico Airplane, Pork Chop, Fergie,Continue reading “WE FOUND THE MOUNTAIN BackBlast @ Norton Commons – 10/19/2018”

Back Blast Norton Commons BO 10/12/18 Zima-Q; Opposites Attract

I had the day off work yesterday and decided that we needed something fresh for the weinke today and i have never really looked at the Exicon much.  So after an hour or so of sorting 700+ options (it’s a really good resource) I had what I thought was a pretty solid workout.  Now, beingContinue reading “Back Blast Norton Commons BO 10/12/18 Zima-Q; Opposites Attract”

Norton Commons BO 8/24

Pax: Snowman (Q), Mamas Boy, Big Bird, Valdez, Alexa, Swifty, Uncle Rico, Amelia, Airplane, Milton, Meter Maid Conditions: a bit chilly I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone when I Q, so I wanted to work some running and burpees on my Q days. It throws off the Pax when they hearContinue reading “Norton Commons BO 8/24”