3/2 Wisteria BackBlast 1year Post-aversary

Sorry for the delay on getting this published. 27 PAX joined in what was almost repeat weather from my 1st post. 32 and clear. PAX: Grinder, Zartan, Pork Chop, Alexa, Kimble, Mama's boy, Jolly Rancher, OldBay, Mouth, Glen Ross, Mad Cow, Iceman, Amelia, Jitterbug, Bulletin, Milton, BigBird, Perm (FNG), Kilo, PewPew, FloJo, Scuba Steve, Gilligan, … Continue reading 3/2 Wisteria BackBlast 1year Post-aversary

Village of the Damned Backblast: Simple But Effective

Q: Captain Insane-o (father of a teenager) Pax: Zima, Chicklas, Fridge, Scuba Steve, Valdez, Fergie, Wham!, Pork Chop, Nice and Slow, Plumb Bob, Nino, Huggies, Airplane, Uncle Rico, Bussssccchhhh, Jolly Rancher, Grinder, Jitterbug (R), Alexa, CI Conditions: I'll say it this way: no one's eyeballs froze. It was fine. Gearlander: Same stuff I usually wear; … Continue reading Village of the Damned Backblast: Simple But Effective