BB – 1/2/2020 – Sump Pump – The Extender at The Mutt

It was 5:22 when I rolled/pulled into the parking lot at the Mutt. I saw a few familiar faces, which was good for that time of the morning. Mutters usually start to roll in around 5:26. At 5:28 on this second day of 2020, we had a whopping 10 PAX jawing like wolves out forContinue reading “BB – 1/2/2020 – Sump Pump – The Extender at The Mutt”

PreBlast The Extender @ The Mutt Digiorno Q #F3Counts

Sump Pump was right, temps around 60 all week. I wonder what his prediction is for my Q tomorrow…Plain Cheese or The Works? Get out of the fartsack and go somewhere to support your F3 brothers. Bring a friend, they should have plenty of excuses why they shouldn’t. The reasons why they should definitely outweighContinue reading “PreBlast The Extender @ The Mutt Digiorno Q #F3Counts”

BB – 12/5/19 – The Extender at the Mutt

This morning started early for me as I arrived a solid 5 minutes before the start today.  It The weather was perfect at 31 degrees and clear. The PAX today included Dauber, Pope, Wham O, Pepperoni, Zima, PED, Deuce, Sump Pump, Lionel, Glen Ross, Tiger, Larry Flint, Windshield, No Show, Shaggin’ Waggin’ (FNG) and BlueprintContinue reading “BB – 12/5/19 – The Extender at the Mutt”

BLACK OPS @ 7AM – St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenege – 11/27

878 That’s right come join in the fun tomorrow in the GLOOM to knock out 878 BURPEES with yours truly at St. John Center (700 E Muhammad Ali Blvd).  The more people we have the more burpees we get to dish out.  There is parking available on the street as well as a parking garageContinue reading “BLACK OPS @ 7AM – St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenege – 11/27”

St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge Update & BLACK OPS – 11/27

Great News – 770 You may ask what does that number mean.  Well that is how many pairs of socks we have raised with 6 days remaining. HUGE Thank You to everyone. It is amazing what type of impact our HIMS have on our community.  As mentioned we still have 6 days remaining so ifContinue reading “St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge Update & BLACK OPS – 11/27”

Back Blast – Extender @ The Mutt

It was a brisk 30 Degrees this morning when the Q came rolling in at 5:29 to get things started.  There was a little mumble chatter but I came in hot giving the disclaimer as I walked up and immediately moseyed around the school for the Warm-up. The PAX was 19 strong and consisted of: Continue reading “Back Blast – Extender @ The Mutt”

St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge

Calling all PAX and AO’s for a wonderful 3rdF opportunity.  I met with St. John Center recently and with the winter coming they are in need of white crew socks for their members.   St. John Center for Homeless Men is a great local non-profit that helps homeless men address the barriers to housing andContinue reading “St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge”

BB: 10/10/19 at The Extender.

Apparently, the title alone was posted last Thursday so in the words of the great Paul Harvey,  “here is the rest of the story”.  Coming in just under the 14 day BB rule, this one is for you @kkzs (Sump Pump).  For everyone else, my apologies should you choose to read on.  No animals wereContinue reading “BB: 10/10/19 at The Extender.”

PB 10/17/19 Sump Pump Q – The Extender at The Mutt

I’ve heard some chatter during our extended summer that you couldn’t wait for the cooler weather so you could get back out ITG. If 42 degrees isn’t cooler enough, please get with Tron so he can move you off of the Active Pax list. For those still reading, bring your gloves, running shoes and maybeContinue reading “PB 10/17/19 Sump Pump Q – The Extender at The Mutt”

08/22/19 BB The Extender

3:05 am Thursday morning.  First kid comes moseying into my bed.  3:08 am, here comes the other on.  Mother nature was putting on quite a show that night.  I think Glen Ross put it best, “It was as if someone had parked a school bus with the bright flashing light right outside our window.”  NowContinue reading “08/22/19 BB The Extender”

BB – The Extender – 5/30/2019

PAX (14):  Old Bay, Fridge, Buschhhh, Digiorno, Pope, Cowbell, Backdraft, Geppetto, Wham-O, Juicy, Fergie, Plumb Bob, Mouth, Deuce (Q). Weather was muggy but the temp was below 70, so we had that to be thankful for. Standard gearlander – green Nike shorts, First Tee t-shirt, Brooks running shoes.  Zoo would not approve of any ofContinue reading “BB – The Extender – 5/30/2019”

The Extender BB – 4.18.2019

PAX (10): Tiger, Fridge, Yogi, Blueprint, Escort, Backdraft, Cornbread, Zima, Tureen, Deuce (Q). Weather: Warm and perfect. Disclaimer given, and a quick mosey to the main parking lot for COP. SSH, grass grabbers, 10 copperhead merkins, downward dog and a little stretch, 10 more copperhead merkins. Mosey over to the stop sign at Leland andContinue reading “The Extender BB – 4.18.2019”

The Extender BB 04/11/19

Eighteen HIMs arrived at the Mutt for Cornbread’s VQ and my Co-Q.  Admittedly, this BB comprises 95% of the work done by YHC.  Cornbread put together a solid WO with some yoga flow and strength work.  The complete package detailed down to the minute below. Conditions were ideal at 55F and clear. Pax: Tureen, Tiger, Buschhh, OldContinue reading “The Extender BB 04/11/19”

PreBlast – 3/7/2019 Sump Pump 1 year F3versary. The Extender at the Mutt

One year in and I’ve only learned a few things.  1) If you fartsack, you won’t get better. 2) We don’t get up for easy. 3) It’s Free! So if you decide to come out to the Extender in the morning, you WILL get better and it WON’T be easy, but it will still beContinue reading “PreBlast – 3/7/2019 Sump Pump 1 year F3versary. The Extender at the Mutt”

BackBlast the Extender @ Mutt 2.28.19

PAX: @Zima @Tool Time @Wham-O @Plumb Bob @Buschhhhh @Huggies @Duece @Sump Pump @Pepperoni @Meatball @Newman @Beano @Messy @Snowman @Blueprint @Geppetto @Tiger @Deep Dish (Q) F3 Louisville, please keep Sump Pump and his family in your prayers as they work through the 1yr anniversary of his father-in-laws passing. The bond of the F3 community is somethingContinue reading “BackBlast the Extender @ Mutt 2.28.19”

Extender Valentine’s Day Back Blast

I scheduled to do Valentine’s Day at the Extender quite a few weeks ago.  I knew I could have some fun with it.  But before I even firmed up the weinke, the playlist had to be completed first. Nothing but love songs. (The playlist can be found at the end of this blast so thatContinue reading “Extender Valentine’s Day Back Blast”

Pre-Blast Valentine’s Day at The Mutt

Come on out for some last minute preparation for your Valentine’s “Festivities.”  We will have some fun and some laughs but we will work.  I will have some tunes to get you in the right mood too. Also for those wanting some 2rd F we are going to meet at 4:30 for a pre-workout ruckContinue reading “Pre-Blast Valentine’s Day at The Mutt”

The Xtender @ The Mutt 2/7/19 Back Blast

Weather – 58 degrees.  Slight drizzle.  Wet pavement Pax 10 – Huggies(Q), Nice n Slow, Miyagi, Windshield, Snowman, McAfee, Plumb Bob, Kilo, Deuce, Grinder Great morning.  The rain let up just in time.  I was able to wear shorts (ranger panties ) and a t-shirt, haven’t done that in a while.  We had a niceContinue reading “The Xtender @ The Mutt 2/7/19 Back Blast”

01.05.2019. Back Blast. 4 Saturday’s — 4 Churches. Week 1 @ Holy Trinity.

When: 5:00pm   Where: Holy Trinity Parish (The Mutt)   Q: The Holy Spirit   # of PAX: 12   PAX: Glen Ross, Big Bird, Le Pew, Gilligan, Meter Maid, Abacus, Aerobie, Mama’s Boy, Storm Trooper, Fridge, Windshield, and Miyagi   WINKE YHC got to his home parish, Holy Trinity right around 4:30, where heContinue reading “01.05.2019. Back Blast. 4 Saturday’s — 4 Churches. Week 1 @ Holy Trinity.”

01.05.2019. Pre Blast. 4 Saturday’s — 4 Churches.Week 1 @ Holy Trinity Parish.

Who: All Pax, Friends, M’s, and 2.0’s   When: 1700   Where: Holy Trinity Parish (AKA: The Mutt)   Q: The Holy Spirit   Calling all HIMs! Gather with Aerobie, and myself for the 5:00pm mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. This is week one location for the month long event. We will meet atContinue reading “01.05.2019. Pre Blast. 4 Saturday’s — 4 Churches.Week 1 @ Holy Trinity Parish.”