The Extender BB – 3.14.2019

Glen Ross’ preblast said I was stuck with him when I asked if anyone would co-Q with me.  Well, that is definitely not how I would look at it.  Glen Ross puts together great weinkes and it was fantastic to get to share the Q with him.

Weather: rain, but not cold.  We joked that if it was just us two who showed up because of the Bomb Cyclone, we may look to mosey to the O to keep OJ company.  However, 7 others showed up, which was great to see (also glad to see OJ had company as well).

Q – Glen Ross and Deuce

PAX: Fridge, Sump Pump, Zima, Old Bay, Snowman, Pope and Wham-O (R).

Disclaimer given, standard mosey around the building to near the portico.


20 Copperhead Squats IC

Turned it over to Glen Ross:

20 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Perkins – merkins with a brief pause at the bottom.

Thing 1

There were 9 of us, and so we broke out into 3 groups of 3.  With the parking lot track that Deep Dish used a couple weeks ago as our track, here is what went down:

In your group, P1 starts running a lap while P2 and P3 lunge walked the same path.

Once P1 made a full lap plus some and caught up, all 3 would then do 5 burpees, 15 Spider-Man merkins and 25 mountain climbers.

After those were complete, P2 ran the lap while P1 and P3 lunge walked until P2 came back around. Repeat the 5 burpees, 15 Spider-Man merkins and 25 mountain climbers.  P3 did the lap, etc.

We did this so each partner in the group ran 2 laps, so 6 times meeting up totaling 30 burpees, 90 Spider-Man merkins and 150 mountain climbers.

My time was up and it was Glen Ross’ turn.  At first it seemed like he was taking pity on us as we gathered up under the portico for what he called a “little Mary”.  Then he told everybody to line up under the overhang so that our heads were not covered by the shelter and rain was pouring down.  (there was reference to feeling Dick Cheney on our faces, which was awkward and appropriate at the same time)

1st Mary – Mary Webb – typical 1:4 ratio with Big Bois and LBCs

2nd Mary – going down the line, first person counting 10 of the exercise, second person counting 10 of the exercise and the third person counting 10 second break, we did the following (down the line of 9 and then back again):

Gas pumps

Russian twists – (Glen Ross was adamant that these were not American hammers) – as these were full bringing your hands to the concrete each “twist”

Elbow plank with peter parkers

Freddie Mercuries

After this, everyone’s core was pretty well spent, and we moseyed to the flag (or at least where the flag would have been if we had it, right Zima?)


Announcements – March ruck is coming up, Miyagi and Aerobie’s mental health awareness day is getting some great traction throughout the Nation, so T-claps to them.

Prayers for all those on the mend, including Starchild, Old Bay, Snowman.







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