03.11.2019 Big Mo RockOut with PK Backblast


To anyone who hasn’t seen the picture I put with my Pre-Blast (which I assume is many, as there were only 5 at this workout) it central theme is about realizing that each of us are capable of more than we know.

Every time you clog a toilet you’ve exceeded someone’s expectations.

This workout was what I needed.  When Worm started pushing to have Heavy workouts, my mind said, “Hard NO.”  I can barely run, I still suck at pull-ups #2019Goals, and they guys who lead them are swollen beasts. Like any good F3 brother though, they helped me push harder, run faster, and realize that my expectations for myself were to low.  So when Worm put forth a challenge to lead the Heavy while working out at Vets, I thought he was talking to me.  He was really calling out all visiting members who showed up while participating in the Double Down challenge.  So when he I got a message a day later asking to Q 3.11, I was in.  I drew up my wienke then and this is what we did.

PAX: Carlos’e, Tony Malito, Newman, Tool Time, PK(Q)

I had a tight workout scheduled planned, so as everyone gathered near the seal, I informed them to take their weights if they have any over to the Pavilion, as we were going to begin exactly at 5:30.  I had gotten their a little before hand and set up items, so hopefully we would be able to get it all in.  As 5:30 happened, I gave my disclaimer, and informed the PAX, we are doing a Tabata style workout 10 different exercises, 45 seconds on 15 seconds off, for two rounds.  Get your weights that you can do as many reps as you can and get ready to move.

  1. Goblet Squats
  2. One Armed Thrusters
  3. Merkin over Bells
  4. Halos
  5. Curls
  6. Upright Rows
  7. Tricep Press
  8. Standing Hammers (Weighted Core Twists)
  9. Bent Over Rows
  10. Kettle Bell Swings

I did say we rocked out so I had made a playlist to go with this as well. Playlist 1:

  1. T.N.T., AC/DC
  2. Chainsmoking, Jacob Banks
  3. Apply Some Pressure, Maximo Park
  4. I Wish, Skee-Lo
  5. Who Needs Sleep?, Barenaked Ladies
  6. Ritual Dance, Kaki King

After two rounds of that, it was time to move onto Thang 2.  Similar to round 1, we would be listening to tunes, working out in 2.5 minute stretches, with 30 seconds rest to change stations.  Stations were as follows:

  1. Battle Rope
  2. Pallet Push up and down the Basketball Court
  3. Rope Pull-ups on the playground
  4. Sandbag Powercleans
  5. Jump Rope

Playlist 2:

  1. Adventure of a Lifetime, Coldplay
  2. Thunder, Imagine Dragons
  3. Jump Rope, Blue October
  4. Bodies, Drowning Pool
  5. If I had $1,000,000, Barenaked Ladies

I did have some technical difficulties getting my speakers to connect to one another for Thang 2, however the PAX moved on.  I checked my watch and we were still making decent time.  Mosey to the Memorial and gather around the Seal for the final Thang.  I have been doing these last two workouts at all my Q’s so far this year.  So if you come out to my next one in 2019, it is a guarantee that this will be part of it.

Absolution 10 in cadence (Begin in Plank, Drop down to Elbows, Groiner, Plank Jack, Return Up to Plank, done on an 8 count)

Captain Thor’s (1:4 ratio Big Boy sit-ups with American Hammers)

We ended right at 6:15.  We ended with the traditional count-o-rama.  I knew it was five, but I am a sucker for traditions.  Name-o-rama followed and announcements and intentions followed.  I had reflected on many things that I wanted to say before the workout, and had a tendency to carry my burdens on my own, as they seem small in comparison to what I know others have gone through.  In thinking about the great work that Miyagi, Aerobie, Jitterbug, Kilo, and all the other PAX do for others I believe it is not that they are small, it is that acknowledging them publicly makes them easier to carry.  So I said the Serenity Prayer, as it has been a helpful tool in my life, and reminded everyone to go out and be the light so you can help others through their darkness.

Sunday I had been at a competitive dance competition for my daughters, and was bummed my soccer game had been canceled.  The Dance competition schedule was not running on time, and my wife and I were not on the same page. That tends to happens when an OCD person like myself deals with chaos.  She was in charge of Dance Competition days.  I would have planned our lunch, or something during our down time.  I had just sat through 2 hours of dances, and my daughter was on stage for 5 minutes. Normally I am not this agitated, however today seemed different.  I mean, I need to know what I am going to eat, and where it is coming from, but I could have relaxed a bit. So she had forgotten her wallet, and didn’t want to leave the auditorium, because my next daughter’s dance was 5 hours away.  Breath, it is not that big of a deal.  So, I asked if any of the kids wanted to go somewhere else, and only one was in to go with me.  Not a problem, that kid has the same appetite as me. She knew we were going to enjoy our meal.  I didn’t know where we were headed, just that we needed to get outside and away from the auditorium for a bit.  It was too nice of a day to be stuck in an auditorium in downtown Louisville.

As we got to the car, I remembered Rally’s was near here, and I hadn’t been there in ages.  When we got to where I thought Rally’s was, it wasn’t there.  Bummer, I can’t seem to get anything right today.  So we just kept driving to the next place I used to frequent when I worked downtown, Steven & Stevens. Just a little drive from Broadway and Brook and we would be there.  We pull up and luckily find a parking spot.  Excited, we walked in and then I remembered that they are not open on Sunday’s.  Crap, I seem to keep screwing things up today.  Oh well, we might as well enjoy the Ditto’s Sunday Brunch.  Full and less grumpy, my daughter and I got back in the car.  My daughter asked me if we could go back to where I thought Rally’s was, and sit at the light there.  That seemed like an odd request.  So I asked her why did she want to stay at light, and that was not really the way back to the auditorium.  She told me that she saw a homeless lady there at the light.  We had not been at the light long enough last time, and I didn’t hear her ask to stop so she could give her the snacks that she had brought for the rest of the day’s dance competition.  In that moment, I was impressed, humbled, proud, and shammed.  We did go back to the light, and shared what little items we had with the lady there.  I had been thinking of myself all day, and was very thankful for her kindness to put me right.  We did not do much, and I wish that I could more.

Challenge yourself to push yourself outside of your expectations.  We are fully paid members of F3.  It focuses on all three F’s, Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.  Push yourself in those areas as well Body, Mind, and Soul.  Each one builds the other.  If you already know not to skip leg day, then you should realize you shouldn’t skip on these as well.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


This is me two year’s ago. Thank you F3

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