BB – 10.25.2019 Wisteria Lane Strikes Again! PK

PAX: Bulletin, Zima, Deep Dish, Leprechaun, Ripple, Buzzsaw, Stick Up, Viking, Soft Top, Gilligan, Dauber, Cracthit, Gisele, LuLaRue, Captain Crunchberry, Jolly Rancher, Meathead, Woooo, PK Ghost Q week has been fun.  The shenanigans this week have further reminded me that there is more to F3 than just the workout.  Jolly Rancher let me have theContinue reading “BB – 10.25.2019 Wisteria Lane Strikes Again! PK”

Backblast 09.26.2019 PK the Extender at the Mutt

The Mutt guys are getting things down to an exact science.  Sump Pump locked me into Q earlier in the month when he passed me the clipboard to sign up.  Then as time was nearing 5:30, it appeared that it was only going to be 3 guys.  Without fail, 5:29 the rest of the groupContinue reading “Backblast 09.26.2019 PK the Extender at the Mutt”

09.26.2019 PreBlast The Extender @ the Mutt

Going to try a few things and a few of my favorites time pending.  We will be doing station work around the school, some coupon work, some bear crawls and something that sounds good on paper.  We will see how it goes.  No long distance running, however you will have to move from station toContinue reading “09.26.2019 PreBlast The Extender @ the Mutt”

08.07.19 – Pre-Blast PK’s Q-School 0530 @ the Tank

Don’t be a sad clown and fart sack.  Come out to the gloom, and realize how small the obstacles are that are keeping you from your dreams.  We will go over the items that have made F3 great for myself and so many other men out there.  Bring a friend, or come make some newContinue reading “08.07.19 – Pre-Blast PK’s Q-School 0530 @ the Tank”

PK’s Pain Kilometer Backblast 07/13/19

June had been physically rough for myself.  A couple of indoor soccer games, lots of bourbon, and to much time on vacation to Disney and the beach left my knees wobbly, and 12 pounds heavier.  Retainer presented me the opportunity to start accelerating again and Q back at where I first started (Posh).  I hadContinue reading “PK’s Pain Kilometer Backblast 07/13/19”

Backblast Guest Q by PK at the Tank 06.05.19

It was 3:30 am when thunder began rolling through my neighborhood.  The rain was pouring down.  Probably sounded worse, as my house is currently getting new gutters, so it sounded as if waves of water was running off the roof.  Didn’t matter, Fungi needed a reliever to Q the Tank, and the sweat I plannedContinue reading “Backblast Guest Q by PK at the Tank 06.05.19”

03.11.2019 Big Mo RockOut with PK Backblast

To anyone who hasn’t seen the picture I put with my Pre-Blast (which I assume is many, as there were only 5 at this workout) it central theme is about realizing that each of us are capable of more than we know. Every time you clog a toilet you’ve exceeded someone’s expectations. This workout wasContinue reading “03.11.2019 Big Mo RockOut with PK Backblast”

PreBlast 2/4/19 North Posh PK Run @ the Silo

Catfish said Monday’s are run heavy workouts.  I have never enjoyed running, however F3 has helped me feel like I am get better at it.  Just ask Worm.  Just this morning at the Chopper he said that it was surprising how fast I was.  He was either surprised because I was fast, or because heContinue reading “PreBlast 2/4/19 North Posh PK Run @ the Silo”

01/11/2019 Ruck Pre-Blast: Game Night (by @Malito and @PK)

Have you participated in a F3 ruck event before? If the answer is no, this is the first official one of 2019, and it is the perfect one to start. Did you participate in a ruck event last year and wondering if/when the next one you should go participate? Duh, it is this one! Not heardContinue reading “01/11/2019 Ruck Pre-Blast: Game Night (by @Malito and @PK)”