March Amazing Ruck Race Backblast

The 2022 Amazing Ruck Race was completed on March 26, 2022. If you did not attend, you missed out on an Amazing Adventure. Don’t believe me, well check out the video link below.

While the video is only a minute, we had two hours of adventure and made memories for a lifetime.

The 2022 Amazing Ruck Race was scheduled to begin on March 26, 2022, at the Jeffersontown Veteran’s Memorial Park. Excitement was in the air, as participants began showing up at 7:15. Not sure if the buzz that was in the air was felt by everyone but it was palpable. As individuals walked up cones were set out in front of the memorial between the benches that ensured people had a place to workout and organize some of the chaos that was about to unfold.

Gathering at the Memorial before the F3 Louisville 2022 Amazing Ruck Race

By 8pm the following HIMs were in attendance:

Jolly Rancher, Husky (R), FNG (1), Meter Maid, Swag, Layover, Soups, Deflater, Jitterbug (R), FNG (2), Viking, Lambeau, Fitbit (R), Cartman, Big Bird, Hightower, Tool Time, Newman, Diablo, Gomer, Bacon, Edward Scissorhands, Fertle Myrtle, Stick-up, PK (Q), Rhythm (Q), Kilo (Q).

The disclaimer was given that the evenings Qs are not professionals, and the challenges for the evening are only suggestions. Reminded everyone that F3 is a peer led mens workout group, and that everything is a suggestion and the goal of the evening was to have fun and it is focused on building leaders within our community. Once the safety protocol was completed, the next step was to explain the framework for the evening’s activities before the official welcome party could begin.

The framework was simple. Teams will complete challenges to earn maps to the next challenge. Once all the challenges are completed, teams are to make their way to the finish line. The team that reaches the finish line first has the opportunity to finish in first place and win a prize. There are “time hacks” placed along each route for each team. Each time hack equates to a 5 minute deduction from the teams finishing time. The more time hacks gathered may result in a team that does not arrive at the finish line first, still winning first place.

Time for the welcome party. Kilo, Rhythm, and PK, led a series of exercises to get everyone properly worked up. It also involved taking the rucks on and off again multiple times, much to the joy of many of the pax. Once everyone was adequately warmed and welcomed, it was time to group everyone to their teams for the evening. This was completed by challenging everyone to hold their rucks over their heads for as long as they could. As your ruck came down, team numbers were being handed out.

Overhead ruck hold challenge for team determination

Everyone was given a color coded number when they placed their rucks down. Everyone was grouped into one of four teams based upon the color of the number that they were given (Team Black, Team Blue, Team Red/Orange (apparently we have a number of color blind pax), and Team Purple. Teams were given their first map based upon highest number, being the reward for winning the ruck hold competition. Team Blue was the first to get out onto the course.

Route #1 was short and sweet moving from the Memorial to the field in the back of the park.

Once teams arrived at the lower parking lot they were greeted with four tractor tires lining the lower parking lot. Kilo and Rhythm directed the teams as they arrived to complete the next challenge to park their next route. Tires were to be flipped 100 yard by the teams. Then picked up and carried another 100 yards to the utility shed. Touch the shed and come back 100 yards to the same spot to flip the tires back up the field the remaining 100 yards. Once back at the parking lot, teams were to load the tires on the trailer to complete the challenge. Once complete they would receive their next route.

Route #2 was the longest stretch to be completed. The maps were also a bit confusing for many pax as north was not listed for orientation on the map. Luckily, some of the Pax knew J-town and the Qs were there to provide some guidance. At this point, Team Black had blazed through the Tire Challenge and had a good 5 minute head start on the rest of the teams. They were hungry for the first place prize and took off along the route. While teams were completing the challenge, PK was setting up the next challenge in the field behind Jeffersontown’s Football field.

Field of Broken Dreams challenge #2 Team Blue, Team Red/Orange, Team Purple all arrive together (Where is Team Black?)

The next challenge was a set of four swim lanes. At the end of each lane was an item that the team would need to complete the next challenge. Teams were to select 4 team members to crawl down the first swim lane and collect their item as a team, then crawl back with the item. Then 4 team members were to crawl down the next swim lane, with the item from the first swim lane, and gather then next item and crawl back with it. The same procedure of 4 team members going down each lane gathering an additional item, and crawling back was to be performed through all four lanes. Lane #1 (coupon), Lane #2 (funnel and cup), Lane #3 (empty 3 gallon jug), Lane #4 (empty 5 gallon jug). Once all the items were gathered, the next route was given. Teams Blue, Red/Orange, and Purple, all arrived at the same time. Team Black was nowhere to be found. They had taken the lead and then got lost along the route. The three teams were wrapping up their challenge and getting ready to head off along the next route when Team Black arrived.

Route #3 had a fun challenge, and a reference to a classic Die Hard with a Vengeance puzzle. Teams had empty 3 gallon and 5 gallon jugs, and needed to arrive at the next station with exactly 4 gallons in their container or they would be sent back to try again or face a time penalty of design by Kilo and Rhythm (it may or may not have been based upon the parking lot the station was positioned). Luckily the next route was along a creek, so a free water source was readily available.

This challenge and route were part of the charity inspiration for the event. More on that following the completion of the event.

Team Black is getting ready to have their 4 gallons tested

Amazingly teams were very successful in completing the water challenge, in testing their wits. This provided them with the final Route.

Where to go from here?

The final route map had one big difference from all the other maps. No route was provided. Teams had to figure out where the finish line was based upon clues that they had (hint, the clues were on the back of the maps). The finish line was 3rd Turn Brewing. PK was waiting for the teams to arrive and begin to tally final points. Team Red/Orange arrived at 9:51, Team Blue arrived at 9:53, Team Purple arrived at 10:00, and Team Black arrived at 10:03. The next question to determine who the overall winners of the evening and champions of the first F3 Louisville Amazing Ruck Race, was were any time hacks gathered throughout the night to improve each teams time. Apparently, the time hacks were harder to find than the Qs had anticipated, and only three were found. One was found by Team Red/Orange, making their new time 9:46, while two were found by Team Blue making them the champions on the night with a time of 9:43.

Prizes were awarded, patches were given, and everyone was itching to get inside and share a brew or two with F3 Louisville’s very own Tony Malito, who surprised everyone at the finish line. We finished with a circle of trust, name-o-rama, naming of FNG’s, and intentions.

Thank you all who have read this far. This event was what I needed, and I look forward to keep doing crazy things like this with F3 in the future. I do want to talk about the charity that I mentioned earlier. We raised $600.00 that was donated to Water for South Sudan ( While planning the ruck, I was in the middle of reading one of the books that my kids had read for school. After all, if they are good enough ideas to mold the minds of tomorrow, I wanted to see if I agreed and could model what it was that they were learning. The true story within the small book titled “A Long Walks to Water”, was inspiring on many levels for myself. It put into perspective how blessed I am to live in this section of the world with all the amenities that many people take for granted daily. During the challenge Teams carried a few gallons of water for a short distance for fun. In reading the book, it reminded me that there are still sections of the world that live in nomadic tribal regions because of their access, or inability to access, the primary sustenance of life, water. With the $600.00 raised, it will go towards the creation of clean water wells, and hygiene eduction to parts of the world that are drastically different from our own. The other part of the story that was inspiring to me was the impact that one refugee has made in the world through their ingenuity, determination, and ability to make a difference. That is part of what makes F3 so great. Applying these principles this individual started the charity and is spreading water to his homeland. I recommend reading the book, but also taking action. As F3 is made for men of action, to be leaders and improve our communities similar to the way Salva did in his life. Together we can be an instrument of positivity in the world.

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